Galaxy S3 ‘sudden death’ (mainboard?) issue affecting some owners

by: Chris SmithDecember 20, 2012


In case you own a Galaxy S3 and have experienced a strange event – the phone turning off and not rebooting without any explicable reason – fret not, you’re not alone in this and apparently Samsung is aware of the situation.

A post on Reddit that’s currently amassing over 150 comments points us towards a special xda-developers discussion entitled “Ultimate GS3 sudden death thread.”

Started just over a month ago, that thread had 61 pages and 601 posts at the time of this writing, detailing various instances in which the Galaxy S3 suffered from such a sudden death experience.

Reddit user TurtleRecall summarizes the apparent problem:

The XDA thread has 56 pages (so far) [at the time of his comment] of people whose mainboards have suddenly died. The devices seem to last between 150 and 200 days before failing. Samsung are replacing them under warranty whether or not people have rooted the devices or installed non-standard firmware.

There’s speculation that the NAND is becoming corrupted and failing. Worryingly, Samsung are replacing the mainboards with the same revision so this may just be putting the problem off for another 6 months or so.

It happened to my S3 last week and I’ve never rooted or installed anything other than the official 3UK Samsung firmware, first ICS then JB. Samsung haven’t officially acknowledged that there’s an issue, but both the guy I spoke to in the authorised repair centre and the chap in the Samsung warranty call centre have said they’ve seen this issue a lot lately.

Tl;Dr – S3 mainboards dying for no reason, Samsung replacing mainboards for free, but no new hardware revision so it might just happen again.

This isn’t the first time we report an issue with a popular device, and this isn’t the first time we’re going to tell you that no device is perfect, no matter what OS it’s running, so certain problems are to be expected. That said, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for smartphones to behave like that.

With that in mind, we have no idea how widespread this issue is, and there is no comment from Samsung on the matter. However, we would assume that only a limited number of Galaxy S3 units are suffering from this sudden death issue so far. Otherwise, we would have heard more from the angry masses.

Because tomorrow is December 21, we’ll make the obvious correlation and joke: is this Galaxy S3 dying a sign that the end is near?

Seriously though, we’re certainly looking forward for feedback from Galaxy S3 users out there. Have you experienced it anything like what’s described on Reddit and/or in the xda-developers thread?

  • dracul

    i had that issue on ics but since updated to jb its all good now

    • Justin W

      I think you misunderstood – when the mainboard “dies”, the phone is essentially perma-bricked. You can’t turn it on and can’t use it or update it to a new software.

  • another low quality crap from samsung

    • rob

      U dumb ass

  • Devanrian

    Well I don’t think it happen to some users, I believe it’s happening to most users. It happen to me and I just got Samsung to replace the motherboard. Most of the customers at the samsung service center were all having the same issue, s3 sudden death syndrome.

  • afi

    My s3dies after a month of usage and the motherboard was replaced in 3 days. Hope this will not happen again.

    • afi

      S3 died sorry for the mistake

  • Ian B

    First we have the Galaxy Note EMMc bug that bricked the phone… that Samsung conveniently denied for over a year… then the Note 2 Exynos fiasco that pretty much destroyed Samsung’s reputation with the community developers… and now Galaxy S3’s are dying randomly after 6 months of use due to bad hardware… Definitely looks like it’s time to jump to another brand people…

    • HellG

      Dude it would have been better if they denied it! but rather said yeah sure…ok we will fix it…oh yeah of course of course….Same as they did with the Exynos documentation, this is really unprofessional from Samsung’s side

      • Stranger

        Funny thing is, the replacement phones don’t have revised components. This means they are the same components being replaced that keep dying.

        • steve

          Funny thing, apple does the same. When they replace faulty devices, they give you a new one which is identical.

          • RedGeminiPA

            Funny thing, I don’t recall any big numbers of iPhone users coming out saying their iPhones just plain out died within 6 months. On top of that, there’s never been a major hardware issue with ANY iPhone, outside of the overblown “Antennagate” of the iPhone 4. Button issues happen, but at least the phones don’t just flat out die for no obvious reason.

          • haha

            Yeah, but apple phones can’t do all the things the s3 can, and they don’t just suddenly die, they turn off occasionally and then after a couple of months die. Get your facts strait!!!

  • probably the first ones released. most new phones have this issue in first gen phones. Hopefully thats whats is going on.

  • Larry

    Don’t know if this is the same issue but my S3 turns off for no reason and wont turn back on until I remove the battery. This has happened 3 times in the last month. My phone is approx 6 months old.

  • cycad007

    The good thing is that Samsung seems to have a pretty good replacement policy in place. The bad thing is that this *NEVER* should have happened in the first place.

    Perhaps they can make amends by shipping their affected customers the jumbo battery they just introduced (just a suggestion).

