Galaxy S3 ‘dumb search’ feature confirmed by Sprint, it’s Samsung’s doing

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2012
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The Sprint Galaxy S3 has recently received its second security update which came with an unexpected “Easter Egg”, the removal of local search capabilities from the search app.

As some of you may already know, the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is one of the most important ones in the mobile business, with the two companies suing and countersuing each other in over 30 distinct patent-based lawsuits in 10 countries across four continents. Apple scored more victories than Samsung so far, with the most recent ones obtained in a very important legal battle for both companies, the U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial that’s set to start on July 30.

Apple obtained two sales bans a few weeks ago against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and the Galaxy Nexus tablet thanks, in part, to its “unified search” patent. The technology allows mobile device users to use the same search app to locate stuff on the phone but also get web results for different queries. In response to that Galaxy Nexus injunction, Google joined the fight against Apple, and the result was almost immediately felt. The Galaxy Nexus injunction has been lifted for now – the second appeal was won after the first one failed – but with a cost. The two companies had to remove local search results from the handset’s search app.

The same thing – dumbing down the search feature to show only web results – is happening to the Sprint Galaxy S3, in what can only be perceived as a preemptive strike from Samsung. In fact, it looks like Sprint has already confirmed that unified search is not available on the smartphone anymore, and that it’s all Samsung’s doing:

“The new software update does disable the universal search function on Galaxy S III,” said a Sprint spokesperson to Phone Scoop via email. […]

Sprint said Samsung, not Sprint, was responsible for removing universal search from the Galaxy S III.

Have you updated your Sprint Galaxy S3 yet?

  • Drazhar

    This is honestly going to hurt the sales of the Sprint S3, the EVO 4G LTE is almost as or as good in every way except for RAM and bundled software after all…

    • patrick

      And thats what Apple was aiming for, I guess they’ve technically won this round.

  • wesomatic

    Does not bother me. I know what’s on my droid…

  • google and samsug should take away the youtube and google search features from apple i products and let them feel the heat.

  • apple has become a electornic gadget mafia cult ring………….

  • all the cult followers of apple dont understand how this company is playing with their electronic gadget addiction. Apple cannot make up its mind to keep any single release of their phones for more than 6-8 months and they always need to release a new one to feed the electronic drug additcs who can pay them anything from 500 to 800 dollars on their stupid gadgets. I love my Galaxy S3 and its a kick ass product against the IPHONES……………. keep it up Google and Samsung …………

  • i make more money selling apple stocks than owning their idiotic products………

  • As long as you all apple cult followers keep buying their products you are making me more money every day on Wallstreet……….

  • compare the OS / Free Apps on Apple v/s Android……. and do the maths !! Apple sucks and makes you pay for every shit apps you install ………..

  • there is a work around for that universal search ——– so in the end apple has lost the battle again ……………. loosers

  • SamsaraGuru

    Throughout history when any organization – be it drug dealers or avaricious corporations – hit upon a cash cow that yields profits totally and completely out of proportion to any actual intellectual or manual labor spent as respects actually earning said profits, you can be guaranteed that when they feel their cash cow is threatened that they will – not may – but will react with the utmost vigor and mercilessly go after anyone or anything with extreme prejudice.

    Apple may have billed itself and actually has managed – wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles – as the darling of the creative, kind and gentler crowd, but when it gets right down to it they are a humongous corporation and corporations are always about the money.

    Little human niceties like fair play be damned; corporations may pay lip service to high and mighty politically correct sentiments like being “good corporate citizens”, but in the end, unless you were born yesterday, anyone with a brain in their heads knows exactly what is going on.

    Apple wants to protect what it has decided is their domain – smart phones – all to itself. They know very well that peoples’ belief in their exclusivity is being inexorably eroded by the reality of Android’s popularity and so are doing everything they can to stand in the way of reality and the fact people really, really love the freedom and choices given to them by Android – as opposed to being locked into Apple’s money making world.