Galaxy S3 battery drain issue discovered by international users, fix possible

by: Chris SmithJune 27, 2012

Like always with brand new devices, especially popular smartphones, chances are that users will find some issues with them during daily use. The most annoying ones affect the handset’s connectivity or battery life, and it looks like at least the latter issue has affected some Samsung Galaxy S3 versions.

According to xda-developers, there’s a Galaxy S3 battery drain problem that affects international Galaxy S3 devices, and it appears to be Samsung’s fault. Fret not though, as a manual fix does exist, and chances are the South Korean Android maker will issue a patch to address the matter. However, so far Samsung has not confirmed the problem.

So what is causing quick battery drain on the Galaxy S3? It looks like the phone’s Cell standby feature is to blame, “sometimes accounting for 50-70% more than even the Screen or Android System.” That may sound like a serious issue, but various developers have researched the matter further, only to discovered that an error in framework-res.apk is responsible for the mess. Apparently the power drain value for Cell standby is set to 34mA, ten times higher than a “reasonable value” of 3.4mA. That would explain why the Galaxy S3 battery drain issues appear.

The file that needs fixing is called power_profile.xml, and in case you want to go ahead and update it yourself and save yourself some battery life, then follow the link below to access the how-to tutorial. We’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to repair any device yourself, but should you go down that avenue, make sure you exercise caution in such cases. The better option would be to contact the carrier or electronics retailer you purchased the device from and wait for a software fix from.

The top image shows the different battery drain before (left) and after (right) the power_profile.xml file has been updated.

Meanwhile, we’re certainly waiting for Samsung to shed more light on these potential Galaxy S3 battery issues. Moreover, we can’t but wonder whether the North American versions, most of them coming with that power-hungry 4G LTE support, experience similar battery troubles caused by the Cell standby mode. Have you experienced any Galaxy S3 battery issues so far?

  • VitoCassisi

    Err guys… there’s no battery drain issue. The problem is incorrect *reporting* of battery usage, not the usage itself.

    • s3sucks

      oh fuck off ‘VitoCassisi’, I have the battery drainage problem on my samsung galaxy s3 which means it isnt just a fucking reporting issue, I had the problem way before I researched a fix and saw any articles. I am horrified by my phone and I hate it. Don’t tell me that it is down to ‘incorrect *reporting*’.

  • dtria

    i do think that the battery is draining way too much! and the cell standby drains as you guys say most of my battery! let’s just hope samsung releases an update

    • krish

      I have same issue with my Smasung S3 cell, I charged overnight but wihtin 3hrs stand by time battery drains. I called AT&T and replaced my device with another one. I have same issue with another one.

  • Mak D’Uniq

    Article is misleading. There is no battery drain.

    “”This mod will fix the wrong reporting of “cell stand by “usage to some extent. If your mobile has actual drain due to signal issues or some other issues do not blame me or any other for not fixing this. -XDA””

    • sn0wbaLL

      who the heck down voted this person, he/she simply quoted what is written on the xda site

  • frustrated s3 user

    I can confirm the exact same issue with my galaxy s3 which by the way is an international version. I’ve been searching Google high and low and was glad to have come across this article. Hopefully Samsung releases a fix soon enough as right now my battery doesn’t even last half a days usage and that is after doing bugger all with the phone!!!

    • update

      I performed a hard reset on my phone since I posted this comment and this seems to have improved the battery life considerably. Took off charge at 6.40am when 100% and now at 18.09 my charge is at 60%

      I’m hopeful that the hard reset has sorted it out.

      • julez

        helppp mee mines doing the exact same :(

  • Kebabpete

    Does anyone know if this would be the cause of the battery drain issue on the GS2 running ICS?

  • William

    I owned an international version and my phone didn’t experience any battery drain issues. 12 hours with wifi, listening to music and even tethering inbetween the battery is still 65% remaining. This reporting is incorrect.

    • fvygbuhinj

      so you claim that it’s incorrect because your phone works? you didn’t notice the other 6 billion people or what?

      • hugs

        exactly. obviously some phones are doing really well, but MANY OF THEM as draining far too quickly. this article is reporting what many users have experienced. It’s not an article about your specific telephone that you have held in your hands. if it were, wouldn’t that be a big creepy?

        • vwho

          Yea it blows because my coworker’s phone (T-mobile) can play music and web for 12-14 hrs fine and still have great charge. Mine (on AT&T) drops below 35% in less than 8 hrs. Same conditions except that I run ATF and turn everything off.

          • L1zarT

            Mine was fully loaded at 16:30
            didn’t use it at all till at 19:00 it started yelling for recharging…
            no battery drain you say? maybe some are lucky but I am not.
            I only use the phone for business so most of the time on standby, push dissabled, wifi/gps/etc disabled…

            looking for custom rom @ XDA….

