Galaxy S2 LTE and Galaxy Note rumored Heading to Telstra in Australia

by: AlexanderFebruary 7, 2012
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note and their Galaxy S2 LTE could be heading to Australian carrier Telstra, if the latest from the rumor mill prove to be correct. According to Ausdroid, which cites it’s own insider sources at the network, both devices recently made their way into the Telstra’s internal systems, suggesting a launch coming very soon.

The LTE version of the very popular Galaxy Note is due to launch on AT&T, they’ve already started the pre-orders, as well as all of the major Canadian carriers. The Galaxy S2 LTE is already available on a wide range of carriers worldwide. Until now neither phone has seen an official Australian release, but with Samsung aggressively pushing both devices out around the world, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see an Australian launch coming very soon.

As always we will keep you posted with the latest on the Galaxy S2 LTE and Galaxy Note with Australian carrier Telstra. For those of you in Australia, are you interested in either of these phones? Let us know in the comments which ones. You can also check out our review of the Galaxy Note (international edition), while we wait confirmation

  • Paul

    I’m jumping on the Galaxy Note as soon as it hits Telstra!

  • Anon

    I wish there was going to be a non-telstra alternative, anyone know how long it might be before optus pick this one up?

  • Alan Bottomley

    I am very keen to get the Galaxy Note as soon as it is released by Telstra, that is assuming that it will be released by Telstra.
    I have made myself a wooden model of the Note to check how it fits in my pocket etc and it is fine. The large high resolution screen will be a big boost to functionality of the device.
    I am also hoping that this device will replace BOTH my phone and my pocket camera.

  • Ben

    I have an OS bought international galaxy note GT-N7000 on Telstra and love it. As such want to be sure the transition to ICS is a good move. Concerned that many users complaining that the tradition for the galaxy S2 was bad. So anyone in my shoes (Note users), be very keen to hear about your experience, especially how to backup, all the good and bad items, AND how to step back if it plainly sucks…