Galaxy S3 casing issues plague the smartphone, Samsung to repair affected units

by: Chris SmithJuly 19, 2012

The Galaxy S3 is already a best-selling Android smartphone, but, like any new device, it’s not flaw-free. While the fire accident was a one-time thing caused by placing the device in the microwave to dry after a water incident, we have another issue that seems to affect plenty of Galaxy S3 units: casing breakage.

According to Dutch publication Tweakers, various users have cracked the metallic edge of the case of their beloved Galaxy S3, without putting the device through any physical stress. The cracks seem to occur in various places, on the sides of the devices and at the bottom.

That’s certainly an interesting discovery, and we can’t wait to hear more about your Galaxy S3 experience. Is the casing of your phone also breaking inexplicably?

Sam Mobile says that Samsung Benelux told Tweakers that it would investigate the issue and repair the affected devices, which are still under warranty. However, a Google translation of the original article does not show these claims, although it makes perfect sense for Samsung to repair the affected units.

This wouldn’t be the first time the flagship Samsung smartphone of 2012 is affected by what seem to be manufacturing issues. Several reports appeared a few weeks ago revealing that Samsung had to scrap entire batches of Galaxy S3 casings as their blue hue was not on par with what was expected of it. Moreover, supply issues prevented Samsung to ship as many as two million Galaxy S3 units.

Will this casing issue further affect Galaxy S3 and/or profits? We’ll keep you in the loop, but in the mean time let us know whether you have cracked your Galaxy S3 case or display yet.

From a different point of view, the device does crack easily when dropped on a hard surface, as our tests have shown, but that sort of drop is accidental and doesn’t happen as often. Meanwhile, the cracked casing issue seems to be affecting quite a few device owners.

  • swifty

    Mine is cracked! =)

  • Thomas from Denmark

    The outer glass on my GS3 cracked after a 30 cm drop. I was very disappointed with the sturdiness of the device. Also the insanely high price on fixing the cracked glass, because both the glass AND the screen itself have to be replaced :-( Gorilla Glass is very misleading…

  • Rath Mam

    Parts defected by manufacture, polycarbonate must never crack, break and scratch on normal usage.

  • There’s a crack on the top of my device near the earphone jack. The sad thing is that I have it in a case since I bought it, the phone fell from my bed which is two feet from the floor.

  • John_Kovac

    My galaxy nexus has that same issue. Was surprised to see a fine line at one of the corners.

  • Jonathan Mallett

    I can confirm my friend has the same issue but it’s much more severe. Look at the images…

    PS He didn’t drop his phone. Those cracks appeared after he took the case he bought with it off.

    • Glen

      My screen has also cracked. Put it in case from hour 1! Crack not visible with case on-might have come that way. Crack is half oval from edge of glass case interface and back. NO trauma case on at all times. Found when changing from Matt to clear screen protector. Matt scatters light enough to get rainbow effect from sub pixels. Making claim with Samsung.

  • MasterMuffin

    Mine is cracked in 4 different places and it’s brand new :(

  • Mine has as well.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Good reason not to be the first on one’s block who has the latest techno wizardry.

    All products; especially ones that are sporting new technology that though undoubtedly well tested has not had the test of time have problems that surface after a launch. (Remember the antenna problem with the iPhone?)

    All the more reason for people to hold off buying the next iPhone – which you can be sure given the trouncing Apple has been taking in terms of Android’s success as well as the bad PR they have brought on themselves incessant, litigious ways.

    They know they need to hit a home run just to stay in the game so they will be pushing the envelope with all kinds of probably new stuff; all of which could turn out to be the buggy experience from hell for its users.

    Better to go with a Galaxy S III, which by fall will have most likely all of its wrinkles ironed out!

    This a one of the many, many good reasons to hold off, or even never buy an iphone!

    • Samsungsucks

      Oh please. Rolls eyes.

      There’s no such thing as a iPhone 5 btw.

    • Glen

      Verizon forced my hand on timing with elimination of unlimited plan. Will save enough to pay for phone in six months (8 1/2) if Samsung forces us to use Assurion ‘insurance’).

  • My S2 did the same.

  • Steffen

    My GS3 has got a tiny crack in each corner :-(

  • Does this only affect the white version. I have the pebble blue and no cracks so far.

