The hottest Android handset available in stores right now is the Galaxy S3, but Samsung’s flagship handset is not running Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Galaxy S3 was released in late May, a month ahead of the Google I/O event where Jelly Bean was first unveiled, with the OS running only on the Nexus 7 initially.

Google said that Nexus-branded smartphones (Nexus Galaxy and Nexus S) but also the Motorola Xoom tablet, will be the first ones to get Jelly Bean support, but in the mean time we’ve seen plenty of Android 4.1 ports for a variety of devices. Not to mention that the first CyanogenMod 10 preview builds have started to appear, and the Galaxy S3 is supported.

Today we hear that Samsung is already testing Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2, but we have no release dates for you at this time.

According to an insider that spoke to Sam Mobile “Samsung is almost ready to update” the Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean, and by almost ready the publication means August or September. We have already wondered how fast the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 update would arrive a few weeks ago. At the time we read a report that suggested Samsung engineers took extra measures to make sure the device will offer a great Jelly Bean experience, but Samsung has kept quiet on its Android 4.1 upgrade plans.

galaxy s3 vs best android phones

Moreover, Samsung is also testing Android 4.1 on the Galaxy S2, which is pretty much what we would expect from the company. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll see a timely Jelly Bean release for the Galaxy S2 varieties out there – and we don’t even dare ask about the Galaxy S Jelly Bean build yet.

However, the same blog says “Samsung will update the Galaxy S II if the porting to Android 4.1 on the Galaxy S II goes well.” The Galaxy S2 is already successfully running Ice Cream Sandwich so it should have no problem getting Jelly Bean as well.

We’ll be back with rollout dates for various markets for both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 in the following weeks and months, so keep us bookmarked!

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  • how about galaxy note???

  • Yes! Yay for S2!

  • Winston

    How about galaxy note? And if old s2 getting, note should get too right?

    • Shree

      That’s right

  • RickyChew

    Hopefully to get it at end of July since Nexus S already receive OTA update too.

  • well, let’s just hope that the upcoming note 2 comes with jelly bean :)

  • Tala

    Don’t believe that. Sammy just want people to buy their phones. See how long it took S2 to get ICS.

    • RamoneRojo

      But the S3 is a more unified experience where carriers have only been allowed to install some custom apps and not change anything else. I think S3 upgrades will be much faster now.

      • I dont understand much about Android so if I have already got the Galaxy S3 and the JellyBean 4.1 OS will come out in September or so, will I be able to update my IceCream thing to the JellyBean somehow? Or since I bought it too late I will not have that option? And if Id buy the S3 after that JellyBean release will I have it built in? Or, again, I need to update somehow?

    • William Shropshire

      The upgrade from GB to ICS was a HUGE jump and took a lot more effort from manufacturers and development. This has been said by the lead of Cyanogenmod as well as the head honcho in charge of the AOSP project. The upgrade from ICS to JB is much smaller in comparison.

  • I pray to the samsung Gods to bring Jellybean to the s2!!!!

    • Pat

      I’m using Jelly Bean on my Samsung Captivate (original galaxy S right now). Don’t pray for it. Just visit xda-developers.

      • acidlake

        agree with you, im using jelly bean on a samsung captive too, and today i will change it for a s2 and on XDA i see lot of jelly beans rom running very smooth and stable for galaxy s2

  • NotHappyNexi

    Looks like cdma Galaxy Nexus ownes were just bata testers for SNIII. That kinda sucks.

  • WLFerreira

    I would be glad if skyrocket get updated! Is more SII out there than Skyrocket but will be nice from Samsung if they think to update all the S family!

  • Shockwave

    Woooohooo !!! That is Great News for S3 fans….I cant wait for the OTA updates for the S3 to Jellybean !! Keep them coming ! Google….

  • okorukoi

    hopefully it will not be like the ICS update for the Skyrocket, where a lot of gingerbread remains behind. The experience of ICS is vastly different on the skyrocket than it is on the SIII.