    • but that does not guarantee that the gs3 wont’t die once again after 6 months once the limited hardware warranty is over……
      at that time what are we supposed to do….
      pay a handsome to samsung for fixing it???
      this is going to be an expensive affair once the guarantee period is over!!!

  • blowntoaster

    and all the haters jump out of their holes. just because there are some duds in the batch, doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. Ferrari 458 Italia’s caught fire in their early stages, Lambos too. Heard of two I Phone 5’s melting after charging, HTC One X dead on arrival, Motorola RazR dead pixels on screen issues etc. all brands have duds. Samsung still rules and will rule for years to come.

    • Jared Persinger

      All phones have flaws even if they show or not, I’m just glad they fixed the dead pixel problem in the newest flagship Motorola droid

    • AppleGuy

      Point taken. Sure, there will always be duds. But you got to admit its been a pretty bad week for Samsung. First, the *HUGE* security hole found on every Exynos device and now this…

      As for Samsung ruling the mobile world for “years to come”. I certainly hope not. Samsung has been guilty of price-fixing on DRAM and CRT glass previously. They only see Android as a revenue-generating mobile platform. They were neither the first to support it (HTC actually took the risk & made the first Google Android phone) nor are they truly loyal to Android.

      Don’t believe me!? Why does their CEO continually push for the company to develop their own mobile platform (Tizen)? Why did Google go out & purchase Motorola (Their patent portfolio…obviously. But also to use as leverage against Samsung)? Why does the Verizon CEO see a third mobile platform coming in the next year (hint: he’s talking about Samsung Tizen). No, Samsung wants to own & control their own mobile OS in the long-term. Android is just a revenue-generator for Samsung now…but they are busy developing their Android-alternative.

      Still a Samsung fan?

      • Android fo Life

        There is one thing that makes the world go round and just happens to be money…. so stop being a damn socialist and just accept that everyone is in this game called smart phone to make money, it would be stupid to do this to just break even…

      • Mamoon Bakeer

        Sure I am. What’s wrong with developing their own in-house OS “Tizen”? May the best OS win. Now, regarding the single security hole that got exaggerated in the media everywhere; Microsoft updates their WIndows & Office and all of their software to fix plenty of security holes almost on a weekly basis. Nothing wrong with that as long as there is a fix. The giant “Intel” had had flaws with some CPUs and a model of SSD drives; that model is “Intel 320 series SSD” which had an issue of suddenly dropping the capacity from 300GB to only 8MB; say goodbye to your data. STILL an Intel fan? These problems happen to all manufacturers. We hear GM, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Ford…etc issue a recall statements for hundreds of thousands of cars for certain faults. STILL using a car?

        I say we must be fair and not jump to conclusions. Samsung, Intel, Apple, Google, Toyota, GM …etc all are good names creating good products. Faults do happen by all brands but we should deal with it fairly with regard to the successful products they make.

    • th3d

      Good thing theres no fanboys here to deny the problem, if this was Nokia the owners with problems would be flamed by their own, like the Nokia N9 problem with degrading and eventually disappearing carrier signal, effectively reducing the phone to a Wifi only device. We are many former N9 owners to experience this but all we get on Nokia forums is pepper for spreading false info =)

      Nokia fanboys are indeed the most annoying and ignorant ones, ill take a dozen sammy fans over one nokia fan any day.

      • crash613

        no, that honor goes to apple fan-bois

    • yumyum

      pretty sure this isnt some duds in a batch..

  • Lara

    My two s3’s (still awaiting JB update) haven’t died…yet. They’re both 6 months old, I got the blue on launch day and the white about week or so days later. I hope mine don’t die. Huge fail on samsung’s part

    P.s I’m from the future (almost 7pm 21/12), the world ain’t gonna end today. But it is ending. Ron Paul 2012, Julian assange and Bradley manning. Wake up people before its too late!

  • Trev

    Mine Died last week being sent off for repair today

  • Zolo

    THis only affects the international version. So far I don’t see anyone with US version reports this. I suspect the cause is the Exynos chip. It may cause some conflicts or something like that.

  • Just spontaneous rebooting and some lag, nothing serious right now (bought in June)

  • Yes I’m one of them… Worst part, it happened on a foreign land, where and when I needed my phone most… It took Samsung 1 week to fix the phone.

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    My frnd suffered from this.. luckily he got a new one as well

  • Flavio Ramos

    Count me in.
    I bought a S3 (GT-I9300) on August and it just died last week.

  • PK

    Mine died yesterday… S3 freezes and then doesn’t turn back on… Really just want it fixed asap… Just a nuisance really… not the end of the world..

  • Zarine

    This just happened to me two days ago. I thought maybe my battery was shot but it’s only a couple months old. I found that pulling out the battery and putting it back in fixed the problem. It was totally random though and happened exactly as described above.

  • nebsif

    Thanks for bringing this up, yesterday I posted a link to the SD thread on XDA here but It got deleted me thinks.. anyway, im one of them Sudden-Brick S3 owners, hi hi.

