Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update announced for February in Singapore, rest of the world can’t be far

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 14, 2013


It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster when it comes to Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S2. Release dates have been pushed back and back, and there have recently been rumors flying about from Samsung Korea, but a solid release date still eludes S2 owners.

Well now we might actually be getting close to something more definite, as a Samsung spokesperson has stated that Android 4.1 updates will begin rolling out to current S2 owners in the beginning of February, if you’re living in Singapore.

So that’s both good news and bad news I suppose, great news that we are officially moving closer to a release date, but bad news as we still have no idea when the rest of the world will be seeing the update.

I suspect that the official release will fit with the recently information leaked from Samsung Korea, which interestingly has been taken down after it leaked. The leaked image showed the device running Android 4.1.2 and also listed the pre-installed apps and functionality which will ship with the update. Whilst 4.1.2 is not the newest version of Android, the update will contain all of the major Jelly Bean features, such as the updated camera, enhanced notification panel, swipe gesture typing, Google Now, and Project Butter.

So when can users in other regions expect to see the Jelly Bean update? Well it’s hard to say exactly, but we are probably still in for a long wait before we see any updates roll out in Europe or the US, as carriers will still want to tweak their specific versions of the update, and make sure that all their bloatware still works.

The good news is that we are officially etching ever closer, so we should hopefully see the Jelly Bean update roll out across the globe in the months following February.

  • Aziz Farhi

    Nothing about the original Note ? :|

    • rickneworleansla

      Agreed. Where is it?


    that bitches are about to making me mad! where is the goddamn update?

  • sami

    Fuck you samsung u really playing with feelings of s2 users :-(

  • wichoxp

    Good news to me. I won’t be fuckd searching the update daily… UNTIL FEB >:( !

  • Eren Yılmaz

    What the fuck? I’ve been waiting like 2 months for JB. Now I’ve to wait more.
    Damn Samsung.

  • Miyum

    This is getting on my nerves now :@
    I’m not even able to upgrade my s2 to ICS :/
    Kies sucks a big time.. hating Samsung!

  • nunya

    fuck this im buying a iphone 5.

  • fmd

    what the heck is wrong with samsung.first they said it will be in november and then december and then january and now they are saying february wtf is wrong with them. i have waited too fking long for this

    • damo

      Prob because they have been working on the s3 update so now they have to compile it for the s2, as they said to be implementing the same features of the s3 in the s2

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  • The ?

    Maby they whant to sell some Galaxy S2 plus first and milk out some more money
    Since Jelly Bean Is About the only thing plus about it

  • Sigit

    For those eager but frustrated: I have been using their officially leaked JB since November last year and put the ripple effects from different source. The damn thing works fine and is stable, and after I put JuiceDefender, my battery averages 15 hours with normal use (phone, text, browsing). Left home 6:00 at 100% and arrive home 20:00 with average 20% remaining. Not-fcuking-bad!

  • Sigit
  • Sigit

    I have a JB with ripple effect and my battery averages 18 hours with heavy use. The good thing about banging your head on the wall is, when you stop doing it, you feel good.

  • Sigit

    Try this:
    Then this:
    Then install JuiceDefender. You need neither the JB update from them nor the new product.

  • steven

    ill defo be leaving samsung mobiles, they are for taking the piss with their updates.

  • Because they have to release galaxy s2 plus with 4.1.2! A phone worst than s2 with s3 skin.

  • Danial Zainal

    its comin to an end of feb… are u sure that the update will come on feb.. seriously.

  • Angry consumer

    Fuck you I spent money on an s2 and you are fucking neglecting me. I might switch over to an iPhone you assholes

  • john

    htc one

  • Danial Zainal

    damn it samsung.. its already march. s4 juz lauched, will be selling on 26april.. now .. where is the updat? i need it to solve the freez issue.