Samsung Canada rolls outs Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3

December 3, 2012
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    The wait for Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in Canada is over. Though it isn’t scheduled to come until December 3, the Android 4.1 software update has hit the handset early.

    Those who run the Galaxy S3 on Telus, Rogers, Bell, Virgin Canada, and SaskTel should already see the tasty jelly treat on their phone. However, there seems to be a queue to get the update, with many users receiving the following message: “Access to the software update service is provided to users in order in which they request it. Try later.”

    Meanwhile, we don’t think the Android 4.1 update has reached Wind Mobile and Videotron subscribers just yet. But the day is still long my friend, so there’s still a good chance that you’ll get to join the Jelly Bean party on the promised date.

    Hit the comments below whether you’ve received Jelly Bean or not on your Galaxy S3.


    • Mike

      As soon as I connected to Kies this morning, the update downloaded. Installing right now. Very happy with this development!

    • jaz

      Just got that message, hopefully getting it tonight!

    • earl

      Got it at 7:25pm EST last night. The speed difference is noticeable!!!

    • jdxkai

      I thought that the update goes to the carriers and they add their stuff before it goes to the devices. Someone clarify?

    • sherdima

      Updating right now on kies, rogers phone S-3

    • bdhuson

      I’m stuck behind the queue!!!! Noooooooooo.

    • Timbyts

      Got it last night via Kies. OTA just kept putting me into the queue.

    • Rax

      Did it over Kies last night. Runs very smoothly. But battery consumption seems up and the keyboard is still pathetic compared to Swype.

    • earl

      fantastic… google now works, only no matter WHAT I try, it doesn’t speak back about any question. weak………..

    • paoul

      just hook up to kies and no waiting

    • JB

      @Rax thanks for the Kies tip, updating my s3 as I type. It would just show the queue msg otherwise thru software update

    • RamonRojo

      Got it, it’s fantastic!

    • vh8000

      My S3 auto updated to 4.1.1 – Rogers

      • Shahzeb Ahmad

        Mine didn’t? How do I get it.

    • Cbrown

      Got it last night through Kies. Experiencing “Unfortunately Touchwiz Home has stopped” when trying to exit folder on Home Screen. Anyone know how fix this problem?

      • Chris

        Clear your data from Touchwiz through the application screen, be aware that your home screen customization will be reverted to stock.. Tough decision lol

    • dom

      How do you do it using kies ?

      • Rax

        Install Kies software on your computer. Connect device to computer via USB. Select firmware upgrade.

    • S3

      Does new update your break the car dock features?

    • Larz

      I am on WindMobile and no update yet OTA or through Kies. Anyone with Wind get the update yet? If so, how???

    • ZigZag

      The Kies AND the OTA server are down. I can’t receive the update.
      Kies is stuck at 7% for this morning.

    • GuillaumeLH

      Anyone has a idea when Videotron is gonna have the new update? Cause Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin seems to have the Jelly Bean OS already while with Videotron we just don’t know lol!

    • Kc

      On Bell and updated via Kies last night. No issues and enjoying it. Glad to see it was released on mass in Canada and not piece meal like in other countries

    • Mike

      Wind – nothing yet.

    • Janey

      I’m with Telus. I got it last night. I picked up my phone after I put it down for a few and it had already downloaded and just needed to reboot and I was good to go.

    • Dwayne

      No OTA update available from Wind Mobile yet.

    • Dwayne

      At least some of you are in a queue :-)

    • troyy

      will updating delete anything on my phone I.e contacts, texts, pictures

    • matt

      if I update ota will I lose anything on my phone like my contacts or messages? cause if so I probably won’t update?

      • Rax

        No, its fine. But just in case, I backed up via USB via Kies.

    • Kristopher Chambers

      On Rogers and downloaded it through kies… It’s a nice little update, but you’ll notice its not a CRAZY difference from ICS… The Google portion of the phone is infinitely better (voice-to-text) and then phone itself runs a little smoother

      • matt

        I’m with rogers too, should I update through kies? and will I loose my texts or contacts or anything if I update?

    • mgs

      Was able to get JB 4.1.1, but Google Now does not work properly. No talk back but web pages do load. Also accessing Google Now does not work via swiping down to up as it should. Phone is Galaxy S3 on Rogers.

    • zax

      got it yesterday around 6pm on telus

    • Johnney

      Mobilicity Not Yet :(

    • Mike

      Sasktel, got it this weekend, Not impressed. The display looks washed out, and when using the keyboard it flashes and distorts. Not sure if I just got a bad update or what have you. i am going to do a factory reset. So far not happy with it. ICS worked great

    • fritamente

      Just downloading it through Kies right now. On Bell, hopefully all is well!

    • Daren

      I got it but..can’t access the Play Store or see text messages sent. Big problems. Reboots and battery pulls have not worked. Telus.

    • matt

      server is down so no ota update and kies is useless it loads the new firmware but crashes before transferring to my phone… I am not happy

    • gurrr

      Updated, now my call volume is so low that I can’t even carry on a conversation

    • lpeds

      I’m in Queue as well :(

    • cat

      I used samsung kies to update my s3 works great

    • Stacy

      Wow. There’s a queue? I downloaded mine at 6:00 this morning without any problems. I’m with Bell. Love the new blocking feature.

    • matt

      just got mine on rogers. so far works great. it does seem to take a little longer to load things. still no multi window which is what i really want to see!!!

    • bfd

      Didn’t like it… Still too much bloatware packed into the ROM. Guess i`m just not a fan of TouchWiz or the entire Google buffet of apps. Samsung JB 4.1 release – 550meg, Task650 AOKP 4.1.1 release – 155meg. Switched back to Task650 AOKP 4.1.1 ROM.

    • lhauka

      I got my update and the battery drain is worse. Keyboard improved but still annoying.

    • Wayne Burnham

      How do I update to jellybean over kies? I

    • Jackalopien

      I was looking forward to this as I already have Jelly Bean on the TF300T. Unfortunately it comes with some warts. Telus has “branded” their update. The status bar is this really tacky grey colour that blends with nothing and clashes with everything. Makes the UI look like it was designed by committee. When using the email app, the text for mail is so washed out as to be unreadable in daylight. Doesn’t matter how hard you crank up the brightness, it has little effect on this app. And I really need email. How do I roll this back to ICS?

    • ShawnT

      I’m on BeIl and the queue just stopped for me! After many days of waiting! go Bell! I’m going to download and install tomorrow! Psyched!

    • sarah

      I’m on bell and haven’t gotten it get. My friend on telus got it last night not sure what kies is though.

    • sam

      Got it yesterday. when i take a picture and zoom it in, the picture appears to wave once in every 30 seconds. Not a good start..