  • My Galaxy S3 has a small crack on the top corner edge above the power button. Is rather small crack but is still visible. Will Samsung repair this problem?

    • That’s the plastic joint point.. the plastic around is 4 pieces not one long piece.. if you look very carefully you should notice one of those on each corner.. This is not the crack pointed out in the article.

  • SiD

    S3 cracked , dissapointed…. not as durable as S1 im glad i paid extra for the 32gb….zzzzzzx

  • to be honest the honest i’m starting to think the galaxy s3 manufacturing is a disappointment…. it’s a great device indeed but i’ve already had 2 defected ones and i’m waiting for a new one… and now this? srsly u guys? what a disappointment… if it was now i would never had bought an S3….

  • After reading this article I checked my phone and I have four cracks at each side! they’re very small but still. can we get a replacement? For having such high expectations I wasn’t expecting this at all..

    • Think the ones you are talking about are meant to be there in each corner. mine has a crack under volume button and samsung wont sort it

  • Screen is cracked. Seems like they must have used an inferior material because there are scratches all over as well. Over two years with the galaxy s fascinate and not a single scratch. A little over a week with the s3 and I have a crack and a ton of scratches.

  • odan86

    Mine fell from 40 cm above ground. It fell on the street. Hit the screen edge. The crack spread to cover most of screen. Touch works and screen is perfectly fine. According to a local repair shop the outer glass costs about 300 $. Thinking about ordering the parts and installing it myself.

  • Major Chaos

    My S3 suddenly developed three cracks on the screen while sitting on my desk. It has never been dropped and has NO scratches ANYWHERE. It is two weeks old. Gorilla Glass II = Bunny Glass Crap!

  • S.Ober

    I haven’t even had mine a full day yet and now I have these line/cracks on all 4 corners. is it possible when the device heats up it expands the gorilla glass and then cracks the case?

  • Stephen

    I have had my S3 since release. Mine has developed a crack right under the button and in line to where you plug the charger in.

  • vaibhav sharma

    mine casing is also got crack from bottom …………….guy it sucks

  • Eugene Krabs

    Look at the fanboys rating the comments down cause they can’t accept that Samsung makes their phones out of shitty plastic.They call it polycarbonate to make it sound high quality, but it’s actually the lowest cost element you can use to house the phone.

    Android fanboys never talk about the iPhone’s build quality (which can’t be argued), and all they complain about is how they just don’t like Apple.

    I’ve gone through a Droid 2 that rebooted itself almost hourly, and a Droid X2 that had a worthless camera, because of dust getting in the module. Here’s another case of Android hardware that can’t handle itself, because of poor design and quality. And the fanboys think all iPhone users are sheep who don’t care about a good phone.

  • TMach

    Note to all….If you are thinking of getting this phone, DON’T. My reason, I have had the blue variant for a month, bought on 3 July to be precise. Without dropping it or any irresponsible behaviour on my part, accidental or otherwise, I noticed a hairline crack at the bottom of the phone around where the usb charger is located.

    Popped into carphonewarehouse, they wanted to charge £169.99 to send it back to Samsung, their system would not allow them to send it back other than as customer damage or cosmetic damage which would incur the charge. Naturally, I said NO, I would send it back myself as it is clearly a manufacturing fault, left them an internet article which claimed Samsung was aware and were investigating the issue.

    Just spoke to Samsung who stated it is not a warranty issue and to take it one of their Service Centres! A long argument later by which time I thought I was talking to robot and me venting about the appalling service etc. I decided I would but the likelyhood is that I will sell this as a B Grade used phone to CEX, take a loss and NEVER EVER buy a Samsung product EVER AGAIN. Not sure I can attach a pic on here but feel free to google “Samsung Galaxy S3 cracked case problems”.

    THIS IS AN ADVISORY, IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE STAY AWAY FROM THIS HANDSET AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. Shocking for a so called premium handset. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    • taekcool

      Same here. My girlfriend’s Galaxy S3 cracked horizontally across the screen with NO REASON This happened after around 10 days of use. She babied this so much that she didn’t even let me play with it and I was with her when this happened. I did see the screen was fine about an hour ago and then we suddenly found this crack when she was watching Youtube/Texting. The only thing I can think of right now is the Heat causing some tensile/compressible force on the glass by the things surrounding it, lcd, casing, name it. We are planning to go to AT&T tonight and they’d better refund us if not this will go viral in the internet and I will make sure it costs them.

