In case your Galaxy S3 can’t keep up with your mobile needs when it comes to battery life, then you should probably be interested in a battery case accessory for the device.

In fact, it looks like Mophie is going to launch Juice Packs for Samsung’s flagship Android handset in the near future. The battery cases from Mophie are quite popular among iPhone users – and have been built exclusively for Apple’s smartphone versions thus far.

But Mophie is ready to double the battery life of Galaxy S3 users with its new products, which should hit stores in late October or early November. Engadget offers us a sneak peak at these Mophie cases – which will be available in white an black apparently – but other details about them are unavailable at this time. Not even the price for such a Mophie Juice Pack is revealed yet.

We’ll be back with more information as it becomes available. In the mean time, let us know whether you need additional battery life for your Galaxy S3 or not in the comments section below!

  • TechGuy

    Unlike the iPhone, I thought the battery is replaceable on the S3.

    I lways carry a fully charged spare for my Galaxy Note.

    Perhaps I won’t neef to with the Note II as the battery is 3100mAh and is also replaceable.

  • Catskill Corn Maze

    Sorely needed and wanted for the Note!

    • Why not just get a replacement battery? Get the same life and its gonna be a hell of a lot lighter.

  • why use a battery pack when you can just replace the battery?

    • Se-Jeong Lyu

      You don’t have to take the battery cover on and off? or if you don’t have a case it can double as one.

      I like the idea that I can turn the backup battery on before my phone dies and shuts off.

  • Roger

    In some ways I think neither the S3 nor most other phones have a battery problem. What they have is an application problem. There are so many applications that “phone home” collecting market data or just flat out don’t shut off when the user exists them that they needlessly drain a battery.

    I can’t begin to state how many times I notice my battery drain faster then normal and find a program like a note taking app, audio recording app, or map program, etc still running according to the task manager AFTER I exited the application and was not using it. I should be able to control when a program stops. If I don’t want it to continue running when I exit the app, it should CEASE to run when I exit the app. You get 3,4,7, or more of these apps that continue to run after you exit them and of course the battery is going to drain fast. And there is no need for this.
    If an application continues to run on my phone that I can’t stop or kill, it get’s uninstalled despite it’s usefulness. I own my phone not some damned programmer or marketing company. When they start paying me for all the electricity it takes to recharge my phone because their app is poorly designed then they can have a say. Until then I will not support their apps.
    There is not valid reason, with the amp size of the stock battery that it can’t last 1-2 days. Unless it’s graphic or processor intensive, there is no excuse. Untill more users start complaining about it to developers and having them write better code. It’s our fault and not the design of the phone.

    • MasterMuffin

      Actually, phones have an user problem. My sgs3 can stay on for 3 days with nornal use, it’s just that these days people play/are on the internet 24/7 and then they say “my battery died omg this phone sucks” -.-

      • Chris

        Sorry. I’ve been seeing very strange battery behavior since my last OS update. I will have all apps killed and in battery saver mode, but it will rapidly drop from like 50% to 22%. Then, if I pull the batter and put it back in it will come back on at <10%. Something very strange is going on here.

        • MasterMuffin

          Something is wrong with your phone, the update probably failed (if you’re have rooted your phone, delete battery stats). AND I meant in normal situation, of course there are (few) exceptions…

        • MasterMuffin

          Ps. Don’t use task killers, they just mess your phone!

      • Se-Jeong Lyu

        lol…3 days? what do you do? turn off your wifi, data, sync, and don’t use any apps at all? 1 day maybe a day and a half..but I don’t see 3 days coming from a stock battery and os on the S3

        • MasterMuffin

          Actually, I keep sync and data on but why keep wifi on, why does your phone need wifi when you don’t use it!? I check facebook and android authority and email 6-10 times a day and play some angry birds and wordhunt. So your argument was invalid :)

          • So basically, you’re blaming people who use their S3 a lot more extensively than you do. Ever thought that maybe, JUST maybe, many people out there have a lot more responsibilities and a much bigger social circle than you do, and thus their usage is FAR heavier than your “6-10 times of email checking and the occasional angry birds/word hunt” usage? What a mind-blowing revelation!

          • MasterMuffin


          • Bowss

            k soooooo…….this battery problem….exists…..i dunno where you are getting 3 days out of this…..thats impossible… hasnt recognized the problem yet, they are oblivious to it……i know cause i emailed the support team and one of the developers…..they also dont think its a glitch in the developing……im assuming we’re stuck with a shitty battery……i might buy a couple extra replacements…..

            if there is a chance it’s a glitch, we need alot more people to complain about the battery….and how it ends soo quick, especially on standby (50%!!!!!!!!!, ridiculous)……anyways….complain guys/girls…….maybe we’ll see samsung do something…..its a good phone….i love this phone…..the ONLY piece missing to this perfect phone is the battery…..

          • MasterMuffin

            And about my responsibilities and social circle, are you fucking kidding me, tell me how you know me and what kind of life I have..

  • Don’t need it.

