Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update coming in October as Samsung confirms Android 4.1 status

by: Chris SmithSeptember 11, 2012

Galaxy S3 owners, we have some good news for you, although considering the statements Samasung made on stage during its Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany a couple of weeks ago, you may disagree with me.

Samsung has apparently confirmed that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its 2012 flagship handset is going to be available at some point in October. Back at IFA 2012, the company said that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 will be “soon” updated, with the Galaxy Note also hinted to receive the update around the same time.

Apparently “soon” means over a month. Unfortunately, there are no actual release dates for the rollout, so we’ll just have to keep following the rumors and leaks for at least three weeks or so.

Furthermore, since the news comes from CNET UK, we can only conclude that at least the international Galaxy S3 version will be updated next month. As for other regions, especially the U.S. where the Galaxy S3 is available from a variety of carriers, we have no idea whether the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM will also be rolled out in October:

Samsung has confirmed its flagship phone the Galaxy S3 will receive the update to the latest version of Android, known as Jelly Bean, as soon as October. If you can’t wait that long then the 4G version will be available with Jelly Bean as standard.

Samsung doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to updating its Android phones, with last year’s Galaxy S2 update delays causing something of a riot among its customers. Thankfully it’s not mincing its words this time round, explaining to me that “the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will be available on the Galaxy S3 from October.”

At least the Galaxy S3 4G LTE version will come with Jelly Bean pre-loaded, but we suspected as much considering that Vodafone Germany had Galaxy S3 LTE version at IFA running Android 4.1.

Considering that we have at least one more month to go until the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean will be released, are you updating to Android 4.1 using one of the unofficial ROMs we keep seeing get leaked? Naturally, we won’t encourage you to do that, but if you do, keep us posted on how everything works out for you. As for us, we’ll keep telling you when new Jelly Bean pre-release versions get leaked.

  • MasterMuffin

    Why not for the last day of sebtember, it would be a great birthday present :)

  • xmRipper

    latest leaks seems great. works like a charm. i dont understand why they wait. i just want the source..

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  • woody

    They are taking the piss August September October like the last update for s 2 all bullshit for ages

  • Dave Clegg

    October?? I may just flash an AOSP rom at this rate…

  • unhappy customer

    complete wank stainers. Google nexus phone has had the upgrade and i can vouch it is pure smooth and Google now is really impressive. as usual Samsung get it wrong again. Wheres apple? any chance of anoyher law suit? lol

  • Unhappy cutomer no 2

    I’m utterly discusted with Samsungs decision to release the JB update in October. A colleague of mine received his update today on his Google Nexus. I was absolutely gob smacked.. Samsung really need to get their act together..what are they waiting for Xmas!!!

  • Tony

    It annoys me that they will be releasing the 4g Galaxy S3 with Jelly bean on it and have already showcased that and the note2 with Jelly Bean, yet what is that saying about their commitment to the 20million+ who have already bought the S3? Samsung should have been working on Jelly Bean for the S3 at the same time as their other products.

  • October is taking the biscuit. JB is only an incremental update and one that was released some time ago. Same old OEMS, always dithering.

    Hello aokp.

  • Tyrone

    F*ck this sh*t y0, I’m buying a nexus next year, these bullsh*t mof*ckaz iz taking too long nigguz

  • My Samsung Galaxy Nexus got Jelly Bean update today here in Norway! Awesome and i feel like a bau5!

  • Mo Chesta

    I am so disappointed in Samsung. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (4LTE). I’m such a loyal customer from TV’s to Laptops to phones. I feel like current customers are put on back burner as if Samsung already has my money so I can wait. What happens when it’s time for me to upgrade to another phone or TV or Laptop. How about I go with another manufacture that understand the meaning of customer retention? Not a happy customer!

  • wellcome in my SIII… ><

  • Bryan

    Oh, Samsung!

    I guess based on their prior track record of updating, a month and a half is “very soon” :P

    I’m very tempted to go for a custom ROM, but…I must…resist…


    This has to be incorrect info or Samsung is waiting to have the GS3 carrier versions done so they all recieve the updates at the same time. Maybe they feel like they lost the US court case because users feel like they are always forgotten when the rest of the world gets updated first.
    Since the Galaxy Note 2 is going to be the same international & North American models I hope they do this for every device from then on so they only have to make one build then just add the bloatware to carriers. Updates will be much much faster this way Im sure & even faster if they can get rid of carrier bloatware. I think Samsung is on the right track to making all this happen, making customers completely satisfied & have nothing to complain about.

