Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S: Which will win the ultimate drag race scratch test? [video]

August 11, 2012
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If you think hammer and drop test videos are so passĂ©, you definitely want to check out the following video. Because really, who hasn’t thought about tying two expensive brand new smartphones — the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 4S — to the back of a moving vehicle? These guys did what some only dare to imagine.

So grab your popcorn now and hit play to see which phone survives being dragged face-down by a drag race car and which will crack to pieces. It’s going to be a short, scratchy and bumpy ride.

(Spoiler alert: Was there any doubt? The Samsung Galaxy S3 wins the drag race scratch test.)


  • paxmos

    What a great idea..Drag our phones!!!

  • Patrick Danger Mitchell

    Was that guy on cocaine or something?

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      I think so….haha

  • James

    I hate things like this, not because I don’t enjoy seeing the videos but purely from a real world stance. The fact is that yes, the S III suffered very little compared to the iPhone but none of these tests are remotely “real world” … I’m yet to see a test that simulates an actual scenario that could and would happen, instead they are all great for entertainment but prove absolutely nothing when it comes to real world use, i mean, who is ever going to have their phone dragged behind a car !!!

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      I’d say drop tests accurately simulate real world situations. There basically isn’t much else that is going to hurt your phone, at least on a daily basis.

  • zev

    so stupid.. both rock gorilla glass. hmm and i thought americans had money problems…

    • Nic Gillespie

      That’s not an american license plate. try the UK

    • LD

      Iphones dont use gorilla glass :) just so you know

      • Harold Moss

        Yeah they do….-_- its just the first model of gorilla glass go Google it

  • Jeff Langer II

    Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  • BigTexFyre

    Am I wrong or was that guy just a little too excited for this test? He was completely out of breath afterwards. Like Patrick said, he must be on something

  • jaysann22

    The SIII might have suffered less visible damage but it might be dead internally when the iphone still works. I hate apple and its products but my point being is that this proved nothing. The drop tests are the best references.

    • Dom

      Exactly, I dropped my S3 last week on the ground. The Gorilla Glass 2 was fine, but the internal LCD was cracked. which gave me a black screen. It’s at Samsung right now getting fixed for $178.00…

  • Christopher Murphy

    I feel so smug knowing I have the option to toe my phone to work each day unlike those apple clowns.

  • Derek Scott

    LOL! was this guy running from the cops or something? He was acting as if he robbed a bank and was waiting for his getaway car. This video was pure comedy!

  • Armin

    what the fuck ?!!!!!!! what the stupid test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikael Guggenheim

    Considering how much bigger the phones get each year this is how we’ll have to move them in the future :P