A Galaxy S3 is coming your way in 2 days! Meet the winners of our other giveaways!

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 21, 2012

Samsung-Galaxy-S3 aa giveaway

We here at Android Authority, live and breathe Android, and we love nothing more than to play around with the coolest Google-powered gadgets. Oh well, maybe there is something that we like more – sharing the joy of Android with you, our loyal readers.

It is your support and your attention that have propelled us to the forefront of the Android blogosphere. So, from time to time, we try to offer back a little something. And sometimes, that little something turns into something AWESOME, like the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 that we are giving away to one lucky Android Authority reader.

Yes, in less than 48 hours, one of our readers will fire up his or her email, stare in awe for a minute or two, and then proceed to jump up and down like a lunatic. That’s OK, we would do that too if we won a shiny new superphone! On May 23, we will announce the lucky winner of the coveted Galaxy S3, and if you haven’t entered the international giveaway yet, now it’s the time to do it. You have tons of ways of getting extra shots, from leaving a comment to hitting our Like button. It’s easy!

Meanwhile, we thought you should meet the winners of our latest giveaways.

Mark Burdon, the happy owner of a new SmartQ T20 tablet

SmartQ tablet winner

  • i hope i win,,i really want samsung galaxy s3 but unfortunately i can’t afford it

    • AndroidVesti

      And why do you need it?

      • Sky_Guy

        He didn’t say he needed it…just wanted. I think a lot of us want it.

        • AndroidVesti

          One usually wants something one needs. I wonder if the S3 is really worth all the attention, too bad I will personally get to test it by the end of June.

          • Sky_Guy

            I think it would be difficult to justify NEEDING something that does more than text email and make phone calls…any other feature would be something I want in a phone. Also, really it’s bad to be getting to test it? I’m pretty jealous.

  • I wish luck to everybodey who wins this phone :D

  • I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy S3.I’s such a extraordinary smartphone,but I can’t afford it…I’d like to change my old phone…

  • It’s * sorry

  • Juan Romero

    i want IT!!! i need IT!!! as soon as i get it i’m going to kiss it every day… i’ve anticipated it.researched it for months to!! IT’s going to become my treasure..lol.(i’m kinda excited about it)

  • Stephenbrown37

    Would love one, never won anything before. Here’s hoping.!!!!!!!

  • rainai

    I really wish I’ll win. The S3 is such an awesome phone. But I’m not really lucky with these types of contests. :/

    Anyway, good luck to all of us who joined!

  • piggy

    i hope i can get it!! seriously pray for that…=)

  • SamsungGalaxyS3

    i have to wiiiinn

  • Liinamusette

    I’m using a galaxy y just so that i could afford to buy an s3. Nvr got to try out the s2 but i’m very sure that the s3 will be soo much better than the galaxy tab p1000 that clearly disappointed me.

  • K Y


  • Manjit Singh

    congratulations to the winner

  • Gunar

    I’m in it to win it. What an amazing blog and I can’t get enough of reading articles from android authority. Thank you for this blogs existence and giving your readers the best.

  • Hakuna93matata

    I hope i get that email within the next 48 hours since the Angels told me I’ll be getting a new 4.8inch superphone made by a South Korean Company. I wonder what company that maybe, but here is to hoping the Angels are right, and they usually are.

  • i have enterd too…..

  • AndroidBrian

    You lucky JERK! jk

  • Anthony

    I hope I win. I have a lg rumor one

  • Michael Partridge

    It makes me happy that you guys at AndroidAuthority get joy out of sharing the experience of the newest and best technology! Btw you guys have the coolest jobssssss!!

  • Kudos to Android Authority for the rainbow chance to all, and to the future winner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 the power of a new Galaxy is on your palm :p . And all who Participate ^.^ may the god of luck bless on all of us ^.^

  • Gowkrat

    I have a question we know the att version and the t mobile version of the galaxy s3 will be different just like the sgs2 or the HTC but my question is, would both versions be compatible to use in another country specifically Canada I am buying a sgs3 as soon as it became available however I am moving to Canada in 6 months and I will be there for about a year or so.
    Is it a good idea to buy the s3 here in the US, is att or Tmobile or both or any version compatible with Canada technology or
    should I wait for the phone to be release on Canada??

    • Jassari96

      It’s better for you to buy the international version from amazon

  • congrats to the winner :)

  • Bartosz

    I am using an iPhone 3gs and I have never tried android device before. People around me say iOS can’t compare with Android. Would be nice to try it by myself :)