Galaxy S4 Active ships to AT&T customers early, appears in new live pictures

by: Bogdan BeleJune 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T is June 21, but it seems that the carrier is shipping the devices to customers earlier.

According to AT&T, both the Urban Gray and the Dive Blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active are already shipping to customers, as of June 19. The funny thing is that, with the devices already sent to customers, this can hardly be called a pre-order process anymore.

If you want to take a look at the AT&T-exclusive device in real life before you actually purchase it, Punk Panda, a user of Chinese social network Weibo, has posted some hands-on photos, including one that shows the back of the device with the AT&T branding.

samsung galaxy s4 active

There is also an image that shows the device with the back plate taken off, allowing you to take a look at the removable battery.

samsung galaxy s4 active

Also, in another picture, you can see the little rubber plug protecting the USB port from water and dust. All of the images give the impression of a very sturdy device, which is exactly what was expected of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

samsung galaxy s4 active

Of course, we’ll find out more when we get our hands on it for a review.

  • Jaun Lombard

    How hot is that blue cover looking! I’ll buy that over the normal S4…not because its durable but it looks better and you don’t need a casing!

    • MasterMuffin

      I’d buy that too, but AT&T exclusive :(

  • Betas Tool

    Why are these “leaked” pictures always about someone’s workbench or keyboard?Cara Memperbaiki Motherboard Editing Exif data is so easy though that I never believe these “leaked” photos are real.. by Cara Memperbaiki Printer

    • Dan Havelin

      But this real lol. They already have unboxings out for it. Lil late to party I see lol…

  • aznmode1

    What…the cover comes off? Looks like theres a spot where you can put your nail in to remove the back. I guess ill be selling my s4 if this comes out to tmobile.