Samsung confirms Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 and GS3 Mini won’t see KitKat

by: Andrew GrushMay 8, 2014

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Just yesterday we reported on a leaked list that reportedly details when various Samsung devices will see Android 4.4 KitKat. Interestingly enough, the list also seemed to confirm the notion that the non-LTE version of the Galaxy S3 would be permanently left in the dark.

Now thanks to SamMobile, we have learned that Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 Mini will not be making the move, due to the fact that both handsets offer just 1GB of RAM and apparently haven’t been able to handle Android KitKat with all of Samsung’s TouchWiz additions. This seems a bit ironic considering stock KitKat is specifically optimized to play nicely with devices featuring as little as 512MB RAM.

Here’s the full Samsung statement on the matter:

In order to facilitate an effective upgrade on the Google platform, various hardware performances such as the memory (RAM, ROM, etc.), multi-tasking capabilities, and display must meet certain technical expectations. The Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions come equipped with 1GB RAM, which does not allow them to effectively support the platform upgrade. As a result of the Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions’ hardware limitation, they cannot effectively support the platform upgrade while continuing to provide the best consumer experience. Samsung has decided not to roll-out the KitKat upgrade to Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions, and the KitKat upgrade will be available to the Galaxy S3 LTE version as the device’s 2GB RAM is enough to support the platform upgrade.

That means the only way you’ll be jumping to KitKat on the Galaxy S3 (non-LTE) and the S3 Mini is if you use a custom ROM to get there. This is pretty disappointing news, if not completely unexpected.

What do you think of Samsung’s decision, disappointed? Ready to jump to a new phone now, and if so, will it be another Samsung device?

  • The Doom Master

    Samsung just came out Stupid infront of thier customers..

  • Another Samsung device? You got to be kidding me… If I get to upgrade my smartphone I woulnd’t even touch the idea of buying a Samsung thing… I’d go with Motorola this time!

  • Plantain

    Bloatware! Bloatware everywhere! They could do something and release the update (get rid of ChatOn for example, nobody use it, and lots of other worthless stuff). I don’t think I’ll use a Samsung device anymore.

    • The Doom Master

      Nobody care about their TouchWiz just kick this and create a Kitkat Rom a lot of users will be happy

  • Alix8821

    More proof that TW is too bloated… LOVE Note 3. But then again, I’m rooted…. Haha

  • Azeem

    Samsung is a piece of crap. I am never getting a Samsung (or should I say “Samdung) phone again. Oppo Find 7a here I come.

    • Rushan

      No one cares

    • Guest123

      Curious, why are you going with the 7a over the OnePlus One?

      • Stas

        Price maybe?

        • Guest123

          7a is more expensive.

  • heartlessnobody

    Yeah if I stay with my contract I hope my s5 will get that root if not I might get the plus one

  • slick

    What about the Galaxy Tab 3’s? 7in? The Tab 2s already have 4.4.

  • Aiwin Paul

    my s4 mini haven’t seen 4.3 yet…. the sad part is no custom roms are even there..

  • Garrett

    I’m done with Samsung. Like totally. Not buying anything from them again.

  • vasilis01

    Yeap Samsung is now dead for me too.

  • The Doom Master

    If Samsung thinks becuz they r not updating S3 with Kitkat ppl will buy S5 then they are Fools…

    • Guest123

      Sounds like HTC’s thinking a while back — don’t update devices and push a buggy update for the final update, and now they are wondering why they aren’t the darling Android OEM they once were.

  • Mohammed Azoz

    hhhhhhhh … they say there is not enough Ram … and then they release new phones with 1gig of ram + kitkat ?! seriously ?!

    • Zoidian

      Very stupid samsung… Ram is not the real reason..its that all S3 users will not buy or upgrade their phone to S5 if S3 still be upgraded to Kitkat. This is their strategy..however, they make a wrong move since most S3 users possibly will not buy Samsung phones anymore due to this..

      • Zoidian

        This will be the fall of Samsung!!!!!!!!! Die samsung! Go to Hell!!!!!!!