  • Lim

    There is definitely a drain issue!!! And in my case it’s even worse, when I try to charge it, it actually drains it even more, unless I charge it while the phone is off.

  • Matt

    where is the fix link??

  • Mayank Mishra

    I can confirm that i have been facing the same issue since last 10 days that i have bought and yes its screen which i have also noticed. Really hope that samsung realizes this and fixes this ASAP as i was about to go to Samsung service center to check on the same and im glad you have brought this into notice.

  • nick

    Another battery drain issue on the S3 is when you use a mass storage device via USB OTG (eg a thumb drive) a service called USBunmountter keeps the phone awake even when the screen is off. So far I’ve only managed to stop the service with a reboot. this one is a real hog and will drain 40% or so overnight. with the reboot my phone drains about 4% over night.

    • nick

      forgot to say that this service runs after you disconnect the mass storage and it doesnt seem to kill itself.

  • Mehreen

    Hi i am experiencing the same issue and i have a international version and main reason seems to be the cell standby and screen.please fix this soon coz….my battery drains overnight just sitting there doing nothing.

  • bigboy1981

    people saying this is a in correct report as it doesnt happen to them, need to actually read the article, as it states on “SOME” international not all. before you are quick to complain about someone expressing there own opinion and problem, maybe read first. Or do you just like to come on here and air your foolish and inacurat views.

  • pinkawesome

    i have same problem i can surf net and my battery hardly drains, as soon as i put standby on for say half an hour then open up phone again i have lost about 10% very bad

  • JimBob

    US Version, Got tha same illness

  • yevgeniy

    US phone. I get little over 5 hours on a charge. To me doesn’t looks like a step up from iPhone 4.

    • Martin Pearson

      Are you an idiot? Did you have full brightness on, wifi on, mobile data on, bluetooth on and played games and viewed the web for those 5 hours straight? There is no problem with the battery. There’s a problem with the reporting of the usage of the battery. It’s amazing how people read an article like this and immediately try to relate their problem to something out of their control.

      • Martin, don’t go straight out and ask if he’s an idiot. The iphone could have all which you mentioned on with brightness on full and last all day with my at that time unemployed butt doing nothing but mess around with it… my s3, now at 89% from 25 minutes surfing the web for s3 battery issues… and I have wiFi, on blue tooth off, mobile data off and screen brightness at 50%. Now phones dropped to 88%. So also he didn’t SAY anything about relating to this article, just his issue.. its amazing how many people think they’re king sh#@ and talk to others like scam. Don’t assume, show respect and ask questions. And this site says your a parent ? Wow…

        • Martin Pearson

          You’re so dumb. It puts parent next to people who comment on a post. I used the internet for 2 hours and watched movies for 4 hours and my battery just dipped below 70%. You probably have a lot of programs taking up background data syncing.

          • Jbrown2339

            WHo pissed in your cereal this morning?

          • Martin’s dad

            Fuck you Martin,

          • Off is a thing that you should fuck, Marty.

      • sick of smart phones!

        You may not have a problem with your battery….but there definitely IS a problem. I have no games loaded, no extra apps. I use it for calls, texting, and the internet very rarely. I charged to 100%, took it off charger, and in LESS than 7 hours, it was at zero, phone turned off, and my alarm did not go off.

  • londonbay

    what link?

  • unhappy

    Just got my s3 and having battery draining problem Canada

    • Martin Pearson

      The article is wrong. There is no actual battery drain. The cell standby is reported wrongly and doesn’t actually drain the battery.

      • Funkmoney

        Wrong. There is a battery drain issue amongst some new S3s just as there was with S2s. There is ALSO a standby reporting issue which this article shows the fix for, but gets the issues confused, as do most people in here. Including the “There is no battery drain” commenters.

    • Mark T

      Same here, I’m in Canada. Brand new galaxy s3 and I lose 1% every couple of minutes when the screen is turned off. Even if all I end all tasks, turn wifi off, gps off, power savings to the max, etc…! I am unable to complete a day with it. Is there anything we can do about this? Has Samsung confirmed the issue?

  • any updates on this fix so far?? i need the fix badly!!!

  • spike

    Yep, this is just total BS. I cannot believe rubbish like this is written and published!
    There is NO battery issue or battery drain problem – quite the opposite, the battery lasts bloody ages….

    A possible reporting problem in terms of useage, but nothing more.

    Christ…… a simple Google search would have saved you, Chris Smith, having to type out this crap and subject us to your unfounded drivel…

    • sum

      you’re speaking from your own specific phone. Good for you – your device is perfect, as are a many out there. The rest of us, however, aren’t so lucky.