    As much as I want Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Note its nothing to be impatient about guys. It doesnt change the looks and the only cool feature really is Google Now. Just be patient & enjoy your new device that you just got a couple months ago. If they rushed it out & anything is wrong then youd bitch about that so think about it, its probably a good thing as long as it does come in October. If it doesnt then bitch.

  • The Note 2 already comes with Jellybean 4.1. Which is great! =D

  • Garpy

    I’m a little confused as it appears that the update to jelly bean is out NOW here in Canada. I plugged my 3 month old Galaxy S3 phone into my computer via Kies Yesterday (as I do everyday to sync etc) and saw the new statement “Firmware upgrade is available” I have Kies setup automatically to check for upgrades every time I plug in. I chose not to update as I don’t want to give up flash yet. Anyway, I keep hearing it’s not coming until later but here it is.

    • Carsons Dad

      I got it also. Actually my son. His S3 notified him of a firmware upgrade. He didn’t do it because he wanted me to see it first to see if it was ok. Now I’m not sure because everyone keeps saying it’s not coming yet. Should I?

      • Mark

        I am confused, I will be coming from an iPhone 4s, so I’m a TOTAL newbie. Simple question, If I buy a S3 locked to Rogers (I live in Toronto), will I be able to get the JB update as soon as it’s released? If yes, how sure are you? If no, then when do you think I’ll be able to get one? Another question if no, would there be a way around it (IE rooting and downloading)? Thank You

      • ramon

        The update is fine and safe, it’s a stability update only and keeps you at 4.0.4. Just be sure to have a full battery or the phone plugged in when you do it.

  • Josh.

    stop complaining and do something about it.

    Go to the xda forum and look up the SIII “official” ROM (if you have the international version); it’s a pre release from Samsung, so has all the correct certificates so you don’t need to root your phone (it doesn’t increase the binary count so it shouldn’t invalidate any warranties).

    I’ve been running it for a few weeks now and it’s great; only issues have been occasional dropping out of the keyboard (but it comes straight back) and disconnecting headphones while using the radio app crashes the OS completely.

    The Swype keyboard is worlds better (although not as good as actual Swype), Now is brilliant and the whole thing runs smooth as!!

  • Asif Raza

    Dear friends I have tried all ways to update my galaxy s3 on leaked jellybean but no output. I am in ksa and can anybody help me out from this prb. Please. There is no advance option when I am starting my cell in recovery mode…. please help me out thanks

  • Neil Wheeler

    I’ve been using ULV8 with a leaked version via Wild Child. Have to say it was a little sketchy at first but I have my data backed up and it all transferred. I have a few apps thatmake it roast llike an oven but overall I am happy. It was easy to install, having it rooted with Clockwork Mod makes life simple to jump around. Getting passed about some minor changes it just idiotic. I left the Apple world and now love my S3.

  • Cliffy44

    All of the chatter that all of you are doing on here reminds me of obama during the debate.

    I mean, the chatter seems worthless; as Samsung will coordinate with your carrier, whenever they’re good and F’en ready; and all the blog posts in the world aren’t going to get you your Jelly Bean any sooner.

    I suspect that people from Samsung auto subscribe to all of our comments on all of the Android blog-sites; and somehow, I think that they all sit around the computer at luinchtime, and laugh at some of our speculations and limited informational guesses.

    My attitude is: Yeah, I want Jelly Bean. And when it gets here I’ll have it; so, when Samsung stops dicking around; and we all have our sweet teeth satisfied with Jelly Bean, we’ll all then be commenting on when “Key Lime Pie” will be available.

  • NJJ

    They might be waiting for the November Xmas rush saying here is the new jelly bean, buy a new phone and get this update etc

  • brendon bood

    I have a s3 4g LTE version & it dont have 4.1 jellybean on it.

  • Ryan

    I just contacted Samsung and they told me that Jelly bean will be available in Canada and the USA in the middle of November

  • still no jb update for my s3 – shame on u samsung and then again we hear s4 rumors too without even releasing proper s3 jb updates ? shame on em .