    • nebsif

      My apologies, the link + comment is still up :P

  • Mine died on the 19th. The whole phone over a few weeks became slower and slower with its worst bout of slowness on 17th. Then on 19th just switched off and wont reboot. Needless to say its off for repair with Carphone Warehouse who’ll send it to Samsung

    • remy

      me experience the same. the device become super slow when updated to jelly bean.. then my 2 new message notification even i deleted all the messege.. 2-3 days after that i got this so called sudden death to my S3

  • Cliff Colgate

    Mine just died 2 weeks ago – still awaiting my replacement from Samsung UK.
    Having to use my old 3GS over the Xmas period. What a pain in the a**…..

  • ReverendShack

    Mine went down 2 weeks ago. CPW fixed it, anfd it’s due back on Monday. Phoned Sammy and the agent said this was indeed getting common, but did say if the same issue occurs three times they’ll replace the whole unit.

    That’s good enough for me – oh, and he also advised that if you have an Authorised Samsung repair centre near you to take it there, and not to CPW. They’ll fix it in half the time.

  • mike reynolds

    yep, my galaxy s3 died on wednesday and Ive had to send it off for repair which is going to take around a month to sort so I’m without a phone until then but with the monthly payment on my contract. I must say I was happy with my galaxy s3 until this happened and now my next phone will be Apple because at least with them I know I can walk into a store and they will sort it there and then and I won’t be without my phone. a month is just total ridiculous

  • Drew Mit

    My ATT GS3 died on Friday a week ago after charging it after work. Last I looked it was at 100%, a minute later I went to unplug it and it was dead, like it was bricked. I had previously rooted it but I had no custom ROM or anything. It was just rooted for some root utilities. Anyways, went to ATT and got a new one free (I didn’t tell them I had rooted it, of course).

  • This happened to my S3 about 2 months ago and when I went to get it repaired, samsung told me it had died because i had rooted the device. Even though I explained to them I dont know what that is and how to do it. They wouldn’t believe me.. It was only after I threatened them with watchdog. They actually fixed it. It took them 4 weeks to fix it.

  • Ahmed Sayed

    I knew once i read the title most people would troll. Seriously, im not a samsung fanboy or anything but if you dislike the phone just dislike it. Dont say what you will get instead

  • Ahmed Sayed

    Not denying the problem btw

  • Tom

    I survived the Mayan apocalypse, but my S3 did not. It died last night after I set my alarm clock and turned off the screen. That was it. Regardless, I still love my S3!

    • Oussama Hamdache

      Tom: I had the same problem ,what did you do ?

      • Tom

        I had to return to place of purchase for a new phone. There is nothing else that can be done about it apart from replacing the phone.

  • I had this problem 2 months ago. My notification led was blinking. I tried to turn on the screen, but no response. Removed the battery, turned the battery back and still no response, even not a battery charging icon. Samsung fixed it in 3 weeks.

    • remy

      exactly same situation im facing. my phone still under repair.. and samsung guy said to me it was power board problem..

    • exatlyy same situation here, who did u contact or how did u contact samsung? so far they say send it back to where i got it

  • Farshad NH

    I already have this problem, I bought my new S3 just week ago, but I’ve exprienced this about 6 or 7 times.
    It happens im a friend instances, for example when I put it to be charged, or sometimes when it is in standby mode.

    • farshad nh

      sorry just a little mistakes, typing with my phone,I mean it happens i different situations …

      • Keith Kellam

        It happened 6 or 7 times? In one week? Did you read the article? Died. Won’t turn on. Motherboard dead. So your phone died and got replaced 6 times in a week? Seems unlikely.

  • Dimitri

    Pleas report if you have a dead Galaxy S3!…ME1rNy1taVE6MQ

  • Dimitri
  • Dimitri
  • full phat

    By next year Sony going to smoke Samsung. Don’t get me wrong I do love Samsung but I don’t trust Korean quality at all same things with there cars NO QUALITY.

    • LOL If they don’t go bankrupt before then or if they can manage a design that’s actually different from the same Experia phone with twenty different revisions maybe. I agree somewhat with your opinion but I highly doubt either will happen or they will beat Samsung.

      • Full phat

        Things change. Sony announced new xperia line call it Z and still there’s 2 high end phones inn the way Yoga and Odin with specs that more powerful than even galaxy note 2 and nexus 10. Really love Samsung but S33 totally turn carp after JB update I had one already sold it after I got force to close in camera and games went black screen of!

        • mud

          where’s sony now?

  • Stranger

    It could possibly be the heat produced killing the GPU…I mean cheap plastic doesn’t dissipate heat all too well.

