Galaxy S3 Ubuntu installation possible, if you got the urge for some Linux

by: Chris SmithJune 25, 2012

In case you haven’t heard this a million times so far, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on board, on top of which you’ll find Samsung’s own user interface called TouchWiz 4.0. But that may not be enough for certain Android fans, especially those of you that would like to run Linux on this high-end device.

Some Android developers found a way to install Ubuntu on the Galaxy S3, so if you’re not afraid to go through such procedures, which could void your warranty in the process and may lead to various annoyances, then you should definitely check it out. Nevertheless, we remind you that we’ll never advise you to root your device and/or install any custom OS on it and that anything that happens as a consequence of these kind of actions is going to fall under your responsibility and yours alone.

In order to run Ubuntu on the Galaxy S3 you’ll have to root the device beforehand and make sure you meet various other prerequisites such as having USB debugging enabled and have certain Google Play apps installed on the handset, including Android-VNC Viewer, Terminal Emulator and BusyBox.

The detailed how-to tutorial needed to complete your Galaxy S3 Ubuntu installation is available on xda-developers, but remember to proceed with caution!

  • MasterMuffin

    why would I want ubuntu to my phone???

    • Hook it up to a bluetooth keyboard, mouse/trackpad, and an HDMI display, and you have a real computer. Top-tier phones are more powerful than an Atom-based netbook at this point. It’s even better on a clamshell-style tablet like the Transformer.

      It’s kind of like Moto’s webtop, but with a real OS, not just Firefox.

      I was playing around with this on my Galaxy Nexus this past weekend and it was fun.

      Using the VNC viewer for the Ubuntu GUI is kind of laggy, though. A better solution is native display drivers, but that’s a bit harder to set up. Hopefully Canonical makes it easy soon. :)

      • MasterMuffin

        Okay there are benefits but I already have a conputer so I’m not doing this to my sgs3 :)

  • OMG! So awesome!!

  • dan

    I had debian running on my g1 way back when. It was impracticable but fun to show off. I thought it might be cool to run ubuntu on my new s3, so I did a Google search for a tutorial or something and I get this little gem. Wtf is the point of this article? Thanks for letting me know that what I am looking for is out there, maybe. I will continue my search.