Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update resumes for international version (GT-I9300)

December 5, 2013

    samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3 s3 standing aa

    While Google is already releasing a major update for KitKat, Samsung is still busy bringing the latest version of Jelly Bean to some of its devices.

    Specifically, Samsung has apparently resumed the Android 4.3 update for the international Galaxy S3 version (model number GT-I9300) after having stopped it in various markets not to long ago.

    Galaxy S3 owners that installed the previous Android 4.3 version noticed several performance as well as battery issues with the handset following the update, complaining about it directly to Samsung, most notably on the company’s Facebook page in the UK.

    Samsung reacted quickly and pulled the update, although it’s surprising it has released it in the first place. Xda-developers reminds us that version XXUGMMJ9 came with various bugs including “wake up lag, random freezing, battery drain, Bluetooth audio issues, stuttering music playback, freezes, poor multitasking, and WiFi issues.”

    Now, we’re looking at a new firmware version for the handset, XXUGMK6, which should be available to Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 owners. In addition to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean features, the update also brings Galaxy Gear support, but doesn’t come with Samsung Knox features. The update can be installed either over the air (OTA) or via KIES.

    Have you installed the new Android 4.3 update version on your Galaxy S3? How is your experience with it so far?


    • John-Phillip Saayman

      About time… Hope I get it soon!

    • Mohammad Asif ul Haq

      Not seeing it yet on my one. About time Samsung.

    • Larime03

      Where can I get the update..?

      • Man

        Through OTA or kies or under setting software update’s……………………….. “some country may need to wait for the update to be avaliable”.

        • Larime03

          Oh ok, Thanks man..!

    • idratherpostasaguest

      I’m not getting anything. I have the GT-i9300 and I’m here in the US. Will that affect me getting the update?

      • gmac

        I haven’t got it yet either n I have same issue

    • Zodiak

      Thats nice. Anyways Update your Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.4 right here!!!!

    • Yonam Chiutsi Daudi

      When this update will be in Africa region

    • VJ

      When it’ll come in India….

    • Udit Digal

      Gud bye Samsung

    • mudit mathur

      just hoping to get it soon in s3. when will it come in india.

    • smnm

      Good bye samsung.

    • Izhan Ahmed

      I haven’t received on my one.When it will be available in asian countries.

    • Chyna

      After I updated my software I began to have issues with my bluetooth. I can hear people but they can’t hear me. I took my bluetooth back to make sure it wasnt a defective earpiece and I am still having the same issues.

    • worst ‘update’ ever

      s3 and its terrible. dont even bother with this downdate. you can literally watch the battery percentage drop by the second. all apps stay running even if killed so ram is constantly used up for no reason. total fail to the point of almost going w a piece of igarbage

    • Kimberly Bellas Baltruchitis

      I keep getting the same notifications over and over even after I clear them…really annoying.

    • rajesh chhabra

      Please make available for Asian countries as well

    • Paul Williams

      Downloaded the update almost 2 weeks ago. No battery issues, one one small bug. The download arrow in the notification bar is always on….I just ignore it now. My S3 runs as smooth if not smoother than it did before. I do have a US version on TMobile’s network……

      • Faiz

        Same issue with my phone as well as I upgraded to 4.3 XXUGMK3 on my s3 GT-I9300 and anotheris about RAM status which is always upto 700/831MB… but my s3 now runs smoothly…

    • Renoldo

      Got the new update today. And I hate it. The layout is dumb they keep making the icons bigger nd my child like. Way to many options in the notification bar and I hate the fact that ur picture is with every text msg.

    • john

      I m still waiting for the new version update. Spoken to samsung they really tell me anything. I think the service from Samsung was disappointing.

    • vatsav1992

      still how many days man for the update to reach

    • Nema

      I feel sorry for stock ROM users, you really can’t compare how smoother is temasek 4.4 ROM…

    • saif

      Gd bye samsung for ever I prefer htc

    • Eric Graber

      I am having the same issue with the notifications and it is extremely annoying. Also I had some issues with Hangouts force closing…

    • Mohamed Ashraf

      I have installed a custom ROM on my SG3 (4.2.2) and then made a factory reset and reinstalled (4.1.2) , Will I get this update ?

    • l

      i still think samsung is better than any other in the market

    • jerry

      How do I get it?

    • madhu

      Best phone to get latest and fastest update is Google Nexus.

    • bortega32

      Just downloaded 2 days ago on my S3 and my email takes forever to load, phone freezes and just sucks in general now!

    • Pranjal

      When will it come to O2 UK??

    • Glenn N

      Still waiting for it here in Sweden

    • Girish

      Sumsung has broken our trust on their company for their fans….
      Samsung is the waste for it services

      thumbs down

    • esteban

      Waiting for it in Central America (Costa Rica)…

    • tyler

      How do we doenload the update? Wait till it is sent to our phone?

    • i9300

      Samdung is a company which cares only for its latest flagship. Other companies are already receiving 4.4 and gs3 still not yet received 4.3
      Goodbye Samdung!

    • Richard Haddad

      I am disappointed with the update.
      1- Battery is draining quicker than before.
      2- If my router restarts for some reason, the S3 does not reconnect automatically like it did before. Instead it leaves you disconnected until u manually reconnect, thats a major wifi issue!
      3- When the battery is low, the brightness bar suddenly disappears. Making it impossible to use the screen if u r not in a bright lit room.

      I hope these issues will be fixed.

    • Prathima

      There is nothing worse than Samsung in this world. I have an S3 and still stuck with Android 4.1.2. Samsung is so shameless that they do not even give out press statements as to when the next update will be here in India. I will never again buy a samsung mobile again. Hope Samsung reads this.

    • badboy

      i have samsung galaxy s3 i9300 and just now i got update for anroid 4.3 via samsung kies..

    • badboy

      i have samsung galaxy s3 i9300 and just now i got update for anroid 4.3 via samsung kies in india

    • Mohammad Shahrudin Ali

      when will the update reach malaysia

    • Chris

      I’ve updated my s3 (international) to Android 4.3. There aren’t any problems I’ve experienced and it’s been 2 weeks already. I suggest you guys give it a try.