  • Amanda White

    my S3 had a update pop up, i cnt quite remember wot the update was for, but wen i clicked to do update n it completed it turned off n didnt turn back on, i took it to my telecom shop in new zealand n i asked them if it was my battery due to it wouldnt even charge, they put one of there show room shop phone battery in my phone n it turned on n was showing factory mode, so i went brought new battery n i still cant use my phone n its been just on a week since it died. it will charge n show 100% on the green battery symbol n then ill try n turn it on and all i get is the grey battery with loading symbol on the screen, n then ill unplug it frm the charger n try n turn it on n i get the same them, n if i leave it off charge n in standby mode ill get the grey battery flashing on my screen every few seconds. i need help if anyone can help me please.

    • Tinus

      The best bet is return your s3 and pick better brand.

    • Mamoon Bakeer

      I guess the update got interrupted in the middle. During Samsung GS3 updates, it tells you that if the update fails, you can “easily” update it again using Samsung Kies softwate thru MS-Windows. The word “easily” is displayed on the update instructions screen.

  • Shawn Hank

    It happened to me as well. I bought my S3 while traveling in the UAE. I live in the USA and Samsung has said sorry we can’t help you. I still have 6 months in my warranty.

  • marcy73

    Salve devo confidarvi che sono uno di quei casi, il mio s3 durante un ripristino si è spento e nulla e stato possibile per evitare la lunga trafila dell’assistenza…

    Considerando che sono iscritto al SamsungExlusive avrei dovuto avere un trattamento più rapido, questo è quello che mi hanno detto alla Samsung.

    Ma invece quasi un mese, dal 26 Novembre al 22 Dicembre perché sono andato a prendermelo io alla filiale del punto assistenza, altrimenti dopo Natale…

    In conclusione speso 700€ a Luglio e non l’hanno nemmeno sostituito del tutto solo cambiato la scheda madre che secondo loro era possibile causa di una sovralimentazione.

    Certo gli accessori che uso per ricaricare sono tutti originali Samsung quindi sono sempre loro i colpevoli del danno…

  • ultra57

    My Galaxy S3 has died a couple of times where I couldn’t turn it back on or get it to do anything but I just removed the battery and put it back in and it was fine again both times. To me that is just a minor glitch something you get with all phones.

  • ultra57

    My Galaxy S3 has died a couple of times where I couldn’t turn it back on or get it to do anything but I just removed the battery and put it back in and it was fine again both times. To me that is just a minor glitch something you get with all phones.

  • remy

    me having this problem of “sudden death” after 6 months of using SGS3. Now under repair for past 1 week.

    • Oussama Hamdache

      I have also sudden death and i have my S3 for 6month ago.
      Did you get your phone repaired ?? please reply

  • I’ve had my s3 for nearly 6 months now .. I am 2 days into my holiday in Canada and I am now stuck with a bricked phone that won’t turn on and I can’t do anything about it until I get back to Australia in 2 weeks .. so stuck without my phone which is also my main camera .. phone was fine one minute and dead the next .. words can’t explain how pissed I am right now!

    • very sorry to hear that, sounds like a holiday breaker :(

  • wrexed03

    Well my Samsung died last night. Used it without any dramas throughout the day prior. I ran my battery down pluged the charger in and nothing. Bought a new battery today just incase but nothing again.
    No lights nothing its dead. Not happy.

    • Oussama Hamdache

      I have to same problem, what did you do ??

  • sarat

    Post updating Jelly bean OS through OTA., one day suddenly my phone got switched off and i could not turn on the phone ever. Showed it at the samsung service centre. Initially they said it might be software problem but after two days they come up saying the mother board has to be changed. Since my phone is under warranty , they woould do it free of cost …

  • sher1

    My phone has just died 4 days ago, it is only 5 months old. will definately be taking it back to get fixed..

  • hemanzano

    Mine dies christmas eve. Went straight to O2 shop in Romford. Hopefully will get it back soon. Anyone know if they will replace the handset or just change the motherboard??????

  • forgottenmiddle

    yeah my sons s3 he got for Christmas keeps dying take battery out and it re boots…..great phone dodgy software….

  • maik

    Mine stopped working a few hours after I came aware there is a ‘ sudden death’ issue with the S3. Lucky for me I had my pics on a SD. It happened as described: bought the phone in june, so its roughly half a year. Last action I did was switching off the screen. Contacted the provider, but they weren’t aware of this issue (yet).
    I do like the S3, but I had about 250 apps on there. Thats not something I can ‘restore’ in one night and I cant help thinking that this might happen again in another 150-200 days!

  • Mine was dead on 27/12… they said they might take the phone back to Korea for repairs, I ended up doing an early upgrade and got myself a Nokia Lumia 920…

  • Guest

    My sgs3 just died today at exactly January 1, 2013 (hope this isn’t a bad new year) and just sent it today at Samsung service center (Thailand). It’s just a 4month old. unluckily I’d experience this sudden death syndrome on my phone…waiting to fix it or the replacement next week. sighs!

  • sgacyrscott

    My sgs3 just died today at exactly January 1, 2013 (hope this isn’t a bad new year) and just sent it today at Samsung service center (Thailand). It’s just a 4month old. unluckily I’d experience this sudden death syndrome on my phone…waiting to fix it or the replacement next week. sighs!

