Body fat is generally not on the list of items that should influence smartphone buying preferences. But one Sprint employee seems to disagree with that fact, at least according to one unhappy customer.

Apparently one such Sprint employees tried his best to convince a customer not to purchase an iPhone 4 but select a different handset instead. In addition to calling the iPhone “a piece of shit” and listing all of its shortcomings, this employee went as far as to call the customer’s fingers “too fat” for an iPhone 4, but apparently the right size for the Galaxy S3.” Here’s how things went down, according to that customer:

I went to my local Sprint store on 12/16 to upgrade my phone. My wife’s line had the upgrade, mine wasn’t until April, but since we were on the same bill, I could use hers since my phone was broken. I was approached by a rep who asked me what I was looking for, and I informed them that I was looking for the “cheapest, free-est phone” because I was broke, and really didn’t care about the phone I left with, so long as it worked.

The rep, [M], tells me that the iPhone 4 is free, so I said I’d take it. I was told to have a seat while the rep pulled up my information. The rep says “Are you sure you want the iPhone? It’s really a piece of shit.” I tell him yes, I’ve had iPhones in the past and I’ve done my homework about the possible phones I would be leaving with. Having been a Sprint customer for over 10 years, I feel I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what Sprint has to offer.

Apparently “yes” wasn’t good enough. He proceeded to tell me EVERY shortcoming this phone had: The battery life sucks, if I dropped it, I’d break it, it’s a little small compared to my last phone, etc. but the icing on the cake? “Your fingers are too fat for such a phone. You should get the Galaxy S III.”

Really? I replied “Okay [M], your nametag doesn’t say ‘Sprint Rep/Nutritionist’ so don’t tell me how I can’t use the phone because of my “fat” fingers.” Fed up with his attitude and tone of condescension, I walked out, no phone in hand. I’d rather have a broken phone than to have to put up with such a rude person.

No matter what mobile OS you prefer, this kind of behavior from carrier employees is not something you’d want to put up with, right?

I mean sure, it’s clear mobile operators have their own agendas, and this isn’t the first time we hear that one carrier or another is trying to push Android and/or Windows Phone devices instead of iPhones to subscribers. But should some line be crossed in such a manner as described above? It’s one thing to show a potential or existing customers the advantages and/or disadvantages of the handset they’re about to choose, but it’s a totally different thing to be disrespectful to  them in order to push a certain sale.

Have you encountered similar convincing techniques in carrier stores?

  • Perfect! Another reason why I should get the GS3 over the iPhone.

  • Heybthe employee wasnt wrong, inapropriate yes but everything he said was true at least :-)

  • Reginald Spence II


  • Michael Jon Carter

    At least the sprint rep wasnt lying lol.


    • salilmulay

      If this was a shop for hand gloves, and the rep told him to buy a bigger pair of gloves, that wont be rude. He suggested something that was in the interest of customer, so this whole thing is overreacting.

  • A little pushy but you should have thanked him. :)

  • Filip Justin

    Customers should not be so indiferent when buying phones.. Clearly the rep tried to make some profit but he was also stating the truth about the specs of the iPhone.. Having fat hands is merely the guy’s fault as most americans are husky..

  • Fright

    Lol sometimes the truth hurts go back and get the s3 you will love it

  • Lara

    WTH “article” is this? Seriously? “…not something you’d put up with, right?” why do you even need ‘right’ and a ‘?’ at the end there? It’s an obvious statement, so no need to be rhetorical. Some of these “articles” on this website are complete rubbish.

    • Lara

      And another thing, the title: “fatty fingers”? You should have written ‘fat fingers’ or at least ‘chubby fingers’ so this “article” seems to even make the slightest bit of sense.

  • thinkpadfan

    truth will make him eat more

  • Vin SD

    Regardless of preference, this comment is in regards to the service I received at several Sprint stores. With my contract expiring I was excited to get a new phone. I did my research on the S3, Galaxy Note 2, I 5, and EVO LTE. I checked the prices on several outlets and discovered discrepancies. I gave the Sprint stores the 1st shot since they’re my provider and heard really bad sales techniques. I’m in sales and can tell when someone is not being forthright with me. I heard bs that the phones the other retailers were selling were refurbished. I also don’t realize why they refused to match their competitors price. My fingers are not large, but being annoyed with the hard sell I went to a competitor and received fantastic service. Sprint please realize that A hardsell is unnecessary and a bad strategy. Ill do my future business with your competition because they were honest with me and seemed to genuinely care.

    • Eric

      Maybe you are not a good saleman because if you did the research then you would know the galaxy is by far the better phone. I was an apple guy myself until I bought the S2 and now I have the S3 so research again.