    • shazman

      I’m also having this exact same issue – my phone barely lasts longer than 8 hours with absolute minimum usage (brightness set to lowest, no wifi, no bluetooth, only google account set to background synch, hardly any calls made/received).

      My phone is rooted and I’ve tried a couple of different ROMS (CM10, SuperNexus), to no effect.

      I used to own a HTC Desire HD (which was running Ice Cold Sandwich ROM), which lasted about 1.5 days with the same apps and usage.

      This is the fourth Android phone that I’ve owned (all rooted and with custom ROMs), so it’s not a matter of being stupid/ignorant and merely switching off all the battery-draining functionality. There is a defenite problem with either the software or the physical battery itself)

  • I have this problem it seems but, no battery drain. Ie I’m at 2days and still have 40% left but, it does explain why it doesn’t tell me what percentage media usage as used. I’d prefer proper information with regards to the battery but, as it isn’t actually draining it, just reporting it incorrectly as others have said, I’ll just leave it as it is, until Samsung release something.

    • joebob25

      Which carrier is your device with? There’s no way mine will make it to sundown, let alone a second day

  • alhop42

    Hi,I recently bought the Galaxy s3.I was advised by the purchaser to charge the phone overnight,eg 10 hours.Unfortunately being over cautious I only charged it until the phone displayed battery 100 percent charged,remove from power.The battery now only gives me very little use before it needs recharging fully.Can anyone please advise me how to remedy this or is the battery now stuffed?.

  • Yumna Asim

    will you ever be satisfied :( ??!!!! me damn confused.. with majority of the users commenting positively about the battery and others complaining..!!!
    i want da s3 for my birthday.. this thread leaves me feelin like hell….

    • Sanjay

      I suggest not to go for it. Every one of my friend’s (including mine) has same battery issue…

  • Funkmoney

    Article is not misleading at all. There IS a battery drain issue, unfortunately Mr Smith and other posters are confusing two issues and thinking the fix is for both.
    The fix is for the incorrect reporting issue which some phones have hence the “I tried this and it fixed my phone!” as opposed to “I tried this and it made no difference” which means you have picked up a handset with the “Non existant” battery drain issue. The same issue it seems that kept happening with the S2. Which is why i wont be updating until the S3s come down in price and go up in reliability :)

    Morals of this story?
    A) Dont jump down peoples throats when youre the one in the wrong.
    B) Dont go running out buying brand new phones as soon as they come out you dumbarses, theres always problems.

    • Utkarsh

      Boss please tell me how do I figure out if my phone has any drainage issue or not…..
      And whether it’s the one which is fixable by rooting or is it permanent…..
      I have s3 and similarly to other users battery drops down a point in 5 minutes using wifi…..

  • shawn

    I’m in Canada and my S3 is having tons of battery issues so far. I’ve fully discharged my phone pretty much twice each day with only moderate usage since I got it. I’ve turned off a lot of the data gargling options and still having problems…the phone is awesome though…at least while it has a charge

  • icemankent

    Same here – in Canada – using LTE.
    I am LUCKY to get 4-5 hours out of it – without hardly even using it.
    I have turned wireless, bt, gps, etc OFF – still drains like a mother !
    There IS a problem – and YES, it does almost seem to drain faster when OFF than when I am actually using it.
    Fix it – the phone is awesome, but something is very very wrong with its power usage.

    • hup

      Mine isn’t quite bad – but i’m in Toronto and I have similar issues

    • brij

      I have the same issue, however, i restart my phone couple of times and now it seems ok but the cell standby is still higher

    • pam

      I have the same problem.

    • sraponi

      I have the exact same problem. The battery seems to drain faster when im not using it. When im talking or gaming, I get more usage….sucks. I sometimes regret getting it

    • Kris

      i have the same problem i’m using the phone in Norway.
      i only get 7 h battery time.
      this started happen after i have done an OTA system update

    • Cliff

      Mine too was horrible but after having it about 2 weeks it has gotten better. However, after doing a lot of testing i found that using my H+4g vs. wifi, my battery is about 3x better….My S2 was not that way but this one is…. give it a shot..

  • Saul Annett

    I have massive problems with galaxy s3 battery drain and misreporting is most certainly not the whole picture… My battery drains in a matter of hours with minimal usage and it’s not down to misreporting. Have resorted to minimising any potential battery hungry processes, but still it persists. Has anyone got any advice or fixes for dealing with actual battery drain please let me know

  • Ben Parker

    I’m in Hawaii and Mine drains at 10-15% an hour.

