Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is Google’s latest Android version, but the updated Jelly Bean operating system is officially available only on Nexus devices, and there’s no telling when some of the most popular Android devices out there will be updated to Android 4.2, Galaxy S3 included.

Earlier today we heard that Haier wants to launch an Android 4.2 Smart TV later this year, and the TV maker could beat various Android OEMs when it comes to actually launching Android 4.2 devices.

Getting back to the best sold Android handset to date, the Galaxy S3, we still don’t have a roll out date for its Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, so if you’re not willing to wait anymore, there are definitely other avenues for you.

We’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to install custom software on your handsets, and that in case you go down that road, you’ll be the only person responsible for whatever happens in the process.

That said, we have a new video for you in which we take a look at the Galaxy S3 running the Android 4.2-based CyanogenMod 10.1 custom ROM. That’s definitely one way to go to enjoy Google’s latest mobile operating system on one of the most popular devices out there.

Are you running CM 10.1 on the Galaxy S3 or are you waiting for the official firmware to come out?

  • Nate

    there is a performance settings…… know your facts! you unlock it the same way you unlock the developer options

  • I am a huge CM fan who upgraded from a DroidX to a GSIII about a month ago. From my experience with the mods for the DX, my burning question is not what we can do. CM never fails to deliver. It is what are the known bugs and drawbacks?

  • Still waiting for a 4.2 build for GN2 from anybody

    • Joseph

      What a pitttttttttttttttttttttty!!!!!!!!!

      • aj

        Hey, I have a GS3 as well as Nexus 4 so I got all 4.2 early with photosphere. You should pity yourself. Idiots who bug other people.

        Now, I’m sure that your jaw dropped but hey let me atleast tell you the truth, I neither have a GS3 nor Nexus 4 and I’m currently using a Note 2 so hahaha. Lolzzzzz

  • aCe manayan

    i’ll jump soon on CM 10.1 but on our carrier (Tmo) has some bugs on it that it hasn’t been address yet like Not Working~ Camera (Photosphere Not Yet Working)
    ~ Bluetooth Playback Bug (Temporary)
    ~ Tethering (Works for Some)

    that is on itsmikeramsay 4.2.1

    if that is already been address i’ll climb back to CM 10.1 :D

  • Wanted to pointout photosphere is not yet available on the gapps package that you flash with cm10.1. However, it is possible to install a separate 4.2 camera app apk which will then alllow you to take photospheres.

  • Brandon VanVorst

    I have cm10.1 4.2 nightly on the gs3. There is no shotosphere yet but does have the nice camera. I would say the only bugs I have come across are maps freeze sometimes when driving around. I would say it got hung up about once every trip. And does randonaly freeze when using. But other then that its pretty stable and smooth. Its worth flashing if board with stock ROM.

  • tgmlive

    where can i get ths update

    • tgmlive

      i mean the link to update my S3 with ths 4.2

      • nate

        Look on xda or

  • GooGooGoogle

    no performance settings? i thought it was hidden with the developers options.

    • ratatattata

      It is. Tap seven times on the build number in About phone, and it’ll come up together with developer options.

  • Telefunken

    I’d love to use CM10.1, however lack of docs and source from Samsung has resulted in most of the developers giving up on the international version, meaning it’s unstable with problems on GPS, video, the camera,NFC etc as well as chrome hanging when you try and enter text. These issues are unlikely to be resolved without assistance from Samsung.

  • Peter Smith

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  • novagrace basan

    Jb 4.1.2 is already rolling out here in taiwan last january 15. Why does my s3 not updating. Can anyone help me? thanks