      • Drake Hatfield

        Last week we got up in the morning, we check our phones, and when my wife hit the home button on her phone it suddenly cracked from the home button out. No impact, nothing. WAS NOT DROPPED. I will take a photo tonight when I get home but it look EXACTLY like another photo posted in this thread. Ridiculous.

        Has anyone else had any success with Verizon or Samsung? Visiting the Verizon store was an ordeal. I had to re-explain to each tech as they continually babied me. Apparently you are supposed to not use the phone, but rather leave it on a shelf.

        Samsung’s phone support was a nightmare. Worse than Dell. Much worse. Obviously they have outsourced their tech support to India, and they just ask questions on their screen and answer as directed on the screen. I was polite and asked to speak to a manager but was put on hold for 30 minutes and then hung up at that point. They have no intention of answering my calls or anyone else’s.

        I will be visiting my local Verizon store again to follow up, and will likely be doing this daily until they fix this. They were supposedly getting intouch with their “Samsung representative” but they haven’t called me back or in any way updated me on this. So I will be visiting them daily, and asking politely every day, until they either, replace the phone or get me in direct contact with the Samsung rep so that he/she can replace the phone.

      • please support

    • rj

      same problem with me

  • Jason

    Read about this a few weeks ago and did not know what to think. I checked my phone which is the blue version and there was a crack on it. I thought it was a join where it was made like that at first. Any way the reason I am here is because after checking the phone just a moment ago, I noticed the cracks on every corner as everyone has described. I did not have these before! I am really careful with my phone. I have a case that surrounds the phone and a screen protector. I am looking after the phone as I am on a two year contract with it. Already after one month and a half these cracks are appearing. One other issue I had was with incoming calls where the user could not hear me. When I rang them it was fine! I have just had a software update on the phone yesterday 23mb file and cant tell what has been upgraded other than have music hub in the applications… Anyway! Is it possible to replace the side plating with a new one.. These cracks are not good. However I still like the phone very much and do recommend it.. But the cracks are pretty bad.

  • Shawn Tartaglia

    Love my s3. Do not have any of the issues listed into hi s article. But my phone did have an UPGRADED. sticker on it when I opened it. The problems I am having is with gmail – can’t mark a msg as unread? Google Voice has taken over calls/ mms/sms and there is no option to turn off. I’m on sprint and used all these these with no problems on my galaxy S?

    • Mine had a sticker as well and it’s happening to mine :( Actually I think my sticker said “UPDATED”

  • j dobbs

    The top corner of my screen has an oval crack also. i have on had it 2 weeks. how do i get it replaced by samsung?

  • Fasu

    I have no cracks on my white SGS3

  • Dean Colley

    Crack on mine under volume button not happy

    • Dean Colley

      Sent it in for repair got it back fixed like new

    • mine has one in same place but samsung have said to sent to repair company who quoted 135 noe sending elsewhere for second opinion

  • I’ve not got cracking of the case (phone is not 2 weeks old) but the glass seems to have cracked from by the headphone socket over towards the volume buttons in a curve. Its such a fine crack you can barely feel it with your finger and you’d swear its a scratch but if you get the phone at the right angle you can see its a sheer right through the glass.. Phone has not been dropped or mishandled there is no damage or even a scuff mark on the case or the edge.

    T-Mobile UK and Samsung UK are both saying I dropped it when its obvious that this is a manufacturing defect. I know that phones made of glass can’t be thrown about like a tennis ball but a mobile phone should not be as fragile as the S3 seems to be.

    I was going to recommend an S3 for my wife but not now and frankly if the rest of Samsung’s products are as poor as this then….