  • YarikBond

    +1 Mine died during the New Year’s Eve…

    • Oussama Hamdache

      Also min, After the New Year in a day

  • I just got an S3 three days ago. I plugged it in tonight and after about 20 minutes it died. I was trying to send a text, the screen turned off and then wouldn’t turn back on. I think I might go back to the iPhone :(

  • PPP

    when some apple issue come out, all the haters also come out. what’s new

  • George

    This post hopefully will help me in getting my S3 sorted out. Currently my phone doesn’t boot anymore. It used to boot to Samsung logo and then goes. Does dis classify as “sudden death”, cause it would really help if it did.

  • Oussama Hamdache

    I also had the same problem, i woke up the morning and saw my S3 not working. It didn’t even start up. Just give me: Samsung Galaxy SIII . I take it to repair an not body know about the problem. I will take it to Samsung Services to check it.

  • Mohammad

    Mine died 1 week ago, hope samsung offers a solution!

  • It just happened to my SIII today. Oh well.

    It did turn on and off on its own many times before this happened, but I didn’t pay too much attention because I thought I was just accidentally pressing the on/off button. It’s just now I realized it was doing it. So what happened was earlier I charged it and everything seemed normal. I was even tweeting while it was charging. And when I was about to remove the charger, I was surprised because the LED light was gone.
    I tried turning it on, removing the battery, pressed buttons simultaneously blah blah blah, but all troubleshooting steps were useless.

    I’ve read these “sudden death” issues before but I didn’t expect it would happen with my own SIII. But in a way, I was kind of waiting (not hoping) for this to happen since I’ve got this phone when it was first launched. I also think I got one of the first Pebble Blue versions here in the Philippines (or probably one in the defective batch? I don’t know.) So is this an issue with all SIIIs?

    I guess I’m sad because of the files I have not yet backed up. I have a Note II too but I really hate dealing with service centers and waiting. Would they replace my unit or just the Mobo? too many questions…

  • OmeX

    Got my S3 in September last year and today morning it got under SUDDEN DEATH… RIP MY FONE…. Hope the waranty repair it soon.. Darn you Samsung,.. what have you done


    I bought 3 months back my Galaxy S3 and got sudden death on 02/01/2013 and i gave it to SAMSUNG Service center but after 2 weeks they return devise to me without fixing the problem and told me to pay 300USD, if you want to change Motherboard as it is not under warranty. What should i do now.


    I am in U.A.E. and my S3 32GB Turned off and its mainboard have died after use of two months on 01/01/2013 , but when i contacted with Samsung service center they are asking me to pay 300USD if you want to repair and returned me my dead phone. Can any body help me who are asking Samsung is replacing these phones.

  • track85

    bought 2 s3’s on same day, mine didn’t even make it to 3 months, husband has had no problems. Samsung replaced main board at no charge and in 8 days. sometimes there’s just a dud in every batch.

  • zam

    is there any way we can recover the data on the phone while the phone is dead? i know it sound weird, but we can do that on PC.. motherboard damaged, but we can still recover the files from the Hard Disk.. so I imagine whether we can remove the internal memory of galaxy s3 off the motherboard? any techie out there please help, really need the contact and memo on my dead phone as I work in sales field, so all my customers info is in there.. :(

  • Me!!! My S3 “died” approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago after charging overnight. It simply would not turn back on again. I had originally bought it June 2013 from Harvey Norman under an Optus 24 month plan. Two weeks after I bought it, I accidentally dropped it which produced some small cracks down the bottom left of the screen (didn’t affect the operation, so didn’t get it fixed). Anyway, just over 6 months later, it dies. I took it back to Harvey Norman, as I believed it to still be covered by warranty. They said it most likely wouldn’t be due to the cracks in the screen. I informed them of the various forums indicating this “sudden death” is becoming a widespread problem, & along with a letter explaining this strongly requested they send it to the samsung repairer: Fonebiz, Rockdale, NSW. Since, Fonebiz have advised they cannot repair it under warranty due to the screen (despite the actual problem becoming more & more known). I have contacted Samsung & escalated the issue through their VOC? department on Monday. I phoned them today for an update.. it’s still in queue & was advised to call them tomorrow. I can see this is going to be a drawn out lengthy/painful process!!

  • partha

    Yes my SIII died on me yesterday.. and I am Bangladesh

  • Tess

    Yep mine died last night. Sent in to Telstra (Australia) for repair as it’s still under warranty.

  • Pretty

    Sadly I had also the same experience about Samsung S3. My phone was suddenly off and I can’t open it. No response at all. Why is this happening????????

