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It’s the non-Nexus lifestyle. Waiting and praying for an update with no timeline of just when that update might arrive. Samsung has been one of the best in regards to Android updates and it has continued its great track record by providing the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S2 Plus, at least in Germany.

Wait! What? Nope, that’s not a typo. Samsung has decided to grace a smartphone which, let’s face it, isn’t the most popular smartphone in recent memory, with the Android 4.2 update, while leaving the much popular Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, and Galaxy S2 (which has almost the exact same specifications as the S2 Plus), with the older Android 4.1.2 build.

Now the reason for this could very well be that the Galaxy S2 Plus isn’t a popular smartphone, and Samsung is using the smartphone to test the waters for the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, or that the rumors for Samsung skipping the Android 4.2 update for the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 and jumping straight to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean are true.

Galaxy S2 Plus update

So where does this leave the poor, just a little old, Samsung Galaxy S2? The Galaxy S2 is now over 2 years old, and it’s already received two major updates, so Samsung could simply decide not to update the smartphone. However, based on the similarities in the specifications between the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S2 Plus, we would be very surprised if that happened.

The update for the Galaxy S2 Plus will bring lockscreen widgets, the Daydream screensaver, performance improvements, as well as a few features from the Galaxy S4. If you have a Galaxy S2 Plus and you live in Germany, you can get the update by connecting to Samsung Kies and downloading the update in the usual fashion. Other countries should recieve the update soon.

Are you disappointed at the fact that the Galaxy S2 Plus is running newer software than it’s much more popular counterparts?

  • tad

    No….i think samsung will give the s3 the update SOON!!

  • Tim

    This is the strength and what separates Samsung from everyone else. if you build solid hardware you should be able to keep it running and current software, firmware, and updates. What’s cheaper, buying a good headset once every five years and getting a new phone with updates or buying a new phone every year or six months so the company can use you as a test subject?


  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Yes I’m upset! Hoping they just quickly test it and release very quick for S3. We’ve been waiting for ever.

  • rama_10

    This is sickening….galaxy s3 works on a quad core processor and 1gb ram and still the update has been sent first to a older flagship….
    How sick this is…we s3 owners have waited months and months for the 4.2 update and now the preferences are given to an older flagship…screw u samsung….this is my first and last phone wid samsung ! :-/

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Actually, the S2 Plus is newer than the S3. The S2 Plus (not S2) was released early this year.

      • Tim

        Yup, just like the I9305 is more closer to the S4 in build specs. Still this article is about compatibility and function something we all will have. I know someone who is running 4.1.2 on galaxy S.

    • Aston Martin

      I’m saying why don’t you stop complaining stop waiting on samsung to push out a 4.2 OTA update & root & flash to 4.2.2 cyanogenmod Nightly & Stable is 4.3 CM & you can change that don’t like it fix I have a Samsung Epic 4G 2010 stock 2.3.6 Root & Flash 4.3 CM10.1.2 (You Have The Power To Change That)

      • Tim

        Again, this is why I love Samsung! you have options! Your post puts this all into perspective.

      • Vítek Petrů

        I didn’t buy samsung to have cyanogenmod, i like tw and everything about it, if i didn’t like it i would buy nexus…

    • Aston Martin

      11hrs ago the CM team put 4.3 Jellybean rom it’s early so it will have some bugs but you can taste the 4.3 jellybean on your s3

    • Tim

      I gave my brother the old S2 which was closer to the S2-Plus when released at final build as far as internal specs go. I like it that Samsung does not continue working on the same update but will try to make sure that everyone has the latest. Even their 2 year ole phone which is still a work horse! I can wait! Rushing is why apple is numba 2 now, remember that fact.

    • abdulrehman

      s2 plus is newer than s3. And if you are talking about the prossesser then you should know that s2 plus dosen’t works slow than s3. And s2 plus also have 1gb ram. So please………

    • CJ

      Just a little note buddy, the S2 Plus was not a flagship. ;)

    • hasnn

      u can opt for revolution hd ! simple

  • Cristi13

    Well guys, at least Samsung gives you updates (and faster) and also you have leaks that you can install right away (I believe there one for the s3 also). Here at sony , it took them almost 6 months to update the xperia s to ICS and almost a year to update it to jb (and it is the last update for it). Let’s not forget that they didn’t gave us an update to solve the bugs until jb. Damn, I should had bought a Samsung phone back then.

    • The Calm Critic

      You’re one of the disgruntled “older” SE policy end user so I can understand.. but now the newer Sony are probably the top Android OEM at AOSP compliance (xda devs approved) and we can see that they’re trying hard to overcome their past mistake.

      I’m not defending them per se I’m still an S II GT-I9100G user btw. But I’ve been tracking Sony’s Free Xperia Project so far and they’re placing their own proper devs at xda and AOSP directly working on CyanogenMod as fast as even the CM devs themselves. True that only the luckier Sony users (Xperia T and onwards) on newer models gets to reap the benefits (some of the external fixes do get streamed up to stock rels and the same back out to AOSP/CM) but I’ll remind you that not even Samsung took the same steps at getting close to xda devs not even now yet.