  • joebob25

    I’ve had 2 different Canadian dual-core snapdragon LTE devices and both lasted less than 10 hours with minimal/average usage. High usage and they’re off in 5 or less.
    Battery does not charge unless its on the OEM charger, even then 4+ hours to get to full juice. Its a good thing these batteries are removable… I’m swapping them out all day long

  • shahzeb

    hi guys i am from pakistan i also having problem with my s3 battery the battery suck when the cell is on standby approx 46 to 51 % which is hell ??? i just bought it 4 days ago n having this prob the article us 100% truee man dats why i am searching on net to solve this issue and find this article plzzz samsung dooo some thing plzzzzz

  • Ricoz

    Draining like hell. Just got it 2 days ago, no LTE usage and it can barely service 6 hrs with no usage :(

  • maria

    My phone drains like 1% every 10 minutes.

    • vwho

      Yea mine drains 1% just by staring at the home screen. If I turn off everything (Wifi, bt, gps, 4g, sync), enable Power-Saving, and set Display to Auto-brightness, by the end of a work day (9 hr shift) my battery life will be at around 40% from 100. This is with minimal usage (e.g., check time/date/write some notes).


      • huseeeeynu

        i had the same prob, but now its ok. go to advanced wifi and kill the option “use wifi when asleep” something like tjat. also update firmware. and make sure background apps are closed by manuallly accessing task man. and clear ram every now and then. if not try removing recent apps one by one to see power suxkers. apps requiring ads usually drain more power

  • giggs

    I’m using the US/Canada version, no LTE… and I have awful battery power. 9 hours yesterday and I barely used it.

  • all9286

    Just got it says drains like crazy

  • Keefnet

    My S3. Vodafone UK had pretty good battery life up until a couple of weeks ago but now loses 25% per hour then dies. I unistalled recently added utilities but still drains and back gets warm, admittedly when using more.

    Frustrating as when died, have to place on charge for 10mins minimum, before I can even power back on.

  • f1ddy

    for those who have perfect battery good for you, but there is battery problem i take mine off charge n a minute later 1 percent has gone n i aint even used it in that time

    • Darlene Dias-Rushton

      I have the exact same problem. It drains 1%/minute. I am not happy :-(

  • halfmadturtle

    Leave draining….my phone is not getting charged at all….i am spending hours charging my s3 like a half mad turtle and it gets charged only upto 13-15%…i mean wth? take that NFC and give me some battery charging speed instead!!….

  • Luke

    I love my gs3 my battery is pretty good however improved Significantly when I disabled sync and turned off smart stay

  • zoa

    yes i have a battery drain… my battery screen is like the first picture and i have to charge all day my s3 to work. I tried connect it all night and after 7 or 9 hours later… 30% charged. :( my s3 is a i9300

  • I have same problem with mine its showing 46% Cell standby WTF is going on, i have to charge it twice a day!!!!!! i am not happy with samsung at all and android is sh*t system as well i am gonna stick with apple in future i need a stable bloody phone not a damn useless brick, to the guys that want a real phone i would recommend to wait for the iphone 5 as it should be better for sure, it can’t be worse abyway lol.

  • fuj

    A friend told me to get a new battery and charge it 8 hours before turning it on…after I did that…NO MORE DRAIN issue…so I recommend not believing what they tell ya about these batteries and try it yourself

  • Julian Coronado

    I charged my S3 yesterday and unplugged it before I went to sleep and right now in the morning its at 18 percent! But I don’t have the international version I just have the Verizon us one.

    • Gaurav

      Hey Julian, let me know if you get any fix done.
      I am using AT&T and I have the same problem. In the night it was 94 % and in the morning it was 0%.

      • Aaron

        same, night time at 2am 100 %, morning at 9.00 am 15 %

        • brandon

          same problem 100 to 4 sleeping less than 8 hrs US version

          • Dan

            I have the same problem, i unplugged my s3 and in a minuteit’s down five %

  • Mauro Gabbiati

    I can hardly believe it is *just* a misreporting issue… I charged my int’l S3 fully last night and after 10hrs of sitting idle in stand-by mode, all apps killed, energy saving on, display off, no calls, etc. was down to 14% prompting me to recharge. Lucky enough it was sunday… :-(
    Something’s wrong, Samsung please fix this a.s.a.p.

  • I have a Galaxy Nexus with Icecream sandwich. I downloaded an update last week and my phone is virtually useless as a result. I used to get at least 2 days from the battery. Now even with almost no usage I can’t get half a day.

    • kutta

      thtas great dude enjoy

  • chi07

    Two things to know

    1: The actual battery usage is not true to the battery info. The power_profile.xml is just for the calculation only, not for actual setting, which is controlled by the devive hardware itself.
    2: The fixing ways presented on the related sites works only rooted phone. You can’t modify the system file, this phone doesn’t show system file and there is no way to access it unless you have it rooted.

