Samsung Galaxy S4 : accessories buying guide

by: Brad WardOctober 5, 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the most desirable smartphones of the year, and there’s a plethora of accessories to go with it. Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right one, though. We’ve taken the time so you don’t have to, and have put together a guide to help you find the perfect Galaxy S4 accessories for your device!

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Before you can begin using wireless charging technology with the Galaxy S4, you need to have the Wireless Charging Cover for the device. It replaces your existing battery door cover, enabling Qi-based wireless charging. You can get it straight from Samsung for $39.99. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad samsung wireless charging pad galaxy s4 accessories Our top pick in this section is the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad! It features an LED indicator that will turn green when your Galaxy S4 is properly charged and yellow when the device isn’t properly placed on the pad for effective charging. Buy now from Samsung for $59.99.

Koolpad Qi Wireless Pad

koolpad galaxy s4 accessories Our best bang for the buck is the Koolpad Qi Wireless Pad. It works with all Qi compatible devices and, unlike many other wireless chargers, you don’t need to align your device properly on the Koolpad for it to begin charging. Keep in mind that the Koolpad Qi Wireless Pad does not come with an AC adapter to power the pad, only the pad itself and a microUSB cable. You’ll need to provide the adapter yourself. However, any regular phone charger will work fine. Buy Now on Amazon starting from $37.   Honorable Mentions:

Speck Candyshell Grip

speck candyshell grip galaxy s4 accessories Our top pick for the best Galaxy S4 case is the Speck Candyshell Grip. It has four rubberized areas, which provides maximum grip on almost any surface. There’s also a rubberized edge around the screen, which’ll keep the Galaxy S4 protected from any face-down drops. Buy Now on Amazon from $31.

Otterbox Defender

galaxy s4 accessories As our best bang for the buck, the Otterbox Defender gives you the ultimate protection, as it comes with three layers of defense, including a screen protector. There’s deep cutouts to ensure nothing gets damaged, and it comes in 12 different colors. Buy Now on Amazon $25+ (on sale)    Honorable Mentions:

ZAGG invisibleShield

galaxy s4 accessories As far as best Galaxy s4 screen protectors go, and as our top pick, the ZAGG invisibleShield offers the most protection. It’s a military grade protector, and the materials are actually used to coat helicopter wings. It is a wet application screen protector, so make sure to power your device off before applying it. It has a warranty that lasts the length of your device, too. Buy Now on Amazon $15.46

Tech Armor HD

tech armor hd galaxy s4 accessories You can get the best bang for the buck with the Tech Armor HD screen protector. The package comes with three screen protectors, and similar to the ZAGG invisibleShield, it has a lifetime warranty, too. You also get a handful of tools to apply the screen protector, including bubble removal tape, a polishing cloth, and a smoothing card. Buy Now on Amazon $6.95   Honorable Mentions:

Sandisk Ultra 64GB microSDHC card

sandisk-64 - best galaxy s4 accessories

Our top pick is SanDisk SDSDQUA-064G-U46A Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter. It is the most popular option and you get the trusted Sandisk brand to keep your data safe. Buy Now on Amazon $48.99

Sandisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC card

sandisk galaxy s4 acessories

The best bang for your buck is the Sandisk Ultra 32GB microSD card. It can hold 800 photos, 240 minutes of HD video, 32 apps, and about 160 albums of 12 songs. It also has a data transfer rate of 30MBp/s. At $23, this microSD card presents a lot of value. Buy Now on Amazon $23+   Honorable Mentions:

ZeroLemon 7,500 mAh Battery

zerolemon galaxy s4 accessories Our top pick is the ZeroLemon 7,500 mAh battery for the Galaxy S4. The battery adds quite a bit of thickness to your smartphone, but it does come with a battery door cover to compensate for that. Buy Now on Amazon $39.99

Hyperion 5,200 mAh Battery

hyperion galaxy s4 accessories Our best bang for the buck pick is the Hyperion 5,200 mAh battery. Similar to the ZeroLemon battery, it adds a bit of thickness to your device, however, it does come with an extra battery door to compensate for that. It should be compatible with all Galaxy S4 models, excluding the S4 Active. Buy Now on Amazon $22.99   Honorable Mentions:

Galaxy Universal Multimedia Dock

samsung galaxy s4 acessories dock

Our top pick is Samsung’s Galaxy Universal Multimedia Dock. It offers a charging solution and the ability to stream music to a home theater system, thanks to the 3.5mm audio port. Not only that, but the dock is quite accommodating in the case that you use a Samsung Flip Cover or Protective Cover. Buy Now from Amazon $49.99

RAVPower RP-UC04 Charging Cradle

cradle 1 galaxy s4 accessories The best bang for the buck is the RAVPower RP-UC04 Cradle. It comes with a USB cable and AC adapter. It has two slots. The one in the front is to charge and sync your Galaxy S4, and the one in the back is to charge a spare battery. Buy Now on Amazon $19.99   Honorable Mentions:

What is your favorite accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us and others know in the comments. Related: HTC One Acessories

  • one thing is for sure this will be quite expensive accessories should want to own one of them is sure to spend a lot of money. But I really like these a wireless docking station. Very convenient

  • Ryan

    For screen protector why wasnt iloome Glass Protector mentioned? I’m just curious not trying to flame.

  • someguy

    got so annoyed by lack of decent s4 cases that offer no or very little side and front protection that i made my own.

  • john

    Need extra power but dont want a lot more bulk, just received a flip case with extended battery inside cost 15 pounds made by keva battery us 2400ah gives you more power using your existing battery

  • kaRan

    Plzz ppost such things for HTC one

    • wat

      htc one has no sd slot or removable battery, not much to show lol

  • michael larkin

    What ever happened to the S-Health accessories? Those looked promising. Actually, that’s one reason I got the s4 over the HTC One.

  • Nate W.

    IMO the spiegen slim armor view case should be the best value. It actually protects the whole phone and works with the Galaxy s4 view cover software and hardware just like samsung’s view cover but with more protection! I spent a long time choosing a cover and was very happy with it.

  • Paul

    Has anyone checked out the otter box case for the Samsung galaxy note 2. I cannot believe this thing ever made it passed the drawing board. It comes with a built in screen protector which at first seems like a cool idea, but when your done putting the pieces together and go to press something on the screen immediately you can tell that there is a small gap between the screen and the clear protector covering it. Now it makes the screen hard to use and you have to push harder just to make it work properly. Also it has a physical button that has to be cut out in order to use and by pressing it u cause this vacuum action to take place and it draws dust under it and in turn causes the screen to get dirty underneath. Which happens again and again and again. Can’t believe otter box would let this go on without a viable fix. I have loved every other otter box case I have ever used, and that’s what makes me so confused about this particular case and why they haven’t done anything about it or come up with a better design so people who love otter box don’t have to look to other cases just because they have a Samsung Galaxy note 2. Hope you see this and do something about it and I can pick up a new otter box for my Samsung Galaxy note 2. Thanks don’t mean to be long winded or picky but it is a huge over sight on otter boxes part. Anyone else have dealt with this please contacted me and let me know what you think thanks again.