  • I have Samsung Galaxy S3…
    It was working fine till yesterday and suddenly out of the blue… It is stuck at its logo…
    It is showing: Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300
    When i connect it to my laptop… just the battery sign is showing.. doesnt go further…
    I have pulled out the battery quiet a few times and still it is stuck…
    I tried Pressing power+menu(center round button)+volume down button all together and kept holding these buttons but nothing happened.
    I researched the web and it is showing that loads of Galaxy S3 people are facing the same issue…
    This is called “THE SUDDEN DEATH GLITCH”
    Kindly assist if possible… Is there any solution for this problem so far?

  • Tona Salami

    i got my s3 back from repair about a week ago after it had sudden death issue
    had to wait two weeks for my phone to get repaired leaving me with out a phone as three my network provider did nto have any back up phones available, at the time i handed mine in for repair even though i took the phone to about 3 different three stores in the hope that they could provide me with a back up phone. In the store they did not mention that this sudden death issue with the gs3 is becoming a common fault on the s3, im just worried now that the issue will happen again in six months or less if they replaced the mother board with an unrevised one, im thinking it might be time to trade in my s3 and get a more reliable android phone like htc which in all honesty i think make better quality phones than samsung as i had several htc smartphones, before switching to samsung including the htc hero.desire,and sansation all of which i never had a single software of hardware issue with not even after rooting two of the devices. Dont get me wrong i like the s3 it a nice phone and has some great feature especially after getting the new jellybean 4.1.2 update but i have always had issues with samsungs build quility i think they surpassed themselves with the s2 as ith turned out to be a pretty reliable smartphone

  • LozzyB

    My Galaxy died last week. It ran out of battery which is normal took it home tried to charge it and nothing nada zip. Thankfully I had extended warranty with Telstra and they replaced mine with the 4G version. I just worry that it might happen again and I won’t be so lucky hopefully they have fixed the issue. I still wouldn’t change phones unless it was to another samsung I love it!

  • Maaly

    My Galaxy SIII, in less than 190 days the mainboard is dead after charging overnight – Egypt

  • Frank Kubath

    Mine died just like everyone else’s. Five months old. Can’t get warranty because it’s not a “Canadian” model even though I bought an “International” model in Toronto from SN Traders. Hope this keeps someone else from being scammed.

  • rjpxxx

    I really don’t care if Samsung or Apple or whoever else is the best in the long run because I live in the here and now and my bloody S3 has just decided to go off and stay off and all I can get is the black and white start screen. It feels like crap because it turns out IT IS CRAP!

    I just don’t get the religious loyalty stuff. I had an iPhone and am pleased to be rid of it, it let me down time and again. Basically Apple released iPhone app capabilities like water torture and almost everyone I know just did a simple jail break and their phones worked as they should have worked in the first place. But if there’s a way to bleed money out of people these guys are good at it. ALL OF THEM. So cut the sob story that they’re doing you a favor taking great slabs of cash from you and delivering less than they can, building in obsolescence as a main feature!

    I enjoy my MacBook and my iMac heaps, BUT like so many other people with a MacBook mine has had a CD stuck in that idiotic fixed CD/DVD drive for over a year.

    And nothing will get it out. And every forum you go on there are “Apple nazis” who get narky because you mention that you can’t get it out. Even my iMac had to have the hard drive replaced because it just decided to spit the dummy just last month.

    While I still enjoy my iMac, I used a non Apple product to make a decent backup so I still have my files. But what’s with the religious zeal supporting any corporation as if it has to be defended against the very mention of the times its products break down?

    I did not get my Samsung so I could have an excuse to bag Samsung, but because I was impressed with its broader capabilities, its screen size and, if you stick a slightly bigger back on it to accommodate a longer life battery, you can overcome its and it actually goes like a breeze and can be relied on ALL day and night . . . until it dies on you like mine just has and I have only had the thing for what – 4 or 5 months! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

    It’ll be going back tomorrow and I’ll be wanting a replacement or a refund or I’ll let the Australian Telecommunications Ombudsman’s Office deal with the people who I’ve paid, and continue to pay, hundreds of dollars to for what is turning out to be an unreliable product and service – they go together.

    All that hater/fan stuff leaves me cold . . . in a technical discussion about the qualities of Adroid devices . . . Time to grow up and expect people who flog expensive things like smart phones, making some of the tidiest profits in the universe, using some of the cheapest labor in the world, to be held to account whoever they are. Instead i watch in dismay as the try to gouge each other through what is increasingly understood to be little more than vexatious litigation in whatever courts they think they stand the best chance in, attempting to stop or delay the sharing of any advances that are made actually being widely adopted. I don’t think DEMANDING better and telling them that profits are not the only metric of good business practice sounds socialist at all . . . it sounds like intelligent consumerism to me. But if a person has surrendered to the economic bilge of pamphleteers like Friedman and the neo-con con, well we may yet see the west turn into some white trash hell hole where nothing works. They’ve already had us come close . . .