    This kind of unreliable nesw creates more issue for general users as it can cause them unnecessary trouble.
    Very unkind.

  • Dijmeister

    4 days ago, I purchased the S3, but my phone’s battery doesn’t last more than 16 hours with little use. Switched off all extra applications, decreased screen brightness etc, even switched off mobile data to see what it would do to the battery life- to no avail! Really disappointed to return the phone to the provider tomorrow, as it is a wonderful phone, but I cannot function with a phone with this kind of battery life. South Africa

  • Herky

    European s3 version. Same problem…this thing eats lithium x_x

  • btmmedia

    I live in South Florida. Just bought this phone and the battery lasts for 12 hours with data, gps and wifi all turned off and no calls made or received.

  • Pavel Tarassov

    I had the same problem, but i found a real fix that doesn’t require rooting your phone. Go to setting, wifi, advanced and change “stay connected when screen is off” to never. My phone has been up for two days now with heavy usw amd just reached 30% batery :)
    Hope this helps guys, and if you think about it, do you really need it to look forwreless networks while you’ re not using it?

    • Oli.T.MTL

      most ppl seem to experience drain issues even when wifi is turned off! but thanks for the tip when i do activate wifi!

    • NotBornYesterday

      I can’t find any option for advanced settings under Settings>WiFi. I’m having the same battery drain problem – even have received a new battery and charger after my first battery quit taking a charge (and overheated), but the new battery continues to drain quickly – and it can’t be a reporting problem, because the phone actually dies when I don’t recharge it 2-3 times a day. BTW, S3 is US with AT&T

      • Pavel Tarassov

        I don’t have my phone on me right now, but when you are in setting>wifi, you can push the menu button (to the left of the only button on the screen) and it will give you an option to go to advanced settings there. It has been a while though, so I’m not so if that is exactly correct.

  • Jeno

    I was having the same issues, I had no idea what could be causing me to dip to 20%in 8 hrs of use, I admit I used the hell out of the phone, so after my new phone phase, I installed juice defender, turned off nfc manually set the brightness to 40%turned off smart stay, and power save when I’m at work, with power saver I get to 28hrs 12hr shift. with power saver off and regular use i get around 14 to 16 hrs before I hit 25% mark.

  • Sonny
  • coffeer4

    Something that disappointed me is that I bought S3 after hearing about its battery ability to live 10 continuous hours of working. I felt so good, and now, right now I see my battery percent takes off one by one. It feels bad you know…

  • mind your own business

    eversince i changed power profile, my phone seems to last longer

  • hoonah24

    Same problem here in Puerto Rico units. Takes real long time for the cell to fully charge and theres about 2% of battery every 6 minutes. Really annoying !!!! =( Also it is very low connecting to browser and I have T Mobile.

  • Bret

    My battery drains way too fast. I’m in the USA so it appears to be an issue everywhere. I took it in to AT&T to have them see what they could do. Basically, kill all apps that are running. The apps aren’t the problem, the battery still drains way too fast and I can feel the excessive heat on the back of the phone when it’s just been sitting in standby mode. Not every time I pick it up but often? This sucks. I love the phone but have to have it on the charger throughout the day. :-(

  • mac

    I live in BC canada. Have owned a galaxy s 3 for a week. The battery barly makes it through one day on standby. Everything is set to off on my phone yet it sucks the battery away before yr eyes. Own the previos five iphones and jjst made the switch to samsung. I am begijng to rethink my decision and wait for the liphone 5 and return my galaxy. Its too bad cause desides the horrible battery the phone is awesome

  • Mushtaq

    the battery is not charged kindly help me

  • s3_user

    guys, try to stop or disable apps that u are not using on your phone – settings – apps manager. it works on my s3.

  • Arun

    Bought s3, seriously doubt about battery drain. While on standby mode battery drained from 45% to 5% and displaced comment as battery charged lowered and need quick charging. How’s it? Without using and self draining. I switched off gps, wifi, mobile data, syn, display on auto. Please Anyone can give comment on this?

  • Davo666

    we run a fleet of these things and have noticed something interesting…. all those units exhibiting poor battery life have their batteries “Assembled in Vietnam”, the others assembled in China and Korea appear to be much better. Wondering if the rest of the community and check and see ?

