The countdown to the unveiling of Samsung’s next Galaxy phone, which we’ll still call the Samsung Galaxy S3 until further confirmation, has begun. With 14 days left to the Samsung Unpacked Event in London, where the flagship device is set to be introduced, the scene is filled with so-called industry sources coming out of their hiding to share “exclusive” news about the phone.

Whether or not the news is accurate is an entirely different matter, since these sources can hide behind their anonymity. But anyway, speculation is part of the fun of greeting a new device into the world. Here are the latest rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Pocket-lint reports they have received confirmation from “people familiar with the matter” that one unit of Samsung Galaxy S3 has landed in the UK – albeit heavily guarded – with the phone locked safely inside a steel box. Apparently, Samsung wants to familiarize mobile phone operators in the UK with the next Galaxy phone prior to the official unveiling. This seems to suggest that a release date in the UK will come soon after the event.

Another industry source in the UK, meanwhile, was kind enough to share details about the Samsung Galaxy S3 to CNET. According to the anonymous source, there’s a possibility that Samsung won’t be using the Galaxy S3 name. To be specific, the quotes were: “Don’t expect it to be called the S3.” Apparently, the internal codename for the phone is “Bali”. Samsung Galaxy Bali? Samsung Bali? Meh, probably not. We don’t think it’d be such a good idea to steer away from the Galaxy S name that has been so deeply ingrained in the psyche of millions of Android enthusiasts. We’ll see soon enough.

Here’s another kick in the groin. The same source reveals that apparently the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be a significant update over the S2. “It’ll be like the iPhone 4S was to the 4,” said the source. While no specs were given, he hinted that the phone would be rocking what HTC One X has – more or less.

One interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that the source mentioned is the eye-tracking capability of the phone, something that Samsung has dubbed the “Human Interaction” feature. Using the front camera of the phone, it can spookily detect when you are looking at the screen, like when you’re browsing or texting, and will automatically lock the phone once you look away. We can’t really judge how useful or annoying this feature is until we get more information on how it works.

That wraps up another edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor mill. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t the end, so keep your eyes peeled for more. But first, what do you think about the possible name change? Do you think Samsung would go through the trouble of keeping everything so secret if the Galaxy S3 wouldn’t really offer any significant improvement? Are you looking forward to the phone’s eye-tracking feature? Chime in below.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Abc

    What a load of shit.

  • Abc

    If its only a minor upgrade its not even worth releasing as it won’t sell.
    They need to produce something ground-breaking
    People will buy the HTC One instead.

  • Gabba

    This really doesn’t make any sense – if it’s just a minor update, why wouldn’t Samsung show it off or even release it at MWC? Why all the secrecy?

    Let’s face it: Sammy has really gone to great lengths to keep this device under wraps

    – from the Apple-esque way of testing
    – no legitimate leaks emerging
    – launching four events on different continents at the same time on May 3
    – timing the release to correspond with their sponsoring the Olympics.
    – it’s the official device of the 2012 Olympics

    It’s clear that Samsung is going for a blow-out with this phone; it’s going to be big, REALLY big.

    • l3jay87

      Right! it would have just come out like the Galaxy note or something, if it wasnt much of an update.

    • Skem

      you are awesome for stating all of these.

  • MargaretNKinnley

    It’s clear that Samsung is going for a blow-out with this phone; it’s going to be big, REALLY big.

    • overflow

      It’s clear that your spam link is retarded

  • Dexter Lanning

    I think the reports about it being a minor update are simply a means of lowering the ridiculously high expectations some speculators have thrown out there. A 2Ghz quad-core processor, 2 gigs of ram and a 1080P display are a great pipe dream, but next to that anything that Samsung releases is gonna look relatively weak.

  • AndroidBrian

    I so doubt this is right (I pray it is) but that would suck if its not a significant upgrade from GS2. But I wouldn’t be shocked if it had identical specs as the one X.

  • Terrence Greene

    Here are some thoughts of mine. I dont think its going to be such a minor update due to as you all have been saying the level of secrecy. I mean they’ve kept pretty much all info on the S3 under-wraps with out leaking anything. Therefore its gotta be huge.

    As for suddenly releasing it.. Its my thoughts that they are trying to do so to keep everyone from jumping on to the HTC one X. That being said its possible that they “squeezed one out” with this BALI or whatever. Made its better but not amazing.. just to give HTC competition. So maybe a S3 is still to come.

    But wait. such slight improvements? sound more like the GS2 skyrocket HD to me. which by the way has yet to be released. it has to be much better then a phone that has been confirmed and will be arriving soon enough.

    We will have to wait and see. But if the rumors are true I would say that this is not the GS3.

  • I agree with Gabba. Come on. Why go to all that secrecy? I mean seriously. All this secrecy for a minor update? No way. That will be the dumbest idea. They should have shown it off then at the MWC if that was the case. Why make a separate event only to show a minor update of a phone?

    • This_Is_My_Name

      What’s the standard of ‘minor update’? If you take the iPhone 4S for example, It had a CPU(from single to dual), GPU, OS, camera, reception and software updates such as siri and icloud, but people call it a ‘minor update’ just because of the same design. almost everything changed, but people call it a ‘minor update’ just because the outer shell hasn’t changed

  • What exactly has to happen for it to be considered a major update? The only thing that changed on the iPhone 4s was the processor and gpu. This should, if we are to believe any of the rumors, have a much better screen, better battery life, better camera, better build quality, a much more powerful processor, better graphics, and the latest version of android to boot. Sounds like a lot more than the difference between the iphone 4 and 4s.