  • Yesterday when removing my otterbox on my 9 day old White S3 to place a better screen cover on I notice a tiny chip in my casing (the metal looking frame) KNOWING I take extremely good care of my phone i was dumbfounded?? Put otterbox back on and went on about my day. Was home all day and phone was up on table or always in a safe spot. Came in to watch tv and grabbed it to check for msg’s — Noticed what I thought was a hair on the corner of the screen. Went to better lighting and IT IS CRACKED corner to corner on bottom left side. Removed otterbox to peel up screen protector to feel. Crack is definitely under the glass!! What can I do!? I’m a new verizon customer and so sad this is happening My son has the blue one and so far no issues. (tho under 2 wks) I’m calling VZW and will update. I guess I’m happy to know I’m not the only one after a quick google search – I just hope they will fix it :(

  • icetrash

    Just dropped my S3 from 18inches onto tile floor….hit on bottom corner, cracked case, no crack in glass but… display. No apparent parts available yet online! Dropped my Captivate numerous times. S3 = $200 waste! I won’t make it a $400 waste.

  • I have the same crack just down from the volume button, on the silver side casing, phone was never dropped….waiting to see what Samsung have to say…

  • andrew counsell

    carphonewarehouse has galaxy s3 on display with cracks on the top and bottom

  • coinop

    I have had my S3 for 1 month and has the exact case cracks as the in the images on this article. The cracks are the left and right hand side, centre and run al the way through the case. I have taken very good care of my phone, and it has not been dropped. This is most definitely a manufacturing fault and this should be repaired under warranty.

  • rose

    My S3 (2 month old) cracked from
    the home button out. No impact, it was not dropped.

    It cracked without any known cause! I thought I was dreaming!! But I read of other having the same problem.

    Does Samsung replace
    the phone? isn’t this device defect?

  • Kapil

    After following on the “Metallic Casing Crack Issue” with Samsun for almost a month, they finaly got me replaced the whole body of my white SGS3. It includes the complete toch Panel and the side metallic silver case. Looks good now.

  • Marcus

    I have the same deal as pretty much everyone else. Small crack under the charger, just taken the case off and there are hairline cracks in every corner. Will be sending this back to my network.

  • Marcus

    Hey, any details of how to take this up with Samsung? My network is not being very helpful.

  • evan

    Please spread the word on other blogs so Samsung most do something! I was sitting on a low rising chair when my phone slipped out of my pocket hitting the floor no more than a foot and a half before shattering! This is a poorly designed p.o.s. my brother has the same phone same thinhappened to him. I sugest against thIs phone strongly. Him and I have never broken a phone before!!

  • Sputnik

    Sad to say my new phone cracked after 7 hours today. No drop. Still in case that Verizon installed for me. Crack originates near the home button. I did notice that the phone got a little hot when I was cleaning up my contacts.

  • Athan

    I’ve an issue with mine..I recently tried on a phone case for my GS3,the hard plastic,slim fit type.But when I removed the case,part of the phone’s paint came off with the phone case on each corner.Now my blue GS3 has white nicks on each corner.What can I do to remedy this?help….

  • alec

    I’m pretty sure some people are complaining about a design characteristic, each corner has a hairline seam on it.

  • Avaddon8

    the touch screen on my phone won’t work, it was working perfectly and then out of no where, it just stopped, it powers on and everything, but this time around im stuck at the factory settings tutorial.. i babied the hell out of this phone :C

  • Jordan

    Having cracks in my S3 too…. never dropped it, cracked where it is in the photo. same spot, by the rocker button. also have another crack by the usb port.

    emailed samsung and still havent heard a word from them

    how do i get warranty work done???

  • Ed

    My S3 is cracked too. It appeared two days ago out of no where :'(

  • hello all,

    I am filing a case against Samsung for the bad manufracting quality of samsung galaxy S3
    To make my case strong and to represent everybody i would require each and everyone their personal support
    So please mail me with the details of the issue you had regarding the manufraction of samsung galaxy S3 to the below mail id: [email protected]
    and also if anybody wants details regarding the same. please let me know

    • farazferoz

      having the same cracks as showed in the pic

    • geena

      Hi. My s3 did nor fall as I remember but it got crack casing at the bottom….I bought. On 30th October 2012….how shall I get it repaired….I feel uncomfortable for this

  • Darke please help

  • Please help me….
    samsung is not ready accept the truth, after a long week of discussion with samsung they finally are not ready to agree that its a manufacturing fault, rather they clam it to be phyiscal damage, so support me with ur details

