Android 4.2.1 leaks for Samsung Galaxy S3, update to come after Galaxy S4 launch

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2013


Samsung has been doing a good job at updating its top smartphones to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but we are yet to see an Android 4.2 update for any of Sammy’s devices.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S3 users will have to wait at least another month before they get to enjoy Android 4.2. However, the Samsung specialists managed to get hold of a pre-release build of the Android 4.2.1 ROM, that it promptly made available as a flashable firmware package for anyone to use.

The build is mostly functional, with only some minor bugs to be expected. There are full flashing instructions (via Odin) if you are interested in giving it a spin. Note that the package doesn’t contain modem firmware, but your previous modem will remain usable.

Sam Mobile lists some of the improvements found in Android 4.2.1 for the Galaxy S3. These include:

  • Improved Ripple effect on Lockscreen
  • New Android 4.2.1 Lockscreen with widgets
  • Daydream (Settings>Display)
  • New Additions in Notification Center
  • Notifications are more actionable
  • Voice Command (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands)

Curiously, the site doesn’t mention Photo Sphere, which may be an indication that Samsung has removed it to replace it with its own rumored Samsung Orb, a feature that is reportedly similar to Google’s implementation. Of course, the fact that Sam Mobile doesn’t mention the feature could be just an oversight, or could be due to an other, unknown reason.

Check out some screenshots of the pre-release Android 4.2.1 update for the Galaxy S3.

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  • links?

    • xoj_21

      Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 – xda-developers

  • Hope they drop the update for the Galaxy Note II soon.

  • I believe it when I c it!

    • yahyoh


  • nexus4

    w8 until march 15, nexus 4 will recive 5.0 so samsung can add 4.2 on their devices :)

    • Vivghkl

      5.0 won’t be official on march 15th, not until May anyway. The fact tat Samsung are releasing 4.2 speaks volumes, that Sony Z 4.2 isn’t even official and that’s for a model that is new to the market whereas the S3 has received multiple updates for a device that is a year old. You can bet that KLP will be part of the package, late but at least it will be probably the ONLY 2012 flagship to receive a 5.0 update. They’ve come a long way since the fabled Galaxy S1 update.

  • dandroid13

    Samsung doing the job well and you guys all hyped about some HTcrap device…

  • IncCo

    I have to say, Samsung has definitely been on their A-game when it comes to updates.

  • So none for the USA Variants? Any Devs thinking of porting it?

  • Brady

    TouchWiz makes my stomach turn. I rooted my S3 the day it touched my hand

  • Ali Al-Dhalemi

    They are releasing the updates for 4.2 already when they haven’t even released the 4.1.2 update they said they’d release on December.

    • hideeho100isaskinhead

      Fest assured the updates are coming unlike the others who can’t even be bothered updating thier devices from 2 years ago.

  • Ramps

    AT&T hasn’t even gotten 4.1,2 yet USA version,… Wtf?!?

  • Rams n

    AT&T hasn’t even got 4.1.2 on us network??


    Is Samsung coming out with a galaxy S4 and when I heard march 14th is that true?

  • the phone in the picture is not a GS3. FFC is on the wrong side and the screen size is small. Looks like the mini to me.

  • larry

    Yea I still have 4.1.1 on my tmobile gs3 I thought this phone being so good they would try and have a us update by now wtf

  • Hussain

    Ever since 4.1.1 was forced on ATT S3 users, my car’s bluetooth functionality will not work. The phone will pair with the car, but then break the connection in 5 minutes, but the iPhone works without any issues. Does anyone know if there are bluetooth fixes in 4.2 releases?


  • Joey

    So, the s4 is out, when are we going to see the s3 update

  • chapman1969

    I had a htc rezound before I got my gs3 on verizon the one thing I can say is that samsung updates there phones not like htc where it takes forever???