The Samsung Galaxy S4, which is most likely what the Galaxy S3’s successor will be called, will be unveiled at MWC 2013 according to some, although others would deny that on their official Samsung Twitter account.

But rumors and denials are part of our day-to-day tech news-reporting life, so we’ll just move on to the next bit of speculation regarding the Galaxy S4 because Android and Me has a very interesting report today.

Samsung is apparently already testing a Galaxy S3 successor that will be powered by a “new Cortex-A15 processor.” Naturally, we’d expect Samsung to deny such reports the first chance it gets, but meanwhile let’s focus on the Samsung TE4, as it was spotted by Rightware.

According to the publication, and the screenshot above, the TE4 is a future Android device that will sport a 1280 x 752 resolution display, a dual-core 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 processor and a Mali-T604 GPU – most likely the Exynos 5 SoC that Samsung unveiled earlier this year. In fact, here’s what that new Mali-T604 GPU can do:

We’re also reminded that Samsung said “several times” it would be the first to offer a Cortex-A15-based chip, and the TE4 seems to be one of the first devices to pack such a chip.

There’s no way of telling whether the TE4 is the Galaxy S4, but what other high-end device would Samsung be working on if not next-year’s flagship handset?

We’ll just put a pin in what looks like the first unofficial spotting on the Galaxy S4 for now, and come back to the Galaxy S4 rumors at some point in the future, once they get a bit more traction.

Meanwhile, let’s start the speculation in the comments section below! What do you want to see in the future Galaxy S generation?

  • Akif

    Why would Samsung move back to a dual core from a quad core on the S4?

    • MasterMuffin

      because A-15 takes more battery than the older model so if it would have quad coe, the battery should be HUGE

      • Ryan MORGAN

        Quad-cores are more power-efficient…

        • Andreas Larsson

          dont talk about quad-cores as if they are all the same. a-15 is much more powerful and battery consuming then a-9 and even a dualcore a-15 do surpass the quad a-9 in both power and consumtion.

        • MasterMuffin

          Yea and bigger screen also


    • Because Duel core Exynos 5 is supposed to be more powerful than current Exynos 4 Quad.
      Also runs at higher speed. We have also seen that S4 quad is not that powerful than current gen Exynos 4 quad.(LG optimus G benchmarks.) So it needs to be seen. Still I believe it is not the GS4 but the new nexus.

  • MasterMuffin

    why would it only have 1280 x 752 resolution display!?!? FAKE

    • Justin W

      I was thinking n screen Navy keys, but that’s the wrong direction for it. Maybe a tablet-type device? Do I smell a Galaxy Tab 3? If so, this may be a 7 inch device as they would go full HD for a 10 inch tab.

  • nmm7772000

    could it be the next nexus

  • Tarak

    why are companies so obsesses with flagships!! I feel they should shift away from them before customers get bored with it :)

  • Mortal Kombat

    Video playing … anyone … :) i’m just missing with you … good job…

  • PeterBlood

    Samsung has denied this upgraded model exists because they don’t want people to stop buying the SIII. HAH hah.

  • It’s the GNex 2. I bet the bloody farm on it.

  • Marketing wise Samsung would probably not want to loose the Quad core tag for its flagship phone, as Joe public laps up the more is better credo.

    Sammy do have the Exynos 5450 which a Quad Core A15 CPU @ 2 GHz and even higher spec Mali T-658 GPU, that would kick backside in a Galaxy S4, even though it is rumored to be targeted to for Tablets. However given that the current Note 10.1 uses the same SoC as the GS3, there is hope!

    I agree with others posters, this is the new Nexus phone.

    • I think Mali T-658 is still in development. Wont be ready till q3 2013

      But imagine an 8core T658 will be a blast.

  • Will

    Here’s hoping it’s the next Nexus!

  • Galaxy s3 has quad core. Why would Samsung make the S4 dual core? Maybe it’s the Nexus, but no chance being S4.

  • obionekenobi


  • phoenix19861

    samsung galaxy s4
    – Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
    – Mali T658
    – LPDDR3 2GB Ram
    – eMMC Pro Classe 1500
    – 16 mp 1080p camera
    – 4,5″ display oled (350 ppi)
    – battery 3200 mAh
    Lte/Lte advanced

  • Samsung Can we please get a all aluminium body and a camera button like Ativ S on next Galaxy Flagship. Two words – Plastic Sucks.

  • Internationally samsung makes nearly 2 dozen android handsets.
    That makes the update cycle so fucked up.
    My opinion is Samsung should makes 5 phones apart from Nexus and Note.
    1 Flagship. Will be max cored Currently 4
    1 Ex flagship (ex flagships are powerful but can be much cheaper than flagships.)
    1 mid range (1.5ghz single core/ 1single core. duel core phone with ~3.7-4 incher screen)
    1 low end.~ 3.7 incher 800mhz~1Ghz proc.
    1 oddball (EG Pro edition/ Slider keyboard.)
    Just counted Samsung officially sells 17 android handsets in India. Not counting old ones still on shelves. Is there really a need for these many? pricing sorted by $20 – 30

  • Nathan

    I don’t think the next Nexus will feature Key Lime Pie. I think it will feature the Cortex A-15 with Jelly Bean out of the box, with the promise to be the first to be upgraded to KLP.