  • biglos201

    I also had a mystery crack show up on the front of my s3
    near the head phone jack, I’ve only had my S3 for about 4 days and have
    had it in the case. In doing some research I noticed that other sprint
    s3 customers are also complaining of this defect which happens to be
    running rampant in the last 2 months.

    long story short before I went to best buy to get a new s3, rooted and installed a rom the same day. Got a
    mysterious crack that showed on the front plastic part by the headphones
    (not the screen , just above it) since i was still under warranty
    (voided at the time because of root) I could have my phone replaced with
    a brand new one, attempted to unroot to get back my warranty and not
    get screwed but bricked it at the samsung screen…… FML for about 2
    days) –

    plus side is I got it for $89.99 at with a $10 off coupon when i upgraded.

    Hope my post can help anyone thats having this issue.


    I had purchased a
    galaxy note in Rs. 32860 (as much as value of a i3 Notebook and skipping
    iphone) keeping in mind the SAMSUNG BRAND VALUE 15th of Dec. 2011 from the Samsung
    gallery situated at Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

    Slowly, slowly I
    realized that after few months I came to know that phone heated while talking
    on the phone, even the battery life is short that I need to recharge twice in a
    day. I took that phone and went to service center here at Banglore, there they
    put my phone for one day, and said they had sent that service centre and the
    problem was solved but I found same unsolved problems. I prolonged using that
    since I don’t have any alternative but bear with mind. Again the since it was inconvenient
    to receive call using the phone cover I used as is. Slowly the lens of the rear
    camera was scratched and became dull since it was not having outer embossed
    ring which almost all the even inexpensive camera is protected with so the
    images were blurred and not viewable. Now I realize that it is really badly
    designed product and Samsung engineer should be ashamed of it.

    But the height of that
    one day when I took out from my backpack in my office I found broken screen glass!!!!!
    I use car to commutate so no problem of dashing or banging on any hard surface.
    I wonder that after spending huge money for such a device which does not have
    glass which is toughened or unbreakable???? I took it to service station after
    long waiting they inform me the replacement of entire LCD will cost me Rs. 8655
    since it is not covered in warranty. I was again shocked to hear the estimate that
    since the glass Samsung used was breakable why the LCD is fixed to glass which
    is so fragile.????? Plus, Camera assembly replacement Rs.1250.!!!!

    Now my question is why
    Samsung flooded this kind of poorly designed and manufactured so call Smartphone
    in the market and having sleepless nights.!!!!

    Can you help me to
    resolve my unended problems which I am facing with this smart phone????

  • Juha

    Cracks both side of the phone. Let see what Samsung says…

  • inbarasu

    i have this same problem. i am totaly disappointed with samsung quality…

  • inbarasu

    samsung cheated us….

  • inbarasu

    i have affected by this same issue. samsung galaxy s3 not a quality product.whith in one month its happening means where is the quality?????

  • Tashpotato

    I have small hairline cracks all around the phone, and where some have occurred the metal around the area is starting to flake off. What a terribly made phone I can’t believe they’d put it down to user error. I’ve had an official samsung case on the phone since I got it. How do I get this fixed without having to pay the robbing idiots?

  • leo

    I have s3 GT-I9300 and i have found cracks next to the volume control and the usb port too……

  • andrew fu

    i just notice now i have the same cracked showing on the picture and according to samsung there should be none. acording to them its not included on the waranty.

  • You should mention that the pfones have a stripe resmbling a crack on every corner but that is just a place where the plastic meets.

  • ZiggyNober

    I have a crack on my casing as well. I know of a colleague who has the same issue. I am intrigued to find out if they will in fact replace the device without charge

  • dc

    Crack near charging port.. never dropped. What do we do to get the issue rectified?

  • Lozza

    hi, my phone has the same cracks, one at the bottom above the charging port and one on either side at the centre.

  • Chirlack

    Got mine cracked too! huhuhuhu

  • smithereens

    I have all three cracks as described above. Both sides, right in the middle of the phone, and one in the bottom, also right in the middle.

  • nixnacks

    Ive had my S3 for 4 months and have a hairline crack coming out from the charging point. My dad also has an S3 with same crack just at opposite end of charging point. He also experiende a shattered style cracking on the back xovwr.

