Galaxy S3 June 20 US release date gaining credibility after Australian announcement

by: AdrianJune 1, 2012
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Although Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has already hit Europe, large parts of Asia and Australia and has been confirmed as starting shipping on June 20 in Canada, Americans still don’t know when to expect the super-phone.

There have been a bunch of speculations saying that the S3 will see the light of the day across the States at the same time as in Canada, and even one rumor that claimed T-Mobile to be the first carrier to offer Samsung’s new flagship on June 20.

Sammy is keeping unusually quiet, but one of their partners might have spilled the beans in Australia. As you might already know, the S3 was unveiled and put up for sale in “the land down under” yesterday. It seems that, during the Vodafone launch there, one of the carrier’s officials mentioned June 20 as “the first stop in the phone’s nationwide US tour in New York”.

There’s no way to know exactly what the Vodafone exec was talking about, but there are only two possible explanations. Either the phone will enjoy a special unveiling event in NYC three weeks from now and will be put on sale later on, or the S3 will be presented to the public and made available at the same time.

It might also be possible that the announcement was a simple mistake, but we know Samsung and Vodafone well enough to be almost positive that we’re not dealing with an error.

June 20 is now the almost definite release date of the Galaxy S3 in the US, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some questions to be answered. Will any of the major carriers enjoy some kind of exclusivity period as it happened with the S2 and Sprint last year? Will the 4G LTE version of the phone come with 2 GB of RAM, as it has happened in Japan and Canada? Will the 16, 32 and 64 GB models all be put up for sale in both white and blue?

All these and much more are to be answered over the coming weeks, so keep in touch with our website and we will surely let you know about all of the important S3 details in the States. In the meantime, take a look at the phone’s reviews here and here!

  • Ruffryder187mph

    Just a little friendly message..
    (Remember this is not confirmed!) at least not a 100% …
    (Only rumored!) Keep your fingers crossed everyone!..

    June 20th is the rumored release of the Samsung galaxy s3 <3
    Ooowie I can't wait!
    Again all us T-mobile user's will be back on top of the smartphone universe!
    Aside from the HTC one x
    Our phone should still be a'lil better as far as tech spec's go..
    Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)
    This tech goo-ruu is drooling with techno-lust! :p ;) lol !
    ….GO TEAM SAMSUNG combined with team T-MOBILE! GALAXY S line rules!
    Request me on facebook my name is Joseph
    all are welcome even if you don't have t-mobileor Samsung but if your tech guru like me!.. :) you're definitely more than welcome!
    Ttyl peace! B)

  • Aminer44

    Exclusivity for certain carriers only hurts sales.

  • Riveraelena

    I’m wating for it

  • Poop

    Its not coming till July or August! Americans always have to wait at least 2 to 3 months after everyone else gets it and it will have the stupid 4 buttons on the bottom.

  • Monique

    Sprint says that I’ll have mine tomorrow.