Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update details revealed by Samsung Korea, release date not so much

by: Chris SmithJanuary 5, 2013


While we expected the Galaxy S2 to be upgraded to Jelly Bean at some point last year, that hasn’t happened. To get things out of the way we’ll tell you right from the start of this post that we don’t have a release date available for the Galaxy S2 Android 4.1 upgrade.

However, Samsung Korea has posted more details about this highly anticipated update, even if it forgot to specify when it will be rolled out.

Apparently the upgrade to Jelly Bean will be done only via Kies and the whole thing will take at least one hour. During the update you’ll lose 1GB of storage, which will be used for system partition. That means internal memory will be at 11GB once Android 4.1 will be installed.

Here are other changes Galaxy S2 users can expect, as translated by Sam Mobile:

Major Changes in the new Software Upgrade

  1. Platform upgrade Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich → Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
    • Improved Home screens and improved scrolling performance (thanks to project Butter)
    • Improved usability for some applications
  2. Preloaded applications
    • Add Help
    • Add Google+
    • Add +Talk
    • Add Play Book
    • Add Play Movie
  3. Newly added/improved functions
    • Add Easy mode, Block mode
    • Improved Camera functions: function like Pause while recording and more
    • Add Smart Stay
    • New functions like Pop-up play and more
    • Improved some functions & applications usability

We’ll be back with more details about the actual rollout of the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean upgrade in the near future.

  • Kamal Iqwan

    no multi windows? :(

  • hoggleboggle

    it amazes me that a company the size of Samsung take so much longer to update their hardware than the dedicated but considerably smaller ROM community. I have had 4.1 on my GS2 for months now and have just updated it to 4.2 (with a few bits missing) thanks to the chaps at Resurrectionremix

    • Reginald Spence II

      It’s because Samsung is trying so hard to break records by coming up with a new Galaxy device every week. Seriously, everything they make is a Galaxy. They need to slow their roll.

  • samsung the laziest bug on earth,why do they keep people waiting for so long :@

    • beboo

      they want to sell the S3 and note 2 they give you the update late to mae alot of people to buy the new devices

    • EKfine

      if youre tired of waiting then dont be lazy too and flash the firmware/rom you want. there are lots out there! it’s easy even if you dont have the knowledge just follow guides!

  • derp