Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update rolling out “very soon,” Galaxy Note 10.1 and original Galaxy Note also to get it

August 29, 2012
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    One of the reason some Android fans were eagerly waiting for today’s Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin wasn’t the Google Note 2 announcement, or the promise of an Android-based Galaxy-branded camera.

    Galaxy S3 owners that are up to date with the Jelly Bean update rumor mill have also heard that Samsung was expected to roll out the Android 4.1 update for its third-generation Galaxy S model today, according to some sources, while others said that the update will hit soon after the event.

    We have some good news for them, at least sort of good, as the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is coming “very soon.” Samsung said it on stage today, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it delivered tomorrow, or in the following days.

    In addition to this highly anticipated Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 update, Samsung will also release “very soon” the Galaxy Note 10.1 Jelly Bean build right alongside the Galaxy Note Jelly Bean ROM – admittedly, Samsung only mentioned the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 on stage when talking about updates, but the Galaxy Note was very much present in the imagery.

    Anyone excited?

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    • abner hagelsieb

      not really excited….. more like disappointed, why do all the Android updates have to be like that? i come from a fruit 4s phone and the OS updates are straight up, no waiting, no flashing once it comes out you can have it on your phone disregarding the carrier, country or variant…..

      • popomano

        Yup dissapointed with the coming soon crap … samsung please copy apple in this respect

      • IncCo

        Thats because samsung doesnt “own” android.. google does. If you were to have a nexus device you would’ve had jelly bean. Also, crapple never says anything before the update, so it seems like it was quick, since you never knew anything about it in the first place. HOWEVER.. where is ios6 e.g.?

      • Brendan

        Guys please be mindful, that with Android, once Google releases the source Code, each company needs to test this code on each of the phones they wish to run on. they also have to update their existing code, to support the updates. With Apple, as these is only 1 company and 1 phone they need to support, updates are pushed out faster. With Android, Google Releases the code, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC all need to update their own software then off the each phone

        • Alex Bin Zhao

          I reckon that depends on how much modifications they have done to Android, all these phone makers and carriers they like to add some useless custom stuff to show they are different from the rest, which makes integrated with new version of Android more difficult. Maybe Google should design Android more modularized to ease the pain.

      • sg3jbk

        You dont have to flash dummy downlaod it ota and it dose it all it self. You only flash custom rom’s dummy

    • wrblove

      I definitely Agree! I HATE waiting on these firmwares. That’s the one thing I did like about my iphone, updates were constant and they didn’t happen once a year after hearing “coming soon” “later in the year” etc, 10 times

    • Alex Smislovs

      So go back on iphone 4s and be silent!!!!

    • Masahiro

      fuck u american faggots! mad because europe will get it first?? do you know how many times you got before us? so shut up! and wait!!! dont cry over it! let others try it first too!

      • Imran McGrath

        Dude, international versions always get updates first. That’s how it’s always been and you don’t see anyone bitching about it like you are right now. You sound like the mad one.

        • Masahiro

          they are bitching about iphone bla bla.. iphone is american thats why they get it first and right way! at least android have lots of rooms while iphone users are freakin stuck with that. so dont complain about android!

          • Michael Meyer

            android (and google) are american too, fool.

            • Masahiro

              u dont say,, but last time i checked the release of jelly bean was by Samsung hands.

            • Brendan

              Only for Samsung Phones. Clearly you have no idea about the whole Android upgrade process. When Samsung Release the Jelly Bean Update, it will be for everyone around the “World” who has an international version. I live in Australia and I will get the update the same time you do. If you want to talk about this being releases elsewhere first, Lets talk about Google Wallet for NFC payments. We do not have access to this in Australia. However Australia has the highest technology uptake rate when any where else, yet we are the last place to see new and cool stuff

          • afead ef

            LOL!! I’m laughing at you people fighting over the internet about a software update for the gs3!! lol!! mad trolls!! hahahahhaha

      • GregSki86

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        • masahiro

          and all Americans can do is mom and dad jokes.. lack of creativity.. thats why you live in a fucked up country… get a life… wait one more month for the update… good luck.. suck it.

          • sg3jbk

            Usa and canada are the world your not even on the map where do you live? In a broke ass country. Usa and canada rule the world We thought we would be nice just this once and let you get an update first. Enjoy because this will be the last time you get anything first.

            • Aus12

              You’re a dumb cunt mate. The world knows the us has issues so give up. That’s why we continue to be voted world’s most livable. Speaks for itself bro

            • GregSki86

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            • A

              Hmm, last time I checked USA was owned by China. Who’s broke now?

            • GregSki86

              where you from again? obviously no where important if you’re a bitch that just takes shots. You europeans are just pussies its hilarious

            • gr8

              I mean, how is it even possible. Some guy writes a honest piece about Jelly Bean, and all of a sudden some shithead starts promoting his shitty country. Why don’t you stick to the topic.

              With that said, I am running a leaked 4.1 rom right now. My opinion is that Samsung should take the time they need, because it is still far from perfect. Don’t rush it, or people will only continue bitching about something else. Go Samsung!