    • PaulH

      Yep same problem and yes made in Vietnam

    • Mitch

      Nope. Mine has the problem and was assembled in China. Nice try though

  • Oli.T.MTL

    same problem here… 18% drain in the last 3 hours. I made 2 short phone calls and used the calculator. Here’s hoping Samsung will come out with a patch because i’m don’t trust myself when it comes to manual fixes and warranties…

  • Pravin Mhatre

    This is serious battery issue…. last night i kept my cell for charging … at that time my battery was 12%. After almost 8 hrs when i woke up in the morning it was only showing 16%…..i am damn sure there was no problem in battery charger connectivity as there was sign on the phone that it was charging. I have faced this issue four times in last week.
    Another unusual behavior which i noticed was that i tried to charge my phone from 26% To be safe i have terminated all the active processes from task manager. After every 15 min the battery was draining by 2%… i dont know what was that all about…. as i m facing this issue every alternate day..can any one suggest me what step should i take. I dont have enough time to go to crap service center and waste my time. Any suggestions please?

  • Andy

    Has anyone seen the page that states

    “Question: Why is the cell standby percentage so high on my GT-I9300 handset?

    Answer: Your handset is not faulty.

    Your phone is incorrectly displaying the battery data and an update to the latest software will resolve this.”

  • Ceeke

    I’m in Belguim and i have the same problem, when i stop charging the battery, i lose 1%. I’ve done everything, hard reset, stopped everything from working, battery saver ect ect. Bought a second original battery… when ons standby, i only get 6-7 hours out of my phone. And when i use it, to make a call now or then, max 5 hours. I don’t even use gps of wifi that much. There is a problem, and Samsung should make an update that could fix this problem.

  • Gaurav

    I have a AT&T samsung galaxy S III.The battery of my cell drains off completely within a night. Stand by mode uses 67% battery. In the night my mobile ws 94 % charged and when I got up in the morning it was 0 %.

    • Gaurav

      And forgot to add that I had closed everything like gps,wifi,etc and also the power saving mode was on, but stil the problem.

    • Ganesh

      Last night it was at 78% and this morning at 33% without doing anything!

    • Mitch

      Don’t try to go to ATT to solve the problem. There only suggestion was to do a hard reset on the phone, which seems to be the only way they try to solve every problem.

  • Gaurav

    There’s a serious problem with the battery.

  • shame on you

    See that?? why are you people had confused to buy that cheap phone? Return it to the samsung store anyway. Theres no way to get rid with that..

  • VladTE

    I had the same problem when I’d bought Galaxy S3. But after I’d updated my phone with OTA this situation improved though not completely. The phone lost only 4% of the battery over night instead of 25% with gps, wifi, gprs off. But I still doubt that it can live for 900 hours as they claimed.

  • Kay

    I’m not saying this will fix everyone’s battery problem, but it may fix some. Hold down the home button and then click “Remove all.” A couple days after I got my phone it started having horrible battery life and I took my phone to the store to find out why, and that’s what they had me do. It worked amazingly. You just have to remove all the running apps every once in a while. He had said taking the battery out every now and then would help too.

    • Kay are you really stupid or just acting like stupid ?
      ofcourse every android user knows it !

      • Nitsus

        Of course every android user knows it does NOT work at all. Android is much smarter than that. It won’t keep every app you open running and consuming power, and it won’t kill everything just because you asked for it, even is it seems it does.

  • sraponi

    Settings>Data Usage> Mobile Data (Switch off when not needed). I don’t use my data all the time so I might as well have it switched off. By doing so I went from complete battery drains on standby in 1 day to sitting at 80% at the end of the day. Do it! Just turn it on when you use it. I use mine for music when riding my motorcycle and with the data turned on while listening to music it drains in roughly 3 hours. Yesterday I went 7hours and it only used 15% of my battery(85% remaining)

    • sraponi

      LTE /4G network drains your battery like crazy! You will see your cellular standby usage decrease drastically

    • Mitch

      This isn’t a solution to this problem. It’s a solution for heavy usage or having a lot of apps running in the background. My phone has been off the charger for 3 hours. I’ve had wifi and 4g off. I’ve made one call and sent 5 texts and I’m at 50%. At this rate I won’t get 7 hours out of my phone with very little usuage.

  • brij

    can anybody tell me how to fix this issue

  • Patricia Wiley

    I’ve had my phone for over 3 weeks and the battery has been what it was in my GSII, before the abysmal ICS upgrade. It was lasting a very very long time. I could use my phone for hours and hours with only a 14-18% fall. Now, as others have posted, the battery life just seems to pour out. I can watch the % fall. And overnight, it drops precipitously and while doing nothing. What happened? It was fantastic for about 3 weeks!

  • Aaron Stewart

    This problem is definitely occurring with my Verizon LTE version. took it of charge and it is down to 92 in less than an hour. Cell stand by consuming 36 percent.

  • sam

    I have this issue, but the biggest offender of battery usage is the “Android System”, thenclosely followed by “Cell Standby”. (I’m in Chicago, running SGH-I747) The weird thing is, the phone had great battery life for around a month, and then it all went to crap.

