Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) Android 4.3 update begins rolling out

November 4, 2013

    Samsung Galaxy S3 aa 2 1600

    Samsung skipped the Galaxy S3 from the Android 4.2 update, leaving the handset on the aging Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, first announced in June 2012. But that will change soon, as promised. Following the Galaxy S4, Samsung has begun pushing out the Android 4.3 update to the Galaxy S3, bringing a slew of improvements and new features to the popular 2012 flagship.

    As spotted by the folks at Sam Mobile, the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is now available for users of the Vodafone-branded version in Ireland (VDI). More countries and carrier versions should arrive in the close future; unlocked, unbranded versions are generally updated first, with carrier versions pending on more approvals and testing.

    The Android 4.3 brings to the Samsung Galaxy S3 a slew of big changes, including:

    • TouchWiz refresh to match the new theme from the Galaxy S4 and Note 3
    • New lockscreen with multiple widgets, adjustable clock size, and personal message,
    • Actionable notifications
    • Daydream mode
    • Moving apps to the SD card is now possible
    • New screen modes – Adapt Display and Professional Photo
    • TRIM support – improves performance
    • Galaxy Gear support
    • Driving Mode
    • Voice commands

    The update updates the firmware to version I9300XXUGMJ9 (PDA) and should be available via OTA and through Samsung’s Kies companion software. To check for the update on your phone, visit Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update.


    • moldor

      Any word on 4.3 (or better, 4.4 !!) for the SGS3-LTE ???

      • kimLJT

        I’m also waiting for it since I’m with I9305, hope there is

      • Ritesh

        Shouldn’t be too far away. I actually thought the 9305 would receive the update before the 9300 as its newer.

      • Starcomobi

        Me too with I9305! I was just thinking that why in brought double GB’s of ram then 9300? 9300 is more supported mobile then I9305..!

      • George Av

        can’t be far away, when Samsung announce 4.4 for the s4, the s3 won’t be far behind.. would like to see how 4.4 features are implemented…

      • GasparIPerez

        I own a SGS3-LTE i9305 as well and I f**king hate that it is a bit forgotten, like the S3′s lost evil brother. I mean, it has 2 GB of ram, quadcore processor, LTE support and still pretty high end specs, IT SHOULD HAVE 4.4 ALREADY… c’mon sammy!

        • Hamza

          Dual core…..not quadcore :p

          • KillEmAllx

            Quadcore, I live in Sweden, the international version of the S3 and the S34G has a quadcore exynos processor.

    • Izhan Ahmed

      When update 4.3 for s3 is available in Pakistan

      • Jonny

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        • abbasi saab


      • ssbberry

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        • Izhan Ahmed

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    • Oscar Zavala Salas

      What about the note II sgh-i317m (LTE versión)? Does anybody knows something about the 4.3 update?

    • abdul.m

      when wud it b avlble in pakistan

      • Sean Royce

        Learn to spell before commenting.

        • AnnunakiEnvoy

          sarkastek yu.

      • ssbberry

        It will never be available in pakistan. Start using china best suits u guys

        • Arhum

          o yeah like you’re the one to decide whether it should come here or not… samsung has big market over here and it’ll never tend to lose it… fuck you boon head… faggot !!!

          • Jonny

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    • Gustavo

      Great.. I just sold mine two days ago.. Just Great!

    • Nikolai Dominic Co

      When this update comes to the note 2, can it also
      move apps to the SD card?

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        Sure. No reason not to. Note 2 hardware is more than S3.

      • Samer Gallab

        In December 2013. And yes it can also
        move apps to the SD card.

    • oussama

      does anyone know when it will reach lebanon ?

    • Sten

      when will come to Bulgaria???

    • Megaman

      Galaxy S3 older device = 4.3 now
      Galaxy Mega newer device = 4.3+ later?

      • Leonardo Baez

        S3 is a flagship high end device. The mega is not.

    • mr milner

      Waht aboot the NOTE 2?????? We like love too….

    • Akshay Kulkarni

      When update 4.3 for S3(GT-I9300) will be available in India??

      • abhi

        Even im waiting for india update when is it

        • Sunil Bansal

          Am also waiting for s3 updates in india

        • killa

          You c0ck sucker rag-heads ain’t getting it!!

      • rishi

        Yaah dude.. waitin’ too…..maybe within dis week…..:D

    • Keagan van den Heuvel

      I’ve got the updated and it needs some serious bug fixes and stability improvements.

    • Conor Cleary

      Updated yesterday I now hate my phone. This update has some serious bugs

      • Blah blah

        Like what?

        • Conor Cleary

          Poor connection for bluetooth and wifi, battery drain, screen not coming on,when you press the home buttonnot being able to answer or hang up on calls screen stays black. A full factory reset was suggested but I am not doing that

    • Roxas

      how about american verizon galaxy s3? when will the update come out?

    • Vahid

      When will Android 4.3 be released for i9305 ?

    • Emma

      when is the UK Vodafone ON S3 I9300 4.3 coming ?

    • prakash

      When for Indian 4.3 for s3


      how to directly download this from link and then install manually ?
      please help

    • mohamed basher

      when it is caming to ksa

    • s3

      when is the update available in england