Galaxy S3, iPhone and iPad are the most discussed Christmas gifts, app data shows

by: Chris SmithDecember 23, 2012


A few weeks ago we told you that the Galaxy S3, the iPhone and the iPad were this year’s most discussed tech topics, so we’re not really surprised to hear that these particular devices also happen to be the most discussed Christmas gifts, according to a new study.

Mobile app Thumb found that the three devices (in no particular order) were the most talked about potential Christmas gifts. And Thumb looked at 250,000 opinions, of which over 21% were Christmas-related.

This particular study doesn’t suggest that the Galaxy S3, iPhone and iPad will be the most purchased tech items of the season – although such a conclusion would make plenty of sense – as Thumb is looking at what people talked about when unsing the app.

According to The Next Web, the app is quite popular with users looking for answers to certain questions:

With Thumb, users can pose any question in the app and receive quick responses. The company says that any question could receive between 50-100 total responses with a dozen coming within the first two minutes. It believes that the average user spends more than five hours a month using the app to answer questions. To date, it has over 1.2 million registered users since it launched in June 2012.

We’ll be able to tell you more about Christmas shopping habits in the near future, once the main players in the mobile business – which is what we’re mainly interested in – release financial details for the last quarter of the year.


What gadgets are you talking about these days? What are you buying for Christmas?

  • Well duh….we want a GS3….of course! A red one and a blue one #her&his

  • RarestName

    Three amazing products… Who wouldn’t want to talk about them?

  • casinrm

    Lol. That’s not even a GS3 in the picture. It’s either a GS3 mini or one of those other low to mid end phones with similar design language.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Well, Apple is very good at generating hype and iPad Mini just entered my country recently, all apple fans around me always said that it is very cheap and powerful budget tablet. While my reaction is exactly like this picture.

  • mitchel

    The awkward moment when the first picture was actually galaxy s3 mini.

  • mohdamr1

    The stupid diagram is biased. Why put the weak S3 mini instead of the actual galaxy S3 ? This is fishy.