  • Jrgoldsberry

    I bought the q-cell 4200m battery and cover to take care of the usage problem. Went from 5-8 hours to 10-15 hours. Back is very sleek, and color matches stock. Also makes it easier to hold in my “beef eater” hands.

  • Abid Sheikh

    my S3 take too long to get charge …. even when i put it on charge for whole night , battery gets only 50-60% charge…. plz help if any 1 knw hw to fix it ..

    • Mine takes 2-3 hrs to fully charged at home. However at other locations it has charged w/n 1-2 hrs. I believe its the outlet and voltage at my house .. could possible be the same for you. Have you tried different outlets and at different places? Or to replace the current charger you have.. might be that.

      • Abid Sheikh

        i will go for a firmware update tmrw… do u think thats going to fix it ?

        • Hard to say .. too many variables, have to eliminate and/or control as many as you can to see what the real issue is.

    • MasterMuffin

      Well not my problem, my sgs3 can get from 0% to 100% in few hours. Maybe you should take it back to shop and they’ll fix it?

      • Abid Sheikh

        i will go for a firmware update tmrw… do u think thats going to fix it ?

        • MasterMuffin

          Maybe, maybe not. Like Phillip Bee said, it can also be the outlet and voltage of your house…

          • Abid Sheikh

            unfortunatly didnt got it fixed by firmware update…. im feeling so bad tht i have put so much money on it .. n in return , im getting this ……:-(

          • MasterMuffin

            A) If you have dropped your phone or it has got just little water inside it,it can be broken and that’s why it doesn’t download so well (happened to me with my sgs2, I got it fixed in few days and worked well) or b) like I said, the voltage/outlet thing or c) still the firmware, have you rooted your phone or flashed firmware with odin or other software with your computer?

  • Macleod644

    Yes!!! I LOVED my Mophie juic pack for my iPhone, I’m def getting one of these

  • David

    I actually returned my S3 because it didn’t charge fast enough. I loved the phone but I’m not getting stuck with a phone I have to put on the charger mid day for 3-4 hours for 2 years.

    Battery life isn’t nearly as important as how long it takes to charge. I hope they get a clue.

    • MasterMuffin

      Not my problem, and the koreans have found this new way to make a battery and that battery can be charged in few minutes with same battery life as a normal battery would have! Only problem is that it’s not coming to phones in at least 4 years…

      • Se-Jeong Lyu

        Why are you commenting one each person with battery problems and keep repeating “Not my problem?”

        Who said it was a problem you had? Others have it meaning it does affect some people.

        • The guy’s just the Samsung equivalent of a rabid Apple fanboy. To people like him, their favourite company can do do no wrong. Ironically, these people actually worsen a company’s competitiveness (something sorely needed in the electronics industry) by shutting out any and every criticism. Pay him no need.

  • Mike

    Thise comolaining about charge time…. How many charges did you give it? It took 3-4 hours for a week to charge myphone and it onlt lasted 10 hrs.. After it got situated it taked 2-3 and lasts 12. I installed juice defender pro and get 25 now…. And i use it a lot… Setting radio frequency helps so much.
    Id love one of these but doubt it would go under my ballistic case that i love so much.

  • Androidismylife

    I wouldn’t call it a battery program I’d call it a darn good phone problem can’t get off the thing, mine lasts all day with heavy usage and I only charge at night.

  • javid

    first off let me start by saying that the GS3 is by far the best phone ive ever owned but..the battery is by far not the best. dusnt last long at all. we need an accessory like this

  • tonyphil13

    Yes I’d like to have a battery pack I need to know the price in with pick 1 up I think it be a great thing to have a s 3 that can not have to be charged as much

  • P.A

    I take my S3 off charge at 6 every morning. By 10 at night it has on average 30% left. I thought that was great compared to the Infuse I had before. I bought a battery case for it, but never use it. The S3 works for me. I love it.

  • dooogie

    Need more Batt power doesn’t last all day. Unless u do not use the phone

  • tedxone

    I love my gs3, but i like to play a lot of games and use internet and battery goes a lot,also when i 1st bought it battery goes down rapidly also when i dont use it and i finally understand that it uses internet to update everything ,now when i dont use it i switch internet off so it goes well.I think its a good idea but i dont like the design and with it the phone look too bulky,its better to have another battery or a mobile charger.

  • big_metal_al

    can’t wait for this to come out. my battery life wasn’t impressive from the get-go. granted it will happen with any “power user”, it will be nice to have the extra security.

  • Freakshow33Dk

    Okay i don’t own a s3 yet…. but soon… i read in this thread something about replacing the battery?! Can i do that? Buy a battery with more juice?? Which batteries and where?! :)

  • tbuchs2001

    i hear razr maxx has the best battery

  • tbuchs2001

    i have had nothing but trouble with my galaxy s3, wont work in my house, drops every call, cant use it in canada, have had 3 replaced and now i sent it to samsung, hope they can make it work for me, droid charge works just fine everywhere, dont get it, prob have to sell it and get an iphone, hum.