  • D

    Having a issue with my S3 losing my contacts, sometimes if I re boot my phone they come back, have done a hard reset and re install the apps but this does not help with the issue.

  • Fsan

    Had the S3 (white) for 6 months – yesterday I saw a crack in the metal rim out of the charging point. I never dropped the phone and it is always in its carrying case so I have no idea how this happened.

  • dohainmhire

    I have a crack on the side AND the bottom. The phone is always kept in a protective case and have screen protector on front and back to avoid these sort of issues. Are Samsung replacing these parts or re-issuing handsets?

  • mans
  • John

    I have two cracks that all of a sudden occurred at the charging portion of the phone on the metal (not the casing.) I have only had the phone for 3 months. I have never dropped the phone and they are blaming me for dropping it. – ATT Warranty and Samsung are not my favorite anymore. This must such for Google as I would take my business back to Apple which great customer care. (why am I paying $40 per month for software and hardware insurance for my Galaxy when I have to pay for a new one and its not even my fault)???

  • SusieMN

    I purchased my blue galaxy s3 in October put a great case on immediately and in December found a different one. Changed it out and couldn’t adjust the volume anymore. Took the case off thinking something might be pressing on it to find the button missing. Of course I don’t have the button. Samsung wont repair or replace, t mobile says for 150$ they will give me a new phone under the handset warranty ive paid for every month, I’m floored! Anyone else have this issue in addition to the cracks?

  • TJC91

    My Screen has cracked after trying to take the back of the phone off to check the battery!! URGH!! I’m on my THIRD Samsung Galaxy S3 in less than 2 years because of the cracked glass and technical errors!! URGH!! I HATE THIS PHONE!!

  • Andrea Blevins Beger

    I have a hairline crack in each corner, 1 by my volume button & 1 by my charging port hole & let me say, they are perfectly straight hairline cracks. my phone has NEVER been dropped & been treated just like a baby. no scratches anywhere or anything. this is a very serious issue cause these phones aren’t cheap. what’s going on with this?

    • Guest

      I also have same two cracks in my s3

  • Kourosh Nekounam

    I have the same problem that a crack appeared on the bottom of the of my Samsung Galaxy S3 exactually the metal part which covred around the device however it has lots of other different problems. I will never ever buy any other Samsung product because of poor quality. Never

  • Brittney

    The bottom of mine has a crack too. Right above the charger port…

  • dee

    I know its probably very late to say this but I have the same issue. Anyone come right with Samsung warranty replacement. If not where can I have it replaced.

  • huan p

    I had my s3 for a week it have been going good until one day I was picking my gym short up from the ground, let say it properly less than a foot in height from the ground, It fell out and bum! Crack the upper right corner of it… any help?

  • Steph

    Never dropped mine once, it’s 4 months old and it now has 6 cracks in total. Really angry about this.

  • temp

    My Galaxy S3 was bought about a year ago, and a crack just appeared one morning on the top of the case near the noise cancelling microphone. The phone has never been dropped or abused in any way.

  • normz

    I have a crack right where the usb/charger port is, it always has a protective leather casing on it and never been dropped, it just appeared, how does one get this fixed?

  • pankaj narola

    In my mobile out body is colour damage and now i want rapaire but not ideas you help me

  • Fergal

    My case just cracked in two places. About 25mm beliw the power button and at the bottom at the charging port. Should I send it to Samsung or to my networks cowboy repair place??

  • legohead

    can anyone tell me if they have got samsung to repair phone for free? Mine has gone back for repair due to cracked case near charging port and they want to charge my £150 although it hasn’t been dropped or damaged

  • Jocelyn Ward

    My casing is cracked, right where the charger plugs in. I’ve had this phone for 10 months.

  • Vicky Kaf.

    my phone is full of those and now the colour is coming off all over this silver side part where the cracks are, and i have never dropped it…. I still have the guarranty do U think that Samsung will fix it for free??

  • mes

    my s3 mid-frame also crack at bottom (usb point).. samsung sucks.. dont buy again after this..

  • EvelComp

    My S3 Mini got affected too. Just realized it today. Damn it.