Galaxy S3 refresh coming soon, what’s the point of a Galaxy S4 mini?

by: Chris SmithMarch 12, 2013


The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled in two days, but that’s not the only new smartphone Samsung will launch this year. The company is rumored to also release a refreshed Galaxy S3 model that will offer certain improved specs, which only makes us wonder why make a Galaxy S4 mini in the first place?

The new Galaxy S3 version will reportedly feature a better display, wireless charging and a larger 2400mAh battery. The news comes from Russian mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin, famous for his previous leaks related to various mobile products, although he’s not always right in his predictions.

Of course, launching a new Galaxy S3 version, maybe an S3 Plus model, would certainly be something that Samsung would do. After all, the company is still milking the Galaxy S2 cash cow with various updated models.

But since it started making mini models based on the flagship Galaxy S version last year as well, why not rebrand this rumored Galaxy S3 refresh as a Galaxy S4 mini. Won’t the Galaxy S3 basically become a smaller, cheaper version of the Galaxy S4 as soon as the latter starts selling?

We have no idea when this Galaxy S3 refresh will be launched, or how much it will cost once it’s available, but we’ll certainly keep you updated on this particular product in case it does become real.

As for the Galaxy S4 mini, it’s not yet clear whether the device will be unveiled on Thursday or only later this year.

  • Jordan Awkward

    I really hope they don’t do this

  • In before the Samsung sheep claim its going to have revolutionary features…

    • Jordan Awkward

      I’m a Samsung lover but I could care less about this I even think its really stupid

  • Pete

    Galaxy S III: big screen + shiny plastic.

    Galaxy S IV: bigger screen + shinier plastic.

    Galaxy S V: Galaxy Note 8.

    • Samsung starts to behave like Apple…

      • terminator

        I said this two months ago when the initial S4 rumors came out here on android authority. The rate at which Samsung is diluting their brands now that they’re at the top, they’ll end up being worse than crApple. And posters nearly crucified me for stating the obvious!

      • Pete

        If they behaved like Apple, they’d have product consistency. Instead, every new Galaxy phone has been getting bigger and bigger. Soon they will be impossible to carry. They are already difficult to hold.

  • cheetose4

    If they make a galaxy s 3 plus, it’s because the newer OLED display would be probably cheaper to produce and be better. Why pay more to manufacture something that is not as good. Hopefully the GS3+ will have a quad-core A7 processor that is just as powerful as the current exynos but consume considerably less energy.

    The galaxy S IV would probably have an even smaller touch screen around 4″ to compete directly with the iphone 5. There’s a lot of consumers that went with apple just because they were worried that the larger screen phones would be to big.

    I thought the reason was obvious and the suggestion of having the galaxy s III as the Galaxy s 4 mini is just stupid as 4.8 inch screen is very far off from 4″. Besides. a 5″ screen phone would be the same size as a 4.8″ if it has slightly thinner bezels which the GS4 probably has so the gs3 wouldn’t really be smaller.

    • asakura

      dude, leave the pot please, you are way too high today

      • cheetose4

        How am I on pot exactly? Can’t think of a legit reason that I’m so wrong? thought so.

        • vampyren

          You are wrong about the size, most of my friends including
          Myself bought s3 Thanks to the bigger screen. The size is perfect.
          4 inch is way too small and that is why iPhone isn’t selling as well as it use to in Europe I think. Still it is selling very well but s3 is taking a bite into the pie :)
          I got iPhone 5 as well but I use it less and less each day.

  • Looks like from last 3 months this website just posting all against Samsung, saying all stupid gusses about S4, just cant wait for 1 more day and start talking. don’t guess.