        • Mohammed Azoz

          i’ll just say : when they released the note line … it was an experimental Devise which Sold over 10 million Unit, ehm Samsung Surely not even close to Be dead :P

          • Jusephe

            Note is sold purely based on specs which are better than galaxy s of that year. Bigger phone equals better specs, better specs supported by brainwashing (more specs=better) equals more buyers, subtract users that don’t want to carry tiny tablet/cumbersome phone type of device and add channel stuffing = you got 10 million.
            Why an experiment ? Every company wants to be the best give more specs and features than competition to the specs sensitive crowd. Samsung is perfect example of this they saw lots of phones with 1,2 Ghz dual cores in 2011 so they bumped SGS 2 to 1,2 and they resulted in horrible battery life… As they wanted soooooo much to outspec competition they needed a tiny tablet with huge battery to support another overclocking to 1,4 Ghz. Put in another load of bloatware start a huge marketing campaign and you got the note line.

      • Mohammed Azoz

        the reason they can’t Fit their own update into a S3 or s3 mini is the TauchWiz … in my note , it take around 1,7Gig of the Ram , lol out of the 3 gig :D instead my nexus got nearly 1.4 Gig free ram out of 2 gigs with the pure kitkat on it :D
        Samsung just wanna keep up their Lots of features , batt drainage , Tauchwiz which is annoying …But that is samsung and how they Work – sadly –

      • melchor

        Yeah i agree, i would probably move to nexus

  • alikalik

    “This is pretty disappointing news, if not completely unexpected.”
    completly unexpected? :D i would have been surprised if samsung delivered Kitkat

  • Matt

    This is EXACTLY the reason my next smartphone purchase will not be a Samsung. We i9300 owners got shafted in the custom rom experience because Samsung refused to release the Exynos 4 source, and now this. Samsung phones are now dead to me.

  • MasterMuffin

    Boo though I have had 4.4 on my GT-I9300 for a long time :P

    • Mohammed Azoz

      Ur’s sucks :D

  • Darwin

    Damn that’s really disappointing. I thought Samsung was hella good, but without that update I wouldn’t buy another Samsung phone. This shows how Samsung is all about the hype and not much to show. At least give us 4.3 to work with.

  • Ste

    Ah even more happy I got rid of it. Now on N5 thinking about one plus one

    • The Doom Master

      why r u considering to change from N5 to Plus One?

      • Ste

        64 GB and Camera merely. But still not sure, Since it’s quite big. I m actually still happy with the N5 it’s just this little wanting something new

  • YETI

    That reason is RIDICULOUS! One of the biggest features of KitKat, if not the biggest is Project Svelte, which allows devices with as little as 512 MB of RAM to run Android smoothly. Does TouchWiz bloatware really need twice that? CyanogenMod 11 runs perfectly on the S3! For the most part I really like Samsung devices, but their decisions are seriously questionable sometimes.

  • FOG

    Sources seem to be wrong.

    Rogers in Canada is listing the Galaxy S3 Mini update to 4.4 Kit Kat as coming soon

    • The Doom Master

      Yep thats bcuz their version got 2GB RAM and not 1GB like the International version

  • Guest123

    People do realize that Google has an official 18 month update policy?
    And that’s all they ask OEMs to do?

    And in general, you are doing good if you even got that?

    The only “OEM” to make a statement guaranteeing software updates for more than 18 months is Cyanogenmod for the OnePlus One, and that is only for 2 years.

    So, this is pretty expected.

    • Guest123

      Though the reasoning is crap.

    • The Doom Master

      Yes i agree but a LOT of users got S3 and if Samsung want to keep their Clients they need to make an effort and not throwing them to the Dogs and hoping they will buy S5 becuz S3 was good.. (And Lets By Honest S5 kinda Sucks)

      • Guest123

        I don’t disagree, I think Android OEM updates are utter crap in general. However, I have yet to see any OEM, including google, push out updates after that 18 month period, and that’s why I didn’t buy the Nexus 5 — google wasn’t going to give me any better software support than anyone else, thus I might as well buy the device I liked better and put a ROM on it.

