Galaxy S3, Note 2 and other TouchWiz devices affected by copy-paste clipboard bug [video]

by: Chris SmithFebruary 22, 2013

galaxy s3 and note 2

Looking for a fast way to reboot your Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and other Android Samsung handsets and tablets that have TouchWiz running on top of the Android 3.0-4.1? Just start copying stuff and soon enough your device will crash and reboot.

Apparently this is an issue that affects plenty of Samsung device owners, and according to the video below, posted on YouTube just yesterday, Samsung has been aware of the issue and fixing it since October 22, 2012, or exactly four months ago.

The problem appears to lie with the clipboard that keeps track of your copying commands for later pasting, and the bug is triggered after 20 or so items are saved in it. But then again this is not an exact recipe for “success,” and crashes occur randomly. After all, who keeps tracks on how many items were copied?

Obviously this TouchWiz clipboard bug should be fixed with a software update, not that Samsung has the freedom of releasing such updates whenever they please considering that everything must go through carriers. However, the company was fairly quick to patch those recently discovered Exynos chip vulnerabilities, so one would assume that since late October last year the company would have had time to release an update to fix the problem.

And in case you’re wondering, this appears to be a problem that affects stock Samsung ROMs, so if you happen to be running a custom Android built on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet, a TouchWiz-less one, then chances are you’re not experiencing it.

Has this issue affected your daily activities?

  • David M Whittley

    I haven’t noticed this for quite a while now and actually thought it disappeared after a Chrome beta update! It has only occurred when I paste in Chrome.

    • MasterMuffin

      Never happened to me and I don’t have Chrome, me sees an connection

    • Never happened to me, and I do use Chrome quite often. But the thing is I constantly clean the clipboard.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too! The phone would reboot when copying/pasting on Chrome only – and then I had to reboot it again, because it would come back awfully slow.

    • QuanahHarjo

      My Galaxy Tab 7+ doesn’t reboot, but trying clipboard functions in Chrome always causes a FC. I’ll have to give the beta a try and see if that goes away.

    • kp

      I have. galaxy note 10.1 / 4.1.2/ N8000. “paste” and reboot!

  • I’d never noticed such problem on my GS3, stock ICS and JB!

  • I’ve encountered this before, turns out I need to root the phone and use root explorer to delete the clipboard cache to make it work again. “Simple” solution is to reset to factory default…..

  • thegreatwaldopepper

    I had an issue with Copy&Paste on my S3 with TouchWiz for over 6 months! It would sometimes not do anything when selecting copy, sometimes you couldn’t even get the copy/paste menu up. Other times it would crash when trying to copy from particular apps like Chrome and others.

    There was some kind of update a few weeks ago and copy & paste is back and working OK! So glad for this – it was so annoying that I was considering changing to another phone.

    Incidentally this was after copying just once, not 20 times!

  • I’ve never had this happen of yet *crosses fingers*

  • Bianca Vela

    In my case I couldnt copy/paste at all, after the premiun suite rolled out the problem disappeared, at least for me.

  • roddy

    Same problem on my Galaxy note 10.1. In fact it’s the only real issue with the Note 10.1….

  • gabz

    Any1 have an idea for this bug ??

  • gabz

    I cant enter my homepage it crashes quickly plzz what 2 do ??