The Galaxy S3 is one of the two most interesting Android handsets of the year – the other being the HTC One X – and it’s surely going to be the best sold of the two. But the handset does have one problem, especially if you plan to frequently hook it up to your HDTV.

The Galaxy S3 has a different microUSB port than other Android devices, as the port’s pins have been rearranged. That means the Galaxy S3 will not work with standard MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) adapters, which let users connect smartphones that come with microUSB ports to big-screen TVs.

So if the MHL adapter is a standard device supported by a plethora of existing Android smartphones, including plenty of Samsung devices, why the sudden pin change on the Galaxy S3? The simplest conclusion we could draw, albeit a mean one, is that Samsung may be interested in milking some extra cash from Galaxy S3 buyers as Samsung’s own MHL adapter will cost you an additional $30.

You can see the accessory in the below video from Clove.

On the other hand, Samsung may have had a serious reason for changing the pin order, and we should rule out a design flaw from the beginning. But, at least for now, we have no official explanation from Samsung regarding the need for a different, non-standard MHL adapter for the Galaxy S3.

Have you purchased your Galaxy S3 HDMI adapter yet?

  • andhavarapu

    Hmmm, does that mean a normal microUSB charger won’t work? Or the problem is just limited to non-standard MHL but the rest is OK?

    • AppleFUD

      from what I’ve gathered it’s just the MHL/HDMI

      these proprietary adapters are a big pet peeve of mine. . . really don’t like them and will not buy devices that have them. yet another reason to see WiFi more ubiquitous.

      • andhavarapu

        Being optimistic they must have had a good technical reason. Likely to do with faster charging or whatever. But Samsung should grow a pair. Its getting Apple like! Then again if its chasing a market of possible Apple owners then maybe that’s the way to do so.

        Lucky its not a deal breaker for me since I’d hardly ever use the MHL feature as much as its awesome. Wonder if the existing USB-OTG adapter will work then??

    • af

      The normal charger and USB adapter work fine was able to connect mouse and keyboard

  • JB

    Just get the wifi streaming device. No need to plug in anything

  • TommyNYC

    As long as this doesnt affect connecting it to any microUSB charger / car adapter I couldnt care less.
    On a side note, unless this was done for an actual technical reason, it’s a pretty shitty move.

  • Chinot66

    I think it a Mirrorlink connection stand for use with the up and coming Sony XAV-601BT and XAV-701HD double din head unit?

  • eric

    This is actually an upgraded MHL port as the S3 provides power to the adapter. Older MHL adapters required power to come from the TV or via a micro USB charger.

  • oskda391

    Bought one to my S# and video workes fine but i dont get any sount to my tv… anyone heard about that problem or is it just to refund?

  • Irked S3 owner

    Too much spin coming from Samsung and MHL consortium on this. I just bought the S3 assuming it was MHL. I want the HDTV to be able to supply power to the S3 so the battery doesn’t drain. The requirement to have a charging line on this bastard dongle from Samsung is a deal killer. My HDTV is in an AV stack with all of the outlets assigned to devices and also hidden (i.e. inaccessible). The only other outlet in my family room is a long way off on the opposite wall. Too many cords for crying out loud. MHL is supposed to supply power to the connected device. Apparently the S3 cannot get power via an MHL enabled HDTV. This means the S3 violates the MHL standard, no? To advertise it as MHL is misleading.

  • Tony o

    I hear that the change is to an 11 pin mhl adapter so that a user can hook up mhl and usb otg simultaneously. Which means device hooked up to a tv and controlled by wireless usb keyboard through hub. I hear…

    • ZenInsight

      Through the dock may be (because it has extra USB ports). But not through their new adapter alone.

  • I just bought the MHL adapter for my galaxy S3 , I have only tested it once, but the sound was not synced with the video. Im disappointed.

  • Peter from DoMySEO

    I thought it is standards compliment … have second thoughts about buying now.

  • Could you update the article to say that the reason was so that the SGS3 supports MHL and USB-OTG simultaneously.

    • ZenInsight

      Only through the dock though, as the MHL uses the port. So unless the USB OTG cable can access through the micros usb power port on the MHL, the port is being occupied. And even if the USB OTG could go the the power port on the MHL adapter, then how could the phone be charged at thew same time?

  • Art Carnage

    There is no official standard for this, as of yet. So they may not be following the herd, but they’re not breaking standards either.

  • pranav nigam
    • pranav

      please reply

  • Dylan

    Juiced Systems released a solid MHL adapter for the s3/note 2!/~/product/category=3244270&id=16789798

  • Pranav
  • brady

    I heard the adapter won’t relay to 720p….
    Has that been fixed.

  • 100’s of people plagued with problems with these including me!

    Ok I have discovered the flickering and intermittent output is due to
    poor quality HDMI cables. These are the thin cables that have poor
    shielding resulting in either interference or crosstalk. To test cables
    bend them in the fingers of one hand, the low quality ones are more
    flexible compared to the more rigid higher quality ones.
    Your probably be more restricted on length with low quality HDMI cable.

    Ignore suggestions that your charger or PSU is not outputting enough current or your TV is not 1080P and only 720.

    I still haven’t managed to work out why their is no sound output though.

    Their is some talk of their being 5pin and 11pin MHL versions but i
    am unable to see how many pins their are in my plug. It is a 2012
    version and appears to be genuine Samsung.
    The MHL plug is very sloppy fit in my S3 though.

  • Rizz

    does any one know if XAV-601BT In-car multimedia fits in mercedez benz sprinter 316?