Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update version leaked – build I9505XXUEMI8

by: Chris SmithOctober 1, 2013

android 4.3 aa

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S4 is apparently getting closer, as a reportedly leaked test firmware for the handset has hit the web.

Build version I9505XXUEMI8 is available for download and install on the GT-I9505 version of the Galaxy S4. Like always with such leaked firmware versions, we’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to install it on your handsets and that you’re the only person responsible for whatever happens with your devices in such procedures.

That said, if you do want to take this Android 4.3 version for a spin on your Galaxy S4, make sure you backup data and follow the available instructions as posted by Sam Mobile, the publication that got a hold of the firmware and which has provided similar test firmware versions for Galaxy devices in the past.

According to the website, even if it’s a test version, the Android 4.3 update is “really stable,” as performance has apparently received a “significant boost.” Sam Mobile also notes that Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet are present in the update, although the latter doesn’t work, as it can’t be downloaded from Samsung yet. Also new is a screen Reading Mode which can be used by certain apps.

The official Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4 is expected to arrive later this month, with the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 to get their Android 4.3 builds thereafter.

Considering that this build has a September 20 build date, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more such test Android 4.3 firmware versions leak before Samsung and its carrier partners actually roll out the update.

Are you going to test out this leaked Android 4.3 update for the handset?

  • GasparIPerez

    If only TouchWiz weren’t complete crap… We want pure Android, please get rid of custom skins, or at least provide GE-roms for all devices.

    • knightpt

      Reason why i mostly go towards sony phones, the Sony UI is realy light in customization and realy feels like a slightly more pretty Android raw experience. LG optimus and Samsung are absolutely dreadful UIs, even HTC one is a tad too much even if you display the horrific default feed view.

      • lil bit

        That reminds me, why still no rumors or leaked 4.3 ROM for Xperia Z-ZL-ZU-Z1? Its about time now, since HTC One already getting the update in some regions, but instead Sony is currently pushing out a new big polished and tweaked 4.2.2 update for Z/ZL. I already installed the new one and am not all that exited about it, there was nothing seriously wrong at all with the 2nd 4.2.2 update, why now a third? Seems like they are wasting time on fine polish instead of giving the geeks what they want.

    • Valtheus

      If you don’t like their UI, why do you buy their products? Go for Nexus or Google Play editions.

      And you shouldn’t use “We” as if you are talking on behalf of everyone on this planet… there are people that actually like TouchWiz.

      • samsparkin

        I like some functions in touchwiz which aren’t in pure android. I just turn off things I don like…

      • GasparIPerez

        TouchWiz only slow things down after a couple of weeks of use. I bought my S3 LTE because it had the best specs out there when I bought it, I love amoled screens and it was the only phone with LTE where I live (Sweden). My phone is still on 4.1.2, and we’re supposed to get 4.3 next month. By that time 4.4 will already be out, and we’ll have to wait another 12 months to get the update.
        What I mean is that custom skins only slow things down for the android scene. Slower updates, software full of bloat, etc. The reason why Apple and iOS still has a better user experience as a whole than most android phones is because of custom skins. Pure Android is amazing as it is, why would you even touch it and ruin it with bloatware and ugly interface?
        I don’t really care if custom skins exists, just provide hardware sources so that devs can make custom AOSP roms for it without loosing things as camera quality or whatever; or provide GE roms along with TW or Sense etc.
        I’m just surprised how people can be such a fanboys, voting down and attacking but not giving any reasons why custom skins are better than AOSP.

        • Valtheus

          You maybe right from your personal experience or point of view. Still, you cannot “force” Vanilla Android OS to all brands that manufacture smartphones. For you Samsung’s customization is crap, for others its probably HTC, LG, etc. The good thing is that with android (unlike iOS), you have many options: as i said already, you can buy a Nexus device or Google Play edition, if you don’t like the customization. You say that they should offer a Google Play edition for all their devices… well i wouldn’t mind that but i don’t think it will ever happen, so i am trying to be realistic here.

          Personally i like that different manufacturers offer customized UI’s. I prefer variety and options (unlike iPhone and iOS), so that more people get what they prefer. Not all people like the same things you know. Probably thats why android based smartphones hold more than 80% of the market. ;-)

        • s2 user

          just use a custom rom then…… issue solved

          • GasparIPerez

            well unfortunaly, custom roms (AOSP) have some issues with my device, like bad camera quality. but whatever man.

      • jimmy

        like me

    • YoungHermit

      You want pure Android… WIthout custom skins, Android would be closer to iOS, the OS we all hate ;)

      • GasparIPerez

        Without custom skins, Android would be by this time much better than iOS. As I posted before, the only thing that custom skins do is slow things down. What about just implementing features into the pure android experience instead of putting bloatware on it? Samsung phones have awesome camera features, but that’s it, everything else is more or less unnecessary. And then we have slow updates… My next phone will be a Nexus, without doubt.

    • Oli72

      just get a developer edition and called it the day.

    • blahblahblah

      Speak for yourself, a lot of people like TouchWiz. If you don’t like it, buy from a different OEM.

    • someguy

      having tried every ROM going for my s2 i have to say i prefer Touchwiz over all of them , most of them are buggy in one way or another , CM being probably the best of the bunch but Bluetooth and the camera app are total crap the only ROM which works well with it is the Samsung stock ROM , again i have tried loads of Roms on my s4 and eventually i re-flashed the stock Samsung ROM because i find the camera light years ahead of the android stock junk , the phone dialer is far superior along with s voice , the only thing i don’t like is the layout of the comtrol menu being divided up into 4 tabs unlike stock android where it is all in 1 tab but you get used to it , if it matters so much you can always skin the Samsung ROM with go launcher for example , so far no mod Roms have come close to being as good as touchwiz in both performance and reliability in my opinion.

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

    Will this update address the S4 Lag issues? What other benefits is this Update going to bring besides what is in the Video? I wish it was 4.4 KIT KAT Instead haha!

    • Qualcomm

      Seriously why would you even say 4.4 when it’s not even out yet. Just stfu dumbass

      • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

        Relax Bitch it was a joke your the dumbass

  • Tay

    I hope they update touchwiz for their next gen phones.. It looks heavily outdated in comparison to for instance sense 5.. Atleast according to me..!

    • Andrew Tan

      Actually I feel sense 5 is damn outdated, the app drawer like Gingerbread time!

      HTC dunno think what, change back to old style scrolling up and down for apps which is totally not convenient to use.

      • tay

        I think the app drawer is up to preference.. I actually prefer scrolling up and down especially as I have my apps in alphabetical order..

        But if we focus on the whole UI Sense 5 is much more flat and modern than TouchWiz.. Touchwiz does remind me of the Froyo days in some aspects..

  • jimmy

    can we flash this on the I9500 model? won’t it brick my fon?

  • chaithanya

    For s4 mini also have update 4.3