Verizon: Galaxy S3 shipping date pushed back another day

by: SamJune 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Just over a week ago, Verizon started to let their customers pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, unlike their direct competitors, the folks at AT&T or Sprint (shipping the Galaxy S3 on June 21), Verizon disappointed a lot of eager customers when they announced that they will only begin selling Samsung’s hit device on July 9. As if that was not bad enough, now Bid Red has gone back and changed the shipping date from July 9 to July 10.

It’s only one day, so nothing to get into a fuss about, right? Well, after going through months of rumors and teasing, 24 hours should not be much of a problem, although I am sure that at least some Verizon customers are looking over to the other side. The delaying of the Samsung Galaxy S3 shipping might add to the choir of Verizon customers discontent with the new shared data plans.

galaxy s3 shipping date verizon

Although it may be wise to keep in mind that one delay in a schedule often precedes others, you should keep calm and carry on for now. Verizon has not revealed the reasons behind the delay of the S3 so far. Also, although Verizon has changed the shipping date, they still haven’t shed any light onto when the phones will actually be handed over to you by the deliveryman.

  • alby91a

    I am still holding out hope that it will ship earlier. I am probably just in denial, but I want to believe that by July 10 means no later than july 10, but it could be earlier. As long as it doesnt say shipping ON july10 i am going to keep my fingers crossed.

    • Jaysann22

      I’m assuming this is the case. Hopefully it will ship around June 20-30th. Verizon would take quite a hit in reputation if customers felt like the last customers to own the SIII, especially since Verizon is supposed to be the biggest carrier and most expensive, delaying their new devices before other carriers sure doesn’t make Verizon customers feel priveledged….

  • Chris

    best buy told me they would have the S3 in store on july 21

    • july 21? they should try to do better than that if they don’t want to stay behind the market.

      • Chris

        oh sorry i meant to say june 21

        • Besy Buy’s A Piece of Shit Mobile ReSeller Anyways. Nothing With Them Surprises Me. They Sell All Sorts Of Mobile Devices, And Know NILL Of Any Details About Almost ANY Of These Products. You Carry The Device – Hire Reps That KNOW At Least SOMETHING About What They’re Trying To Sell You. Jeeze, Thank God Their Reps Are Not On Commission – They’d Not Keep An Employee For More Than A Week! Anyhow, Regarding Best Buy’s “Trustworthy And Knowledgable” Crew, Referring To Chris’ (Above) Promise From A BB Rep, Has Anyone Gotten A GS3 From Best Buy Yet? :::::Crickets::::::::: That’s What I Thought, Because Best Buy Is The Worst Lie! For That Matter, Who, Here, Has A US GS3 Yet? ::::::Crickets::::::::::: No Kidding? Shocker!

  • Sythrix

    It is typical among large corporations to try and take the stance that has the least possible backlash. By saying that the phones will ship “By” a date, they effectively exonerate themselves from anyone complaining of not receiving their phone on time, Because by the posted date their supplier assures them they will have enough product to meet any and all demand. All this tells me is that the number of pre-orders is huge. They slipped the date because they must have a scheduled shipment in or around that time that will still accommodate current orders up to that date. So it’s actually a good thing for people that are placing a new order, as it means they expect to receive enough supply for now to only move it back one day. I personally expect most of the first few days of preorders to arrive anywhere from the 21st to the 28th of June, but I could be wrong. At Any rate, with Apple crying in the corner about someone taking their toys, it might be moot point if enough bribes and whining go on before your S3 makes it out of the warehouse :P

  • S3wannaB

    Could the July 10th ship date be due to the number of pre-orders exceeded V’s supply? In other words, pre-orders placed before today will ship by July 9th and new pre-orders will start shipping by July 10th? One day won’t bother me, but what I really want to know is why Verizon is shipping 2+ weeks after the others? Are they working on adding bloatware?

  • JeremyTheGr8

    More than likely its is due to the lawsuit filed by apple to block the phone from being shipped to the USA. Apple claims that Samsung is infringing on the Suri copyrights as well as their data reader software that recognizes patterns in numbers. I really wanted this phone until I found out the US version does not have the Quad core processor that was originally planned.

    • Apple And Their Lawyers And Lawsuits Every Time One Turns Around. They Think They Deserve A Monopoly On The Cell Market. I Guess It’s Because They’re Not Rich Enough And Their Fan Base Doesn’t Live And Die By Their Products (MacBook In Coffin, For Example…) Jesus, Apple Needs To Be Happy Where They Stand And Let Other Cell Manufaturers Do As They Wish – Within Reason. They Sue Over An Application That’s Pre-Loaded On An Android Phone, Because It’s Too Much Like Their’s. If It Makes A Difference, Why Not Just Make All These Infringing Apps Simply Be In The Market And Downloadable Instead Of Pre-Loaded. Oh, Wait… There’d Still Be A LAWSUIT Because Apple Has An Entire Department Of Attorneys Scouring The Web And Information-Based Sites Just DROOLING To Find Something To SUE Over! Fucking Faggots Need To Get A Life. Android OWNS iOS Anyway…

      • driod owner

        I feel that same, tired of apple and their BS and “Oh, I gotta jailbreak my phone” to personalize outside of what apple wants after I PAID for the damn thing. I will never own another IPHONE, I don’t give a shit how good they are or suppose to be!

  • All Of These Articles About The #GSIII Being Pushed Back Are IRRITATING. Pre-Order June 6th=July 9th Past June 6th=July10th #FactCheck

  • Chris L

    I was told by a VZW phone rep that the first round of shipments will go out on 7/2. He said to “check my order status” on 6/30 as that is when they are expecting the warehouse delivery. Makes sense. They shipped both the iPhone 4 and the 4S earlier then the date listed so this would get it out a week earlier to those that pre ordered early.

  • turf

    Was told by a Verizon sales rep that I should have my phone by June 28 th since I orderded first day

  • kwill29

    my mother works for vzw and i just ordered my phone today 6/22 and they are said to be shipped the 11th and there is a 2 day shipment

  • Peter

    I just pre-ordered mine because when I first tried to preorder last week (even though I was paying full retail price) they wouldn’t let me keep my current plan,however, that’s been fixed. The sad thing is that the expected ship date for my order is 7/19… More waiting :(