Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories unveiled (updated)

by: Robert TriggsMarch 15, 2013

Galaxy S4 Flip Cover

If you were impressed with the Galaxy S4 launch presentation then you might already be planning on which accessories you’ll want to buy to accompany your swanky new smartphone.

Well Samsung already has a handful of ideas for you, going much further than the traditional flip cover, but of course you can still grab one of those.

Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Samsung has come up with an extended line of covers, the first of which Samsung has named the S View Cover. This soft case has a little access window so that you can answer calls and check notifications without exposing your fancy 5″ AMOLED screen to the elements.

There’s also the hard case, named Protective Cover+, if you’re prone to the odd clumsy accident, or a sleek looking pouch if you’re feeling a little more stylish.

Galaxy S4 Hard Case

Samsung also has you covered if you’re looking for important accessories like in-ear headphones, and has provided a couple of options when it comes to charging, in the form of an additional battery container and a wireless charging pad. Interestingly the headset comes with two speakers in each ear, a separate woofer for low end and a tweeter for high frequencies, which should result in a flatter frequency range and an improved listening experience.

Galaxy S4 charging pad

Samsung also has a Bluetooth enabled gaming controller to show off, which seems to take pretty heavy inspiration from the Xbox 360s design. It’ll feel very familiar to the living room gamer, with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, familiar ABXY buttons, and even shoulder buttons on the back. It also clips on to the Galaxy S4, so you can use it as a full portable gaming solution.

Galaxy S4 wireless gamepad

Ok most of those seem quite standard, but Samsung has also prepared a line-up of accessories which are compatible with its new S Health software. S Health is Samsung’s answer to a healthier lifestyle, allowing users to track their exercise routines and share data with their friends. Samsung has three products in this category, the S Band, a heart rate monitor, and a set of branded scales to weigh yourself with.

Galaxy S4 S Band

The S Band appears to be at the center of Samsung’s exercise regime, allowing the S Health app to record your steps, calories burnt, and even tracking how much you move around in your sleep. The waterproof feature is also pretty nice if you’re an avid swimmer.

The heart rate monitor is designed to assist runners, obviously it tracks your heart rate and also syncs up with the Running Mate app so that you can access your performance and track your progress over time.

Galaxy S4 S Health Scales

The body scales are perhaps the most unexpected accessory for a smartphone. The Body Scales will send data via Bluetooth to your Galaxy S4s S Health app, where you can track your weight over time. It also supports up to seven different users, so the whole family can keep an eye on their waste lines.

There’s a lot to choose from if you’re thinking about purchasing a Galaxy S4 when it’s finally released, but is there such a thing as too much choice?. Samsung is definitely thinking outside the box with its S Health orientated range of accessories, but is it going to be able to persuade consumers to part with cash for these products?

  • cool

  • M.Beg

    Plastic phones with plastic accessories

    • Jdjdjf

      Dude majority of the items around you are made of plastic.

      • M.Beg

        What’s next plastic s4 with plastic phone case? Oh wait….

        • Michael Muyunda

          whats next plastic xbox and ps3?oh wait..

          • M.Beg

            You can buy covers for plastic xbox and PS3? And they don’t cost $600 idiot.

          • Michael Muyunda
          • M.Beg

            You should be called “plastic Michael” from now on…all i am saying is shouldn’t really buy plastic covers for plastic phones, clown.

          • Why not? Plastic fares far better in terms of accidents and daily life than glass or thin metal does. Easy /cheaper to replace too.

          • M.Beg

            You forget the most important part MONEY, plastic cheaper so more profit for Samsung and their voodoo magic making people like you to believe spending $5 on a phones design and construction and selling it for $600 is somehow okay …

          • Allen Themba

            M.Beg, Apple sells iphones far much more than the cost of producing. Last calculations were that it costs about $225 to make iphone 5 compared to about $435 for S3, and yet thez more substance inside S3 than i5. That means you are buying style wt i5, spend much more in servicing its appearance over time as opposed to the more durable s3.

          • M.Beg

            Allen the alien or in other words”brainwashed by android”

          • freedomspopular

            Right, because the same materials we use to make glass bottles and soda cans are SO much more expensive…

          • Michael Muyunda

            Y not!

          • kristy Huang

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  • did they change the back of the phone I think is glass but I’m not sure

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    That controller looks like a Xbox controller if it was Nintendofied.

    • Pete

      It’s called copyin–, er, innovation.

      • bb

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  • yjia

  • freedomspopular

    Not gonna lie, that’s probably the best mobile gamepad I’ve seen so far.