Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean OTA update leaked – Android 4.1.1 build I9300XXDLI1 dated September 3 [download]

by: Chris SmithSeptember 3, 2012

It doesn’t get any fresher than this, Galaxy S3 owners! A Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean over-the-air (OTA) build dated September 3 has been leaked – version I9300XXDLI1 – which means the official ROM must be on its way.

Samsung announced last week at its Berlin-based IFA 2012 Unpacked event that the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note will be updated soon to Jelly Bean, without revealing any release dates. Moreover, the Black Galaxy S3 LTE version coming to Vodafone Germany in the following weeks/months, has been spotted running Jelly Bean at the German trade show.

xda-developers, via Samsung-Updates, now offers interested users the latest Jelly Bean build for the Galaxy S3 – and we already showed you a variety of Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean leaks in the recent weeks that were dated back to July and August. Unfortunately, and just like its predecessors, this Jelly Bean update is only available to international Galaxy S3 owners, so don’t get all too excited.

That doesn’t mean we’re encouraging you to install the unofficial Android 4.1.1 build on your Galaxy S3 if you rock an international version, especially considering the official thing is days away. But since you’re free to do whatever you want with your device, at least make sure you backup you data before going forward with upgrade plans, and follow the available instructions over on the forums.

  • MasterMuffin

    Yey international gets officials first and custom roms last….

  • these things are amazinnnnnn!! has anyone else tried getting their free Galaxy S3 at ??

    just applied for mine hope i get it soon ahhhhh :D xx

    • rikyy

      Get out bitch, you ain’t getting nothing ;)

  • So Verizon customers wont be gettn ota’s until December .. smdh

  • can i install it if i have a rooted stock LH1 ICS? no extra procedures and then root it again?

  • Jones

    anyone received it yet?

  • Eda piedra Santana

    Necesito comprar dos teléfonos de estos galaxia s3……la pregunta es si los compro en estados unidos….puedo usarlos con la tecnología de Costa Rica…..por favor necesito la respuesta lo mas pronto posible…..muchas gracias…..

    • Gustavo Leon

      siempre y cuando sean unlock. no hay bronca. sin embargo al momento de usar un sin dek ice. claro. movistar o full. automaticamente quedas fuera del upgrade a jelly bean. tuanix

  • armistice


  • jong

    I have called and e-mailed Vodafone uk and called Samsung but got nothing back
    All Vodafone keeps saying is they cannot comment on jelly bean update.
    This means they don’t have it yet or they release it later this year or beginning of next .
    You think they would post some notices.