    • This_Is_My_Name

      I’m not an Apple fan boy, but II believe the iPhone 4S also had a camera and OS update as well.
      Also, from single core to dual core was a pretty big step, unlike as you try to put it.

  • My money is on it just being called the ‘Galaxy’, or possibly ‘Galaxy S’. In line with Apple’s move with the ‘iPad’.

    • Bamran

      They have already made phones with both of those names.

      • webbuster

        your missing the point, Apple also made an ipad before this year.. The point is going the route of the iPod, just like the ipad did, in the sense that it will just always be an iPod defined more subtly as a specific generation. In contrast to each addition become one value higher such as sgs1 sgs2 sgs3. Just simply become SGS. Think before you speak.

  • Mohdamr1

    Any upgrade in the S3 from the previous specs of S2 or Galaxy Nexus will be awesome because those phones are some of the best phones released last year. I expect the screen size and resolution, cpu, ram, camera and touchwiz to improve for sure. The exterior design and thickness, battery, and internal memory might not change that much. I think it will definitely match the one x in most specs except maybe having the sd card slot, removable battery and better screen.

    • This exactly. As long as the phone has an sd card slot, removable battery and specs equal to or slightly better than the One X it’ll be a great phone.

  • Mohdamr1

    I also do not believe that much in cnet’s anonymous sources that might even be made up by them, their website is full of apple fans.

  • TheBlackCat

    My suspicion is that, if it exists at all, the “not Galaxy S”, “not significant update” phone is not the Galaxy SIII at all, but rather an updated SII that they will roll out at the same time to put their base phone more in line with some of the special models like the skyfire and LTE HD. This will then become their more middle-of-the-line phone, while the SIII replaces it as the high-end phone.

  • Louis B

    Cant wait to see the SIII bomb. All the Samsung fan boys can eat their own muck then :D:D:D
    PS: Im not an Apple fan boy or any brand fan boy. I hate Samsung thanks to the annoyance that their fan boys bring to EVERY SINGLE website/ review. Fuck u. :P

    • MarKU_TUTU

      you should hate almost all brands then (except for the ones that actually suck), since every brand has its annoying fan boys.

  • Sunnysinghi

    there were reports of jelly bean this october hmmm so if you were samsung would you release a flagship now?? the company did a huge mistake by saying that they will reveal it in the first half of the year they have copied apple like hell by making a minor update if thsi report is true most likely it is and so they will learn the hard way that they arent apple ….cmon moto now deliver the atrix 3 and FTW!!!

    • Reece Isles

      why not? they are the official partners of the 2012 olympics, perfect time to release a new phone in conjunction with that. And what credits this report as true? Nothing. I think Samsung know they are not apple and that goes without saying, patents on design are just designs, just because you invented the shape of the TV doesn’t mean you own every TV shaped the same way.

  • Tony NoName

    No doubt that the GSIII is bound to be sporting the latest manufacturing process in conjunction with their partnership with both ARM and IBM. Who are themselves working on the latest design technologies. So we can expect GSIII (if that remains it’s name) to have at least a 32nm processor at least clocked to 1.5ghz in a quad core cpu/gpu configuration. That’s not innovative? haha…. yeah right, lol…. and that entails that it also is using it’s latest 30nm process LPDDR2 or better LPDDR3. Making it the likely the most energy efficient device on market this year.

    That’s if they didn’t already have the GSIII the most likely candidate to be the first to harness the power and ultra efficiency of ARM’s BIG/little new A7/A15 processor at 28nm Gate First (IBM) HKMG process fabrication technology!

    Now if that isn’t enough FUTURE TECH for you, try coupling their latest Super AMOLED HD Plus into that equation with it’s own 1st ever Lotus Glass covered screen into that mix. Topped off with the thinnest mobile phone device ever!!!

    ….so even if it looks exactly the same (highly doubtful) this phone will be ultra packed with all the latest innovations Samsung has coming this year after spending record amounts on R&D and $42.5 Billion on their own CAPEX upgrades, makes this the year they pull out all the stops in topping Apple by leaping years ahead of what they’ll allow Apple to get their hands on for years for years to come!!!! :D ….and if you choose to buy an antiquated Apple device like NEW iPad or iPhoney 4sss tagged as iPhone 5, make sure you have Thermonuclear iGloves to handle them on the hot summer days at the Olympics! haha….. of course you could always keep your expensive to operate Air Conditioning on 24/7 just to keep them cool enough to use!!!

  • Mohdamr1

    This is the S3 given by Samsung for testing, so some of its specks might not be final yet.

  • This_is_my_name

    It might as well just be a galaxy s2 plus or some thing like that.. It fits in pretty well..
    First, it’s not going to be called galaxy s3(according to the source) and second, the invitation would have said galaxy s3 if it was, but it could just be a trick to gather attention and third, according to the source, it’ll just be an update, galaxy s2 plus. And we know there actually is a gs2 plus because of a leak of the phone with similar dimensions, but with an on-screen home button. The physical home button Samsung has announced is for the gs3, not the gs2 plus.
    If I’m wrong, I am. I am only writing just in case I’m right :)