    Is the OS be idling? And if so, are there any logs I can peek into to see what’s going on?
    I get about 10 hours of extremely light use per-day, and thats after fixing the screen to 10% brightness, quitting every app completely after use, and leaving “Power Saving” mode on all the time.
    I guess it pays to do more hardware testing before releasing a phone…

  • Robin W

    My galaxy 3 will be completely charged. I unplug it and 1hour later on standby only it’s 38 percent! I’m glad others are having the same experience! Looking forward to Samsung addressing this issue!

  • john mike

    I’ve just bought the G3, I’ve turned off everything I can, the FIX needs come NOW from Samsung… I may take it back to shop, as far as I’m concerned its a faulty product.

  • Pee’dOff

    I had no isses with battery burn for the first 3 months…..just a few days ago though, I noticed battery loss while the phone was idle….like 20-30% in like an hour!!! WT F is this….was my first thought! Charged it to full….then watched the massive drain. This of course, led me to the web to see if anyone else was having the problem and sure enough!!!!!!! WT F I thought AGAIN!!! So 10 million units sold already….estimates of 15 million by years end…..lets say an average of $600 US/unit…by years end that should bring in total sales of $9 Billion (US) that’s NINE BILLION my friends and these pricks (Samsung) see fit that they still have NO fix for this!!!!!! Time for the lawsuits to begin!!!

    • Pee’dOff

      Found the fix….disregard the above….can you tell I was mad!!!

      • obby

        How did you fix it ? Help please

  • Carlos

    My battery doesnt seem to have this problem but little friendly advice download Easy Battery Saver, it turns of mobile n Wifi connection when its not being used and when the phone is idle :)

  • Can a video be uploaded to how to update the file !???

  • erokfc7

    my phone wasnt too bad when i bought it, but after that update from att, the battery dies A LOT faster than it did before. it has to do with that cell standby discussed above. dont really want to follow that link above cause i have a felling itll void my warranty. guess i’ll just wait for the jelly bean update cause i heard that should fix the problem. hopefully. when ever it reaches the states..

  • reggiemusiq

    I have the Sprint galaxy s3. 4g is not n my area so I turn off the lte radio.. My battery is still horrible I constantly close all my apps and its still drop fast. This morning I woke up wit my phone on the charger Its 100% two minutes later it was 97% WTF. It the time it took me to write this my phone was 96 now its 92% wtf. Im switching phones today

  • still lovin s3

    In belgium we , i mean myself now, have the same problem. 10% every hour when it is in standbey

  • boh_choy

    i have a problem on my unit.. it took almost 12 hours before its fully charge, is there something i can do about it…?

  • Sam

    Yes I am facing the same issue cell standby 67%

  • Vousie

    Hi. Here in Australia with a GT-i9305 (SGS3 4G intl).
    I had GT i9300 before, it had amazing battery life, barely ever heated up (only when on games or internet, it was very often only running 2 cores.
    Now with this one, it’s great on standby, but as soon as I use it, all 4 cores are running 30-50% and it heats up, absolutely killing my battery life – even when only on text, snotes and calendar…
    Anyone else having this problem? Is it Jelly Bean that’s killing my battery?
    Factory mistake on just this one? -should I go back to the network I bought it from and ask for a replacement?
    BTW, both are as from factory – unlocked, never rooted.

  • eRic Johnson

    I had the same problem and it would infuriate me. I’m a stickler for battery life and I monitor it probably too closely.

    I just switched from the iPhone 4s and its battery is amazing and I was severely disappointed when my S3 was at 40% after 4 hours of STANDBY and it was also warm to the touch.

    I read a bunch of stuff about turning off WiFi and all that generic stuff everyone already knows, I read about rooting the phone to change the battery profile to the correct amperage (which I was in the process of trying), also read about factory resetting, and I got the Juice Defender app, but still nothing worked.

    …and then…

    I found this from a girl on a forum on the AT&T website:

    1. Go to Settings – Accounts & Sync. DELETE the Samsung Account (you don’t need it)

    2. Go to Application Manager, and select the ALL tab.

    3. Scroll down, and then STOP and DISABLE the following; Samsung Account, Samsung Backup Provider, Samsung Cloud Data Relay, Samsung Push Service, and Samsung Syncadapters.

    4. Restart the phone.

    I did all of the following (except #1 because I wasn’t using a samsung account) and i restarted my phone and it now is working perfectly.

    I have an AT&T i747 Galaxy S3 phone with a battery made in China just for your reference as well.

    Currently I’m at 89% with 3.5 hours since charge, and I have streamed music and done basic web stuff.

    Two days ago it would have been at 40% and sinking FAST.

    Hope this helps.