          • GregSki86

            your still a bitch

        • Can’t we all get along

          Seriously are you that ignorant that this is the only way you can communicate.

          • GregSki86

            I have a better way, f*ck you…defending a guy that started off the convo calling americans f*ggots…..once again f*ck you

            • Bill U Later

              Welcome to Android? I didn’t know that it was full of xbox users. Everybody’s got a big mouth hiding behind your device.

            • GregSki86

              I don’t have to hide behind my device dude, I’m from New Jersey if your from around the area I’d gladly meet you face to face….waiting for your response. Better hide behind your computer screen tech geek we’re not #bitchmade over here

            • Josh

              Well you ARE acting like a douche, so I see where he was coming from! I don’t care what country you’re from. People like you give the rest of America a bad name.

            • GregSki86

              your a fuckin idiot, read the times posted #dumbass and for the record, pussies like you no matter where your from give your country a bad name, I guess vaginas such as yourself choose not to defend the country your from….

        • E-Money

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    • Waleed Mr’manunited

      how soon is soon?

    • Dave Clegg

      As someone who is new to android, does that mean released to carriers to add their custom stuff then onto us after they are done? Or does it mean it’s already been through that process and is released to the end user (provided the carrier is ready) any day now?

      • Brendan

        Samsung will release the stock rom, international versions of the phone can download this rom. However carrier based phone will still need to wait for the carrier software update

      • sg3jbk

        The jelly bean update dosent get customized by any carrier when it is ready for usa and canada we get the raw offical 4.1 jeally bean. The only reason ics was slighty customizes by carriers is because ics is what the phone came with. All galaxy s3 Users get the uncustomizede full jeally bean. The Note 2 will have a customized carrier version of jelly bean beacuse that is what the note 2 was shiped with/came with.

      • Mark

        I am confused as well, I will be coming from an iPhone 4s, so I’m a TOTAL newbie. Simple question, If I buy a S3 locked to Rogers (I live in Toronto), will I be able to get the JB update as soon as it’s released? If yes, how sure are you? If no, then when do you think I’ll be able to get one? Another question if no, would there be a way around it (IE rooting and downloading)? Thank You

    • Arne Hermansen

      I am glad yes, and happy that i forget aboat my LG optimus x2 and bay a samsung galaxy s3…yes…yes…

    • Brandon gs3

      really wish so called android news outlets would just stop speculating and getting everyones hopes up like that just shut the fuck up until you actually hear it from sammy

    • Brandon gs3

      its not the waiting its the stupid reports based on rumors of rumor and speculation that get everyone exited im talking about you chris smith ! stop speculating


      All you guys shut the hell up this is suppose to be comments on the article, geez. Yes waiting for updates sucks but dont worry since Jelly Bean is only a minor update from ICS there wont be a long wait like the major update from Gingerbread to_ICS was. -KID ANDROID

    • Natcal

      I can’t wait 2 B able 2 download from Google Play Store again, & get SMS tones when someone replies 2 a previous message!! My brother (who has the same problem) has been everywhere, & spoken 2 everyone about this problem, only 2 find we R not the only ones, & 2 B told last week that there will B a “patch” sent our S3, that will fix this. I hope this Jellybean fixes it, as we R all still waiting for the “patch”, & can only download from the Google Play Store via Wifi & not 3G.

      • Nicko

        You might have a setting that only allows downloading when on Wi-Fi

    • roy

      whn does d galaxy note gets d android 4.1 update??

    • Alex

      I’m probably going to stick with ICS so I don’t loose my precious flash support.

    • Arne Hermansen

      soon is soon and very soon is very soon I hope…… :)))

    • Patrix Henry

      does anyone know if the update includes the bug that facebook contacts wont sync to s3?…

    • Allan L

      Was just updated to version 4.0.4 this morning via Telus here in Alberta

    • Soul Asylum

      Hey masahiro if that is your name,shut your dick sucking 3rd world country ass up.

    • Soul Asylum

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    • Claire Stokes

      The wait for this update is getting old now just get it done so people can bitch about something else.

    • abc
    • Teresa Ballard

      i am really new, i still have iphone4s i want the note2 but i dont understand the jelly bean

    • Jason

      Fucking…stupid …mother fucker..I will crush your neck …son of a batch..

    • ANH anh Anh

      As someone who is new to android, does that mean released to carriers to add their custom stuff then onto us after they are done? Or does it mean it’s already been through that process and is released to the end user

    • linhtuty
    • quan bamboo

      I like Note 2. more than iphone 5

      So beautiful

    • bogiaoduc
    • bogiaoduc
    • lê văn trọng
    • nguyễn thắng

      The Note 2 will have a customized carrier version of jelly bean beacuse that is what the note 2 was shiped with/came with.

    • tintuctuyensinh24h

      Only for Samsung Phones. Clearly you have no idea about the whole Android upgrade process.

    • Công ty môi trường
    • alala
    • jason

      Seriously are you that ignorant that this is the only way you can communicate.