Galaxy S4 apparently confirmed as GT-I9505, Samsung GT-Q1000 Android handset also discovered

by: Chris SmithJanuary 1, 2013


The closer we get to CES and MWC, the more rumors we receive filled with unconfirmed details about future Android devices, especially flagship ones, for the new year. Of those, the Galaxy S4 is one of the most expected, although the new high-end smartphone is likely to be unveiled at a special Samsung event rather than at one of the upcoming trade shows.

Just a few days ago we showed you an unofficial render of what the Galaxy S4 could look and feel like, but we also discussed the rumored model number(s) for the device, GT-I9500/GT-I9505, recently spotted in the wild.

At the time, it was speculated that we’re looking at the new Galaxy S4, although that model number was also said to stand for a flagship Samsung Tizen device.

Now, Sam Mobile reveals that it can confirm the GT-I9505 – most likely the LTE version of the Galaxy S4 – is an Android device. The product has been discovered in a firmware version for the Galaxy S3 mini (GT-I8190N), right alongside a new device, which was unheard of until now, the GT-Q1000.

We have no idea what the GT-Q1000 is going to be, but we could be looking at a new Android family of smartphones. What seems to be more important right now is the fact that the GT-I9505 is powered by Android – and obviously its GT-I9500 brother too. Just recently, a Samsung exec confirmed the Galaxy S4 product name, and now it looks like its model number is almost official too.

Naturally, we’re still waiting for more official confirmation, but rest assured that we’ll keep you posted on all things Android, Galaxy S4 included, in 2013 as well, so enjoy the new year and keep following us closely!

  • Filip Justin

    I hope they bring the LTE model in Romania and other countries..

  • From what I’ve heard the gt-Q1000 is their new qwerty slider. Apparently they are going to have a bar and qwerty slider flagship.

    • Chris

      If this is true, I’d like this. I loved the G1. So if Samsung releases an S3 with a slide out keyboard that will be considered a flagship phone, I’ll be in line to get one. That’s assuming it T-mobile USA releases it. lol

      • Jay

        I really hope so

  • whoknowswhereor

    So that’s the new Samsung credit card on the table? :)

  • Damon Lewis

    If Samsung release a 4G and non 4G version of the S4 then it is a failure. All flagship phones from now on should have 4G included and you either use it or leave it (see iPhone 5).

    Releasing a 4G version a few months after the non 4G versions just aids in fragmenting the market and makes it harder to support (2 hardware specs which require specific software instead of 1 hardware spec with 1 software).

    • Duh

      you do realize that in the US they still have to make a separate GSM and CDMA version and also Samsung is all about saving money why would they put 4G radios and waste all that money in phones that don’t need it?

      • Damon Lewis

        America is obviously a unique situation (They have to be different don’t they…) but for Australia (and Europe?) it’s all GSM so we have one iPhone 5 version for all carriers.

        • I believe it’s more to do with available signal (some places still don’t even have LTE) more than “being different”. If you have the money to switch it all over to GSM we’d appreciate it, Daddy Warbucks.

  • Roodly Philogene

    Can wait to see what Google does with the nexus line. I love Samsung phones but they update their phones way too slow.

  • Ryan MORGAN

    I hope the S4 sticks with the 4.8″ screen size of the S3. If they bump it up to 5″, what’s the Note 3 going to be, 5.5″? A 1080p 4.8″ screen would be fantastic.

  • 路人