  • LindaScales

    No surprise here. Phones are getting bigger, I think, for a reason. The Galaxy Note 2 on the otherhand is ginormous – and very heavy. I wanted it (on At&T, 4GLTE) here for my Dallas graphics agency design work to jot down visual ideas but when I felt its weight I knew it would end up on the floor quite often. Weight, battery life: still
    elusive to the manufacturers.

  • You’re overreacting Chris. He just gave you his 2cents and if you don’t like it, just shrug it off. Either way, its a really good suggestion.

  • You’re overreacting Chris. He just gave you his 2cents and if you don’t like it, just shrug it off. Either way, its a really good suggestion..

  • John

    LOL so awesome +1 to that sprint guy

  • RarestName

    Let’s see, trashing an OS, insulting the person who wants the phone, sounds like a typical Fandroid troll from the internet to me.

    While other normal Android users happily use their phones with no need to insult people.

  • Noah

    Obviously this person is disgruntled and we are not sure about what, is it really because of what the Sprint representative has said? Or couldn’t the customer get what he wanted?

    Was it said as he reports it, or more tactfully?

    Usually, stories from the side of discontented people are amplified and distorted… I wouldn’t grant it much credit without hearing the other side’s tale.

  • haymondpd

    Even though I will never own an apple product and truly believe that Android is, in my opinion, the superior operating system, we all have to agree on a few points. First, everybody has their own opinions and we all know what is said about opinions. Second, two relatively intelligent individuals could sit down and debate the merits of these two OS giants. Lastly, there is quite a large following of both IOS and Android that they are both sitting back and watching the cash Tsunami wash in.

  • HellG

    Saying someone’s finger is too big for a small screen is an insult? wtf with these people in the comments?

  • Philippe Prevost

    Well, a guy I work with is a really tall, really big (fat) black guy, he’s an engineer and a very intelligent and nice guy, but physically slow and clumsy. I was surprised and not surprised at the same time when I saw that his phone is a Galaxy Note. It was then my first time seeing somebody pick a big screen on a phone because of the size of his hands. But it made perfect sense. He could have never operated any 4 inch screen, his finger takes a third of the screen. That Is why having the choice is a good thing, Apple.

  • efforting

    This article is pure fiction. It’s to stupid to be real.
    I’m not defending the salesperson by saying the customer in this case is an idiot.
    He says he did he research and knows about the phones available and their features, but he walks into the store and asks for the cheapest phone? If he had done his homework he would have known exactly the phone he wanted and the cost. If you are so poor that you are concerned about the upfront cost and not the phone bill, you should reexamine your priorities.
    What’s with all the Apple hate anyway? If the salesperson doesn’t like the iphone, then why would he recommend it in the first place? Clearly there are some people in which an iPhone would be better fit, others Android. And in this idiot customers case, he deserves a feature phone.

  • Daniel Bessel

    Should listen to the sprint guy. The customer is too sensitive.

  • Gustavo Gomez

    so why this is news? It happens all the time. Android Authority is getting annoying.

  • s3 is the best

  • Zeals

    My only experience was the salesman trying to talk me out of getting Galaxy Nexus. I assume he wanted me to get a phone that is packed with bloatware instead so they could milk me for more money.
    On topic of the article about fat fingers, the great benefit of a bigger screen is the larger keyboard, which makes a huge difference when sending texts.

  • Jared Persinger

    Yeah when I walked in a Verizon store to get my Droid the employee tried to sell me a Windows Phone because (and this happened about 2 months ago) android was an incomplete operating system, and Windows was by far the best.

  • richard simons

    he just mad cause he is iFat, loose some weight, it is healthy for you.

  • Eric

    Sounds like an Apple fan boy who was just told that the GS3 is better and he’s pissed so he goes on the net to bash the carrier and its “agenda” to show that Samsung and Android are bad, bad, bad… This is stupid… Get the hell out of my news feed…

  • fucking lame douchebag. me, myself i am a very fit 15 year old, i have a galaxy s3. i see fat fucks walking around with ishit. that idiotic sprint asswipe needs to be fired and then drowned in a pit of icrap. this retard is working for apple – not sprint.

  • krazie

    i think the REP was trying to Wake you up bro iphone died with JOBS he kinda got a point FaT fingers on a small screen like that +1

  • khha4113

    For all I know, this is ‘one-sided’ story from a disgruntled customer. If it were true, the employee’s behavior was unacceptable!

  • krudd

    Promote that guy to manager….NAO!!!
    I would have at least said we were out of stock but we have X which is a lot better for only $ XX.XX
    Not so hard, is it? Even if it’s a lie.