    Thanks for the thread Chris. It’s helped me to know that I am not going mad, that I’m not the only one who has done nothing, other than own another high marketing, high end, high expectation piece of low performance – currently no performance – “smart” technology, in this case my Samsung Galaxy S3, but as I say, the other guys can wreck a man’s weekend in the same way.

  • Smudje

    My s3 is dead :-( I’m just hoping that Samsung will repair it for free.

  • javainvader

    Bought an S3 in Aug, rooted with 4.1.2 on Dec 14, 2012 and it died on Feb 6, 2013.
    Samsung Service said it’s hardware failure and needs a board replacement that would cost me around US$250. I have used and abused phones like Blackberry and iPhone, but never ran into this kind of situation. I check the internet and found out that I am not alone in this. Right now, I might as well sell this phone for scrap, or have it repair and sell it. In any ways, sell it ant try to recover a fraction of money from it. Hopefully, I wont be lured again by advertisements in the future.

  • humberto

    PHONE, my phone (samsung galaxy s3) presented sudden death because of
    the cheapy motherboard in samsungs phone and now samspung doesn’t take
    responsible of the repair of my phone i would never buy a samsung phone
    or anything i was a faithfull samsung costumer i have a samsung smart
    tv, samsung refigerator, 2 samsung galaxys s3, a samsung air conditioner
    my wife have another samsung s3. I WOULD NEVER BUY another samsung
    piece of crap. they said that those products have a warranty but they
    not have anything.

  • Aaron

    Mine bit the dust today

  • Sinaalani Pule
  • Well my husbands just died after owning it less than two months. Sudden Death strikes again. :(

  • Rey Mendoza

    i have 2 samsung s3 the other 1 is completely dead.

  • DallasD

    My Galaxy SIII has problems! It turns itself off, sound is intermittent on calls, home button does not work.
    Samsung will not replace without a report on the phone. I am disabled and have no other phone and Samsung will not replace my phone :-(
    Very unhappy with customer service. It is archaic compared to Apple.
    Come back Apple iphone all is forgiven.
    Would not recommend the Galaxys3 to anyone as Samsung customer service is grim!

  • OK so I am not alone. My sister and I both got or Samsung S3 the first day they where released with Optus in Sydney. My sister’s phone started mucking around first and them mine. I noticed a purple light indicator but I can’t find out what it means??? my phone shut down except the blue light was flashing indicating that there was a message but I could not turn on phone so I toke the battery out the back and then rebooted the phone. It works for a quite a while and then randomly stops. I notice one day when I was taking a lot of photo’s it froze but apart from that no real problems. I have heard of way more problems with i phones

    I will see how I go with Optus but I have never dropped my phone maybe they have planned this way because the S4 is being released any

    • tricia

      same here would love to know what optus did

  • hatemyphone

    My s3 won’t go into sleep mode did a hard reset it worked for about a hour now its back to staying awake and killing my battery anybody having same issue

  • Cory Skelton

    My phone just started doing this last week, and won’t stop. I factory reset it and everything.

  • Sri

    My S3 died on me this evening after I had charged it 100%…..have had apple products for last 6 years….never had a problem…..never ever buying anything other than apple again…

  • I just had this happen to me… I think I have had my phone for a month. I am absolutely livid. I was enjoying this phone so much. I was an iPhone user for 3 years, and, upon much debate, decided to make the switch. I have never heard of an iPhone doing something like this. Unbelievable. Hopefully they will just give me a new phone, because I am within warranty.

  • Jesus Child

    Yes mine was overheating one evening and I switched it off in the night. In the morning it wouldn’t power on or charge so I tried other batteries but it still wouldn’t come on. Warranty Center in T&T voided my warranty because it had a dent at the bottom :'( and a circuit board costs over $2000 TT

  • L Bailey

    yes and I just purchase mine two days ago at Costco. It starts by shorting out real quick. Taking it back an d going to give it another try. 4/29/13

    • dead duck

      Well after mine collapsed after 160 days , guess what after 120 days the the replacement main board has died , same symptoms , lots of freezing in the week up to the collapse , not happy jan .


    Hi, i brought Samsung S3 July last year (2012), my sweethart till last night, did not start up this morning. just like sudden death

  • fastcharlie

    2 days ago my S3 wouldn’t power up. Had to take the battery out and put it back in and it came back on with 90% power. This morning it was completely dead.
    Purchased 9th Dec, meaning I’m at about the 150 day mark.

  • My S3 switched itself off whilst charging and was really hot when I took it off the charger. It never worked again. Samsung refused to repair mine under warranty and their customer service manager was really rude. Unfortunately for Samsung, my loyalty and respect for their brand has died with the s3. Looks like I’m switching to HTC

  • Shadi

    Same Story here, sudden death and can never be switched on, i have to wait for 20 minutes to be able to turn it on.

    • meital boaron

      Same story here…
      My S3 died two weeks ago.

      • meital boaron

        Thats the model of my phone…

  • T.J.

