First Pebble/Metallic Blue Galaxy S3 units available in the Netherlands

by: Chris SmithJune 6, 2012
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A few days ago, various reports revealed that Samsung’s Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 color may be changed to Metallic Blue, a darker blue than what we would have initially expected. In fact, some U.S. carrier press releases announcing availability dates and prices for the American Galaxy S3 mentioned the same Metallic Blue hue cited by previous reports.

But all the U.S. Galaxy S3 press shots we’ve seen so far showed the device in the same two colors initially announced by Samsung, Pebble Blue and Marble White.

Now, we hear from Sam Mobile that various stores in the Netherlands including The Phone House, Coolblue, and Castle Telecom have received the first batches of blue Galaxy S3 units, and the first units should be shipped to consumers by the end of the week. According to an employee from The Phone House, the blue Galaxy S3 color is “indeed a little bit different from the color presented in London,” but we don’t have any new press pictures from Samsung to show you this new Galaxy S3 version.

Although important for some buyers, color should not be a factor when deciding whether to buy a brand new smarphone, especially the brand new Galaxy S3, which will surely make a serious play to become the best sold Android handset of 2012. Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time a handset manufacturer had paint issues with a highly anticipated handset, and we’ll probably see similar problems with future devices. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the device in whatever color it’s available initially, in this case Marble (or Ceramic) White.

Does the color of your Galaxy S3 matter for you?

  • chianto chandra

    I really waiting for this color of pebble blue, in Indonesia right now only ready marble white. i don’t like white, i hope pebble blue ready soon to in Indonesia. :)

  • Oedilby


  • sperryNZ

    Yes colour matters – as does delivery when the expectation is set!! Waiting for Three UK to give a date….

  • Palmiholm

    I wanted to be the first in Iceland to have this phone, but I don´t want a Fucking white one. White phones are for girls..

  • sleek881

    A “Metallic” colour wouldn’t really fit in with their Natural theme of Pebble and Marble would it.

  • Adi

    Yes it matters and I’m pissed off about the confusion. I saw the pebble blue in a Vodafone store yesterday and it was very much like the press photos suggest.
    And most people who order seem to be getting that horrible grey color. Now I don’t know what I’ll be sent when mine arrives. And for the price I’m paying, I can expect at least some clarity on the color issues.

  • john

    i think Samsung have scored an own goal on this one, they launch the latest version of smartphone and its available only in one colour,,,somebody f**ked up me thinks!!!!

  • yes it is changed to metallic blue, I had ordered online in samsung e store, it is now dispatched and the tracking info from the courier company states Mobile Phone, GT-I9300 color Metalic Blue

  • Aamir

    I heard that pebble blue color havin some problem… can any one can advise that those who already get s3 pebble blue color product is free from that quality issue

  • riktor

    I have to agree with palmiholm white phones are for girls or batty I phone lovers

  • henry jones

    Theres no way Im walking around with a girly white phone, also the blue is a bit feminine, why not just release a black colour for men?