    • commoninD

      This is why I just go with custom ROMs. Just because it is official doesn’t mean it won’t suck.

      • Michael

        I found ICS to run much smoother on the S3 over the S2 and the S2 lost a few good features on the upgrade. I’m guessing JB will be a mess on the S2, maybe some kind of patch up job right before they release a new phone so the S2 customers who held out will show brand loyalty and pick up the next best Samsung product.

        • acidlake

          on xda and even on youtube also a friend have a S2 running jelly bean, and its pretty amazing how it work, i have a galaxy S with jelly bean and it rocks i think the s2 will perfom even much better, i have it on a nexus 7 and is just fastest as hell lol

  • we need jelly bin for s2

  • techlover

    i hope an official jellybean update on S2 :D

  • Michael

    I think the issue here is that the S3 really isn’t a huge departure from the S2. There’s the .3″ bigger screen (+resolution), the quad processor (which is probably the biggest improvement), the sleek design (which I don’t like much, the phone seems to slide off of everything – guessing the sleek design is their attempt to market to girls or iphone users), and there’s the stock ICS which does run a bit smoother on the S3 (S3 is slated for Jelly Bean and it’s in the air for the S2) over the S2 ICS upgrade. But aside from these really small things, I didn’t find it to be a game changer.

    The rumors of a 12 mp camera didn’t materialize (More mp doesn’t necessarily mean better pictures – Samsung could have held back for the next model or the upcoming Nexus), overall I’m sticking with my S2 for now, but I suggest you jump on the S3 bandwagon if you aren’t a Samsung owner, the phone is clearly superior to anything I’ve owned or run across. I am ready for a new phone, but it may be the Nexus (which never seems to hold the top dog place very long – the 5 mp camera is disappointing) or possibly the S4 (although there’s no talk of an S4).

    • Michael

      Oh and the front button on the S3, not a good idea. I found it always activating in my side and back pockets.

  • I don’t care about Android updates anymore… since I’ve installed the MIUI ROM for my Galaxy S3. :-) Try it out folks, it’s easy to install, and it’s far more quick than the stock ICS!!! And it drains the battery much slower… :-) :-) :-) And also my microphone problems are gone… :-)


    Im sure the Galaxy Note will get Jelly Bean as its only the second time the device will be updated & is not even a year old yet. Also Jelly bean is basically ICS that has been optimized (project butter) & a a couple new features added. (Google Now, notification improvements ect). Ive been fooling around with JB & it is not a major update like ICS so Im confident in saying we sould see devices running ICS right now updated within the next couple months.
    Samsung should update the Galaxy Note with the new touch-wiz that is on the Galaxy S3 at the same time they bring Jelly Bean to the device. If the Note had Jelly Bean & the newer version of touch-wiz then I would have to say it would be the best device on the market, yes even better than the Galaxy S3 but ive grown partial to the size of the Note & anything smaller niw seems foolish to try to play games on & watch videos. -KID ANDROID

  • mcwong

    after upgrading my S2 to ICS via kies, not it can no longer connect to kies. Maybe that’s samsung’s way of telling S2 users, no further upgrades in the pipeline?

  • fakpuppet

    There is no technical reason not to push the official update to S2 as there is also no reason to rush it with S3 in the picture. But S2 on jelly is a sure thing.

  • batmobil

    September is not “soon”. I like my S3, but Samsung has a history of disappointing when it comes to timely updates. The only reason they are pushing an update at all is because this phone is so successful.

  • qumar

    Cant wait for the jelly bean for the S2

  • Theo

    Hell i would be happy with freaking ics have epic 4G touch sprint still running 2.3.6 gime me a f ing break

  • I am glad that i forget aboat my LG optimus x2 and bay me a Samsung s3, and now i looking forward to jelly bean 4,1 happy gay in norway….

  • Asif Raza

    Dear frienda I am in ksa and I have tried almost each way to update my galaxy s3 on jellybean leaked but no output. Please help me out to update my cell on leaked jellybean thanks n regards