    I just purchased my Galaxy s3 yesterday. After 5-6 hours of being on, the battery was low. I put it on the charger which was purchased along with the phone but it did nothing; therefore, I changed the chargers. I used my Galaxy s Captivate charger and it began to change. I woke the next morning and it would not respond. I took the battery out and waited but it still would not turn on. I’m very disappointed because this is only the second day per se. I have no idea what to do.

  • dboymboy

    my phone just died right now too!

  • idunno

    how would i freakin fix this ph0ne ?!!

  • Jessica Blancher

    I have experienced SDS, as hundreds of thousands of other GalaxyS3 users have, and after trying everything possible, including recovery mode, download mode, and surge charge, all with no results, i contacted Samsung. They are telling me that because my phone is 6 DAYS out of warranty then will not fix/replace it and are not liable. I have always purchased Samsung products and nothing but for cell phones, so I expressed my extreme discontent to the representative as I feel I should NOT have to pay the $150 replacement fee (under my cell insurance plan) to replace it when it is THEIR software issue and I could just as easily get a new one on a new plan for $100, neither of which I should HAVE to do.
    I am currently trying to find any sort of pending lawsuit against Samsung for this issue as they obviously knew about it and did NOTHING to prevent more users from having the problem. I believe they are entirely liable as the problem stems from the chip put into the phones being unfinished and degrading over time (the 150-200 day period described above). If they believe in and back their products they should be taking full responsibility and assisting customers in any way they can instead of doing everything in their power to push customers into spending more to pay for another FAULTY product.

    If anyone knows of any pending lawsuits or anything that can be done please let me know!

  • Abhi

    Facing the same problem

  • Aaron aka Frank

    Just had the same thing happen. Over the last few days, it’s been freezing and rebooting, and now it won’t even turn on. I can get to download mode, but it will not boot, and to top things off, it shows only grey and white lines across the screen. A heap of photos of my son are now gone – that’ll learn me to not back up.

    Good thing I was sold an exchange warranty as part of my plan – at $10 a month, that was $110 well spent (so far).

  • yesnoyesnoyes!

    maybe ya should try using Odin to restore ur S3

  • Iain

    My Galaxy IIIS has gone dead. I get the “Samsung IIIS” logo but nothing beyond that and it won’t charge. I took it to some unlocking and reboot wizards in Toronto Canada — Ming Wifi on Dundas West, and they said the motherboard was dead. Just inside its (French) one year warrantee period (and I mean by just a few weeks). I’m taking it back later today to replace. I had it for just under a year.

  • Dash

    I have been experiencing this for a couple days…luckily it came back after popping the battery in and out and repeatedly trying to turn my s3 on…but now it happened again today and after 3 hours of trying I have finally just given up…not sure if I contact my phone provider or Samsung themselves?

  • Micky

    I have just recently bought another Samsung S3 as my old phone had a problem where white lines would flicker horizontally down the screen, then my connection drops out and the phone freezes to the point where I have to remove the battery and restart the phone. The Samsung S3 I just got in replacement also does this and I’m starting to think that maybe my sim or memory card is the problem, this also happens about 4-5 times in a day…. what can I do?

  • victor

    Unfortunatelly i got the same SDS problem with my samsung note 2.
    In spite of i have still waranty (4 months) the vendor didn’t want to fix the note 2, he accused me and said this is my fault.
    I heard that this problem all the Galaxy 3 and note2. What do I do in this case?

  • David McCartie

    I have had to replace my motherboard twice

  • anil

    today my samsung s3 would not start & the service people told that mother board needs to be replaced & as the set is out of warranty I need to pay Rs 8900/- & the new board Stands a warranty of 1 Month only.

  • Sally Lee

    I suspect it’s a scam to make ppl buy new Galaxy phone. I have 2 S3 that got black screen of death within a month.

    So, I went back to use my Galaxy S1, it is slowly having the same problem, too.

  • Keren Gundersen

    I am getting so pissed off with my Samsung Galaxy S3 turning itself off, when there is still plenty off battery, sometimes even while it is charging & while in safe mode toi. Samsung help desk have been anything BUT useful, & keep fobbing me off. Really unhappy with Samsung brand. Have had major issue with one of their TV’s too.

  • Yared Berhanu

    I had the same problem…can someone tell me what to do

  • Jenny

    My S3 has a sudden death and I was told by Samsung repair centre to change the mainboard. The sudden death is a shock to me!

  • J. Michael Browning

    I don’t have the S3, I have the note 3 but the same thing happened to me this morning. I’ve had the phone for slightly over 2
    years. No recent drop issues or water
    issues. I used the phone as per usual,
    set it down on my desk to charge.
    Noticed that the computer was having a hard time detecting the usb
    connection. I looked down and the phone
    was powered off and nothing I did would power it back on. I did notice that the upper right hand
    portion of the screen was hot to the touch.
    Sincerely hoping that I can recover the photos on my phone.