        Seriously, what’s the alternative? Buy an iPhone?!?!? Since they are all sticking with this policy we are generally screwed. Luckily, Android 4.3 is good and didn’t have as many broken features — webview text reflow and SD card permissions. I personally ain’t taking the 4.4 update being pushed to my device due to those two items.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Altough Kitkat isn’t really after 18 months, it came out when the s3 was like 15/16 months old, they are delaying the release to after 18 months.

      • Guest123

        I’m not so sure they go by when google released the OS. It all seems very arbitrary.

  • Simon Belmont

    Tsk tsk. Shame even Project Svelte in KitKat couldn’t squeeze TouchWiz into 1GB of RAM.

    KitKat proper runs great with 1GB of RAM, though. Stupid TouchWiz.

    • bigfella35uk

      So they screwed us on the 4.3 update which never really gave us anything special except poor battery life and constant drops in wifi connection. Whoops sorry they fixed that (like he’ll they did). Be Thankfull were not get 4.4 imagine what a disaster that would be. They can keep the S5 and I’ll move from Samsung. Although I won’t be stupid enough to go to Apple. Time for a new phone anyway.

  • Ryanmax

    Surprised samsung will commit to the qualcomm variant as it’s own exynos is done with updates. I do support this however and am proud samsung won’t leave capable devices in the dark see here

  • shadow

    They’re full of shit

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Kinda shocked…

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    This brings the memory of my old Galaxy S, when ICS was released Samsung made the exact same statement, but they released a new gingerbread update called “value pack” which was supposed to upgrade the phone with some new features and UI tweaks. I had to get a Note back then to enjoy ICS. Now i’m enjoying my Note 3 :).

  • John

    I’m a happy GT-i9300 owner and impressed with the 4.3 update (made my phone faster than the 4.1)

    The lack of 4.4 might sound like a downer but when you think about it, what KitKat feature were you expecting anyway? Was it the speed boost? Because the phone is good enough for the price I paid.

    People think the reason is to encourage S3 owners to upgrade to S5 because of the Android version? Seriously? I don’t see many compelling reasons any S3 user should upgrade to the S5.

    Also don’t understand the logic of some of the commenters here. If you hate TouchWiz, why are you bashing Samsung for not releasing a TouchWiz-infused KitKat. Why not just go the custom ROM route if you hate TouchWiz that much.

    People seem to be forgetting that the GT-i9300 shipped with ICS. Moving to Nexus or Google Play Edition would make most sense. But Sony, HTC, and LG? Well they seem to be improving but you can’t deny that it is still a gamble.

    Bottom line is. Samsung has done a fantastic job in providing support to their devices. They could do better but they definitely don’t deserve the bashing.

    • The Doom Master

      mate u r wrong …. Becuz not every1 knows how to Install Custom Rom or dont want to..
      so creating an update that boost performance for a LOT of users but not creating it bcuz of their lame TouchWiz and BloatWare u should be Pissed and i dont have Galaxy i have Nexus 5 ….

    • Johnny

      Its not bashing ,just sick of the f$$$king excuses for a rightful firmware update . KitKat was released when the phone is less than 18months old and AMY good sincere company should honor the update. And not all of us buy phone to root it ! So after 4 flagships phones Samsung. I telling the world never again my next purchase for a smart phone is never again a SAMSUNG!!!
      So Samsung think again on how to make KitKat work with 1GB of ram.
      By the way Samsung have stolen that 1GB of ram from i9300 owners. I hereby call to all owners of the Galaxy S3 i9300 that have not upgrade your phone make sure it NOT a Samsung.
      Many mighty companies have fallen for not listening to her customers!!!!!
      Let all i9300 owners sent them the right message. NO KITKAT FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR S3 i9300 PHONE NO REPEAT NEW PHONE BUYERS !!!!!!!!!

  • KillEmAllx

    This is why I support the Android Silver project. Screw OEM skins, AOSP stock Android with a few device specific features is the future!

  • Rick jaan

    I m not going to buy any other samsung phone if they not going to update s3 . (officially confirmed)

  • toiletduck7

    totally unacceptable and unfair. it hurts the customer experience immensely. they should reconsider this move.

  • Nitin Agrawal

    Seriously??? I’m using a SGS+ with CM 11 based ROM that runs smoothly on less than 370 MB of RAM, and they’re saying 1 GB isn’t sufficient for these suckers. That really sucks, never gonna buy another phone from Samsung.