    • DaGreek

      I tried it hopefully it works otherwise getting new phone

  • My s3 loses charge aswell and to get it to charge to 100% at night I have to switch it off. The other night it plugged it in at 9pm at 2% when i woke at 7.30 am, after sleep I ng all night, it had 17% charge. I turned it back on this morning to check the news and facebook while still plugged in and it lost charge. Can this be sorted. Thanks

  • Justin

    Hi guys, I’m from Singapore and I too am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 but LTE version. I experience this battery issue too and it’s drains 1% very few minutes even though I am charging it. Sometimes when I’m not using it, but leaving my 4G on and I use JuiceDefender Ultimate it drains from 98% to about 76%

  • Demon

    Is like a vampire gadget.. the power drain extra fast when you didn’t used it.. and It was like 100% at 12am.. then boom 25% at 6am.. I was totally shock.. I hope there is an solution to this problem as this phone is really awesome

  • A

    wheres the link?

  • Mike Johnson

    I have had mine for less than a month and although cell standby uses only 5% (4G LTE), I only make one or two short calls a day (couple of minutes at most) and the phone spends most of its time connected by WiFi to the internet for everything else it does (home or work). Otherwise I use it mainly for reading e-mails and as a music player. Still, by the end of 16 hours the battery is down to 30% or so.

  • matilda

    ofcourse i have the same problem and it’s working on my nerves….

  • binyamlawyer

    I bought my galaxy s3 and the battery drainage has been quite a worry…but then I did some checking on my setting and I had about 65 apps running in the background. So try using the following
    Setting -developer options-then set it to on and at the bottom of that page u will find “limit background process then set it to two or three…that should assist in preserving the battery, especially when idel. Then press and hold home button to get into task manager then go to ram and clear memory…hope it works…

  • binyamlawyer

    I bought my galaxy s3 and the battery drainage has been quite a worry…but then I did some checking on my setting and I had about 65 apps running in the background. So try using the following
    Setting -developer options-then set it to on and at the bottom of that page u will find “limit background process then set it to two or three…that should assist in preserving the battery, especially when idel. Then press and hold home button to get into task manager then go to ram and clear memory…hope it works…

  • michele

    I am just having the same problem with the rest of all users of Samsung S3. I just keep charging whenever I can which is a nuisance and we just have to wait for Samsung to get back to us. Meanwhile just get a power bank for backup when you are out and about. I have chargers all over the place including the car.

  • Bobby H. Anderson

    So whazt is the problem, and how do you repair it?

  • kguy

    I will switch back to iphone after this. been without cellphone 2 days now and huge inconvenience and highly frustrated.. Keisha

  • Markayela

    My battery dies sooo fast it’s ridiculous. I can be on 100% and within 45 minutes it’ll be time to charge it again. It used to completely cut off at 30% now it cuts off at 50%. When I try to use flash on the camera it cuts off. Sometimes I cut it off and back on and it goes to 1%. Sometimes when I charge it it goes backwards. I don’t think it’s the battery I’ve switched t and it still drains. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.

    • masterown35

      I’m having the same issue on mine. Went into an AT&T store yesterday and the guy tried to tell me the phone was bugged(got a replacement through geeksquad as my other phone has problems with the charge port, using the same battery). He told me to take it back and even offered to sell me another one. Also tried to tell him it was pretty much new “no the phone came out 3 years ago”. Obviously. But the one I am holding is relatively new. I know this is a 2 month old comment and you likely have it figured out, but I’m pretty sure it’s a battery issue. I ordered a new battery to test my theory. And I’m assuming that’s the case

  • mitesh viradiya

    i have same problem and one more horrible things now i find in my Samsung s3 at&t mobile is while i am charging my phone and also playing a game(simple game like unblock me) and still my battery parentage level is down or we can say that its going to discharge
    if this thing is carry on then i think its become an telephone which work while it is charging

    • masterown35

      It’s probably a battery issue. I have the same problem. I recently got a refurbished phone through geeksquad because my other one had problems with the charge port. Same battery is in this phone of course. Took it to an AT&T store and the guy tries telling me the phone is bugged and that it’s because it’s refurbished and all this other mess. Funny thing is, same thing started happening on the other phone before I got the refurbished one. If you go on amazon and look up Anker S3 battery, you can buy a new one. It costs like $20 total including shipping. I’m hoping that this is the case but from what I’ve gathered it seems to be the issue

  • Cheryl Brown

    My second s3 not even 6 months old all of a sudden the screen starts to flicker with horizontal lines, goes black and dies, phone beeps telling me I have low battery after not even 10 minutes of use and just fully charged….. then goes on a constant restart over and over again until plugged in or I pull the battery!

  • Kiki

    Definite problem, trying to get a fix from the service provider.