New Samsung Galaxy S4 ads continue Grad Party theme, sans Apple this time [video]

by: Chris SmithMay 5, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3 s3 front in hand aa

After releasing a new 90-second Galaxy S4 TV ad a few days ago, Samsung is back with a couple of shorter commercials part of the same graduation party theme.

Previously known as “Graduation Pool Party,” the Galaxy S4 ad we have already shown you is in fact called “Grad Party” and demos several Galaxy S4 software features while at the same time making fun of Apple and iPhone users in the process.

Unlike the longer ad version (the third clip embedded below), the two new commercials are much shorter and focus on only one Galaxy S4 feature each, without taking any clear hits at Apple.

Easy Mode” is a short 15-second clip that shows us one of the Galaxy S4 features – evidently called Easy Mode – that allows inexperienced Android users enjoy the handset without having to learn everything such a smartphone has to offer.

The ad clearly shows one man’s intention of “switching” to the Galaxy S4, although a link to Apple is not clearly made, but rather left to the viewer to make.

The second video, which is a longer 30-second clip, is titled “Grad Photo” and shows another Galaxy S4 feature, Eraser Shot. With it, a mother saves a graduation photo of her son in a situation other cameras wouldn’t necessarily be able to do it. Eraser Shot is a new Galaxy S4 feature that lets users eliminate unwanted objects or people from their pictures in order to capture that perfect shot.

Hits at Apple aren’t present in this ad nor are there any subtile “switch” hints.

Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing is Here” campaign seems to be centered around youngsters and the graduation theme seems like it’s going to stick around for a while. Just as in previous series of ads, we see some of the same characters appear in more than one ad, so it’s likely to see them in the future in upcoming Galaxy S4 commercials.

While one of the thee new Galaxy S4 ads do you like best so far?

  • Typo in the last line :)

    • m000s

      “Don’t tell me about rooting” you traded one phone for another because you were too lazy to do some research and now you’re complaining about the quality of the phone which has nothing to do with a storage, especially when external storage provided. You ser are the reason why they have iPhones.

  • Bob Hanuman

    Don’t know if these will convince a single person to buy one. But they’re well done. I think the battlefield is bigger than Apple vs Samsung at this point. There’s plenty of great Android devices these days so people have choices.

    • At some point, people who are still clinging to the iPhone for those shrinking exclusive features are going to get tired of not experiencing “cool”. I just stuck a 64GB SD card in my G-Note 2, and I’ve really been having fun with my camera apps. Not sure if I’m going to pick up the S4 or not, but I haven’t preordered it…that’s significant for me…says more about the G-Note 2 than the S4. I’m so satisfied.

    • wonshikee

      Marketing isn’t just about convincing, it’s more about mindshare. Even as someone who understands it, when I go to a supermarket to buy something, I “feel” like the brand name products are better just because of advertisements and the psychological effect it has.

  • No One

    I returned my GS4 to get HTC One. Too bad your “next big thing” has tiny storage. With over 9GB I can’t even install all my apps that I have. Don’t tell me about SD Card because you can’t install apps on it. Don’t tell me about rooting either because majority of customer don’t root their phones.

    And for compare with iPhone, yes you have a lot more feature than them but hey they have 64GB to install apps not 16GB. And without apps, the smart phone won’t be smart.

    When I buy a powerful phone, I expect to install heavy apps not some crappy one.

    • buy the 32 GB version

      • No One

        Very simple solution right? But where?

    • wonshikee

      Did they remove the “Move app to SD card” in ICS+? (I have a GNexus so I really don’t know). It moves anywhere from small to huge chunks of the app’s files.

  • zaixian909


  • David

    Why are all these websites showing the s3 when there talking about the s4.