  • R.Gamal

    Users are not stupid and they know these tricks and Samsung must know that S3 users will still alive without this upgrade and they will not suicide.hhhhhh

  • rmcrys

    This has nothing to do with hardware as they are good enough (and are both the ones who would benefit more with kit kat …) to receive it, but Samsung just want to push people on the S5 direction.

    I live in Germany, I do not know how the S5 figures really are, but all the people I see seem uninterested on s5, mostly due to the fact that S5 doesn’t look premium enough (a lot worse than Note 3) , and the price is less attractive for what it brings to the table.

    Then I see this from the S3 (my girlfriend has one and is quite happy with 4.3, since I disabled most Samsung and Google bloatware) and I am more convinced s5 real sales are not good enough.

  • Ondra

    This is exactly the reason why iPhone users will always laugh at as and make us feel like we have some cheep bastard imitation of good smartphone. As far as for S3 Mini they didn’t even manage to deliver at last promised 4.2 (or 4.3) update and about 1GB RAM, new Ace Style have 512MB RAM and some special version of TW, so WTF… Samsung just proved again, not to buy their phones. Actually after 6 different android phones and tons of problems and disappointment I had to face with them, I am considering try another platform, but no more Samsung phones for sure.

  • Bibars

    And what about galaxy ace style ? it comes with 512 MB Ram !!

  • towaie

    believe me they don’t even give it a try they just put the name on the list to say we don’t leave the consumer behind , s3 is powerful device and kitkat is 512 ram needed so they just leave us behind before 18 moths support ( kitkat announced last year ) they would do the same for 2 ram model but there are a pressure on them from the carrier company , that’s it Samsung last device ever , welcome nexus 6

  • John

    This excuse is totally unacceptable. There are still many devices come with 1GB RAM only and they all get Kitkat. From a commercial point of view if Samsung provides upgrade to S3 and S3 mini may affect the sale figures for newer devices.

  • Karam Atrache

    As an SGS 3 mini user…i don’t care if they rolled KitKat for this device…but the problem is that they didn’t roll ANY update for my device gt-i9180 !! Not even 4.2!!! stills on 4.1.2…ever since it was released!!
    Sammobile mentioned that it will get 4.2…but still nothing official…any infos????

  • Kettzy

    Treating the flagship that rocketed you to this height, eh Samsung?

    One wrong move, and you’re out of the game. The market is now crowded with so much competition that, there might be a time might come that the company which is at the top today might get completely ignored by the consumers tomorrow.

  • Kettzy

    That’s it! I’m rooting my phone.

  • Sam Jasper

    Just release kitkat for Galaxy S3 i9300, we want to try it. I don’t care my S3 got only 1 gig of RAM. We just want to try it! As simple as that.

  • Omran Terro

    I used to be an android & samsung fan ; but because of this I switched for windows phone(all WP phones are always updated).

  • Katya

    I had S, have S3 now, next will be Xperia Z2. Will never buy Samsung again

  • passenger20

    This is ridiculous, seriously they expect us to buy this?!
    They are not updating S3 and S3 mini to convince us buy their new device. (Just Search how many s3 they sold, and even if 20% buy new phone, they will have pokets filled with innocent customers money!)
    I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly will consider buying other phone brand when I decided to buy a new phone.
    2 years ago the best choice was S3, no doubts, but now what? Great phone by LG, HTC, Lenovo ( with Motorola) and sony. Seriously, what is the difference between new phones? I know, the camera, the CPU, but I just need a phone with 8 mega pixel camera, dual core krait with about 1.7 (or a cpu about the S3) and 1 or 1.5 gig RAm. That is enough for me. (Of course other people may have different idea. And they are welcome too!)
    Anyway thanks to cyanogen mode rom, I think S3 will receive all other Android updates.
    But seriously this Samsung move is really childish!

  • edxGerrard.8

    so how the fu*k they can run on custom roms(if ram is the problem)
    the real reason is they are lazy to give us kitkat updates , anyway touchwiz sucks
    thank god there are a ton of custom roms