      • Cristi13

        I was talking about official updates. I know about aosp and cm (I have cm10 installed on my xps). Still Samsung phones have the best development. For example the 4.3 leak has already been ported to the normal s4 (even for the exynos version). But do you think people forget that easy all the shit with updates that we went through (since the xperia x10 days), the cameras that always performed behind competition? But believe what you want but when you’ll will change your s2, my advice is to be very careful.

    • Tim

      Truth! Most Samsung problems can be fixed with software tweaks. I have only seen a few problems with the internal devices acting up inside their headsets. Trust me if you pay over $400 bucks or more for a phone and you have to go inside of it and fix it yourself as advised by the company you have been duked! HTC, Meizu M8, Motorola, etc….

  • waiting….

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Oddly enough…I don’t really care if the update takes a little longer to come out, or if the S3 owners get it first. I can deal with the annoyance bugs in 4.1.2 for a while, as long as 4.2/4.3 is complete when sent. Then again, the Note 3 is likely only a few months away anyway, so…
    Yes, I am speaking for myself alone.

  • kimLJT

    now I strongly believe that us (s3-s3 lte) and note 2 owners will likely get the 4.3. maybe this 4.2 with s2 plus will be the last update for them but not with their best selling phones :)

  • Jack Parker

    This is exactly why when my contract is up, im getting a Sony or HTC, i know neither are great with updates but the UI’s are better, you get more internal space and its snappier with hardly any lag

    • Tim

      I owned the HD2 from HTC and another Sony product headset. The HD2 was released with many problems and most their stuff has a problem with heat up issues. Once I got my first update things only got worse. That was a sign not to buy that companies product again even if they used me as a consumer tester selling a unfinished product as a finish one. My Sony headset was a bit better but they were playing catchup in the world of smartphones which usually means using the customer as the tester for the product. Their latest phone is probably really good, it’s Sony after all, but I will stick with a product that has never caused me problems out of the box. That would be my Samsung stuff!

      Will I be a little mad that I didn’t get a quick update? Yes. Will I be happy that once I get it everything will work without problems? Hell Yes!

      • Jack Parker

        Thats true, back in the early days HTC were the ones to avoid but with their recent flagships ( One, One X, Butterfly ) They’ve been pretty good and good updates, same goes for Sony but they were the first ones to officially announce what phones that would get android 4.2.2, no other company apart from the nexus range have done that :)

  • akash

    is der a update of 4.2.2 for samsung galaxy grand >>>????

  • blowntoaster

    GRRRR. Sammy, there had better be something awesome in store for the S3, or I’ll be forced to buy your Note 3. wait…wtf. maybe that’s what they want. testing our patience…

  • simpleas

    Lol update 2 years on. Imagine htc with its barely 6 months update support

  • Rha

    I have SGS 2 plus so I don’t give a shi(r)t about s3… :))))))
    Not my problem!!!

    • Mike Palmer


  • Aston Martin

    Me I have a Samsung Epic 4g 2010 & I’m running 4.3 already me I can’t sit around & wait for OTA so I root & flash my device & besides OTA there to slow for me meaning the the time it takes to get a new OTA

  • Randy

    My S3 works fine, only time i get a problem if i was careless and installed 3rd party apps. The odd one gave me a slight battery drain prob. Since then i stuck to samsung/google play aps. If i am not wrong we have had 2 pdates already. Another one would be great but nothings broken here, so i can wait. I hav been through htc,sony and iphones 4s and 5 for my kids.I love this phone, but will be getting note 3 as it will be easir for home care records. Good luck to the impatient peeps, seems to take 10 x longer when your antsy.

  • shebi adn

    need update for Samsung galaxy s2 not s2 plus .. thats better

  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    Bravo samsung way to get rid of new converts with your bullshit update system. You may have BEEN quick with your updates but you have abandoned the note 2 for that P.O.S s4. Android 4.3 is out and you chose to skip 4.2 for the note2? Who is running the show over their. I left HTC for the note 2 and have been extremely happy until the repeated neglect of updates to my note 2 amd my wifes s3. This might be the last samsung phone I buy. Maybe its better to buy nexus devices but they dont make a nexus note device. Fuck samsung and FML!!!!!!

  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    There not their*

  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    Oh and the international unlocked version does not work in my case.

  • Yazeed A Abuzaid

    What about the galaxy s4

  • Espan

    Would the Galaxy s3 mini be updating to 4.2.2 Jelly Bean as well ???

  • Please give me the link for I9105 version !!! ( not i9105P )

  • Rares Bal

    How can we calibrate the gyroscope after the update to jb 4.2.2 for i9105P?I don’t find the option in the menu of the phone