Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update, where are the leaked Android 4.1.1 pre-release versions?

by: Chris SmithSeptember 9, 2012

We keep talking about Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean updates for some of the hottest Android devices in town, Samsung smartphones and tablets included, but we’re yet to see any roll out details for any of them.

Luckily for Samsung device owners, we’ve seen a variety of leaks for some of the company’s smartphones and tablets, which indicate that final Jelly Bean builds will be soon rolled out. The list of supported devices that already have a variety of leaked pre-release ROMs include the Galaxy S3 (international and North American versions), the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

In fact, even though it’s the weekend, the Galaxy S3 received not one, but two Jelly Bean pre-release firmware versions these days, dated September 7 and September 9. A few hours ago we concluded that Samsung is simply doing this in order to have ordinary users test Jelly Bean builds for various devices ahead of the official update – this seems to be the simplest explanation for the countless leaks – so we can’t but wonder where are the similar firmware versions for other popular Galaxy-branded devices.

That list includes the original Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S2, among other devices, which should, at least in theory, receive Android 4.1.1 upgrades.

Samsung did not mention when said updates will arrive. At the IFA 2012 Unpacked event, the company did say that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 will be “soon” updated, but the images used during the presentation also included the Galaxy Note. Curiously enough though, the Galaxy S2 wasn’t referred to.

We didn’t think much of it at the time, but now, with each new Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean ROM that gets leaked we can’t but ask ourselves where the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean leaks are.

Sure, you can install Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs on the Galaxy S2, and we have already shown you how to do it – not that we advise you to go down that way. But that’s not what all users will want to have running on their devices. And Samsung is not sharing any details about its Jelly Bean update schedule.

An older rumor did say that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S2 version, but that wasn’t a priority at the time, compared to the work needed for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean firmware. That rumor suggested that the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean is on track for a Q4 2012 release, maybe as soon as October, but we haven’t really heard any more details on the matter since then.

What do you say, Galaxy S2 owners? Are you going to wait for the Galaxy S2 update to come out or are you buying a Jelly Bean-running device soon?

  • fsadfas fasdfasdfa

    i will get nexus 7, as soon as nexus comes to my country. fuck samsung, even their ICS for S2 sucks, GB was a lot better.

  • gt diss

    i am disapointed with samsung..i got s3 gt-i9300 and wifi bug that reconnecting me every 30 sec. I have installed 4 jelly bean versions and nothing…same issue. I really starting to think about some another comp. HTC for example. or apple maybe.


      Does the S3 actually disconnect from the wifi signal or does it just search every 30 seconds ? My Galaxy Note searches for a wifi every 30 seconds but it doesnt disconnect from the wifi connection Im using.- KID ANDROID

      • gt diss

        every android smart phone have on every 30 sec. searching. i have drop reconnect … but i dont have reconnect often on every wi fi modem only in my house on d-link i have often reconnecting

    • Todd

      My s3 was doing that. Verizon advised me to take it back it is defective. I got a new one and no problems here! I love this phone.

    • This kind of thing started with anroid 2.3.5 on the original GS,to solve it , is very simple , just change your wifi LAN by using any browser on a pc which is connected to the same wifi , copy this numbers and paste it on you browser and then login (the password is ADMIN) – LAN setting – LEASE change to maximum 1 week or anything rather than permanent – apply.

    • Dave

      Not all user has the problem on their S3 , the problem must have came from flashing custom rom. Search the web might find a way to fix it.

  • filip

    I am already running jb rom and it works just fine…

  • Asd

    Just thinking sell S2 & get s3

    • anjo.

      Get LG Optimus 4HD very nice than samsung

  • Luis Guillermo

    We have to make a “protest”. We have millions of Galaxy S2 users,abd this phone made in a way what samsung is today. It was the best smartphone in 2011 and I think it can’t be forgotten very simple.

  • what about galaxy nexus?

  • Resurrection Remix 2.6.1 ICS ROM is about as good as ICS gets on the i9100, and that is to say it’s as close to ideal as a smartphone OS gets.

    The same ROM is currently available in Jellybean based on the AOKP previews, which are not quite 100% functional yet but good enough to use as a daily driver and improved on a near weekly basis.

    These days most S2s are out of their warranty period, so there isn’t any reason not to root and enjoy the benefits of custom ROMs. Never liked touchwiz to begin with.

    RR 2.6.1 for me until a rock solid JB ROM comes out!

    • Tíghearnán Carroll

      Try CM10 for Jelly Bean, I’m using it until RR is more feature packed

  • Dadd

    dun make me feel dissapointed, Samsung~

  • You darn right we are waiting for a jelly bean update.. Samsung really doesnt expect us to throw our smart phones every year and get that new “S” phone to get the latest android version!

  • Dave

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is good as Galaxy S3 … So Samsung don’t forget S2 and their owner. Thankz

  • I am already running the ReVolt Jelly Bean ROM on my S2; it’s quicker and more responsive that ICS, and kinder to the battery too.
    This particular version is very nice looking and everything works, although some aspects are still a little rough around the edges.
    The less powerful Galaxy Nexus already has JB, so there really is no reason for Samsung not to update the the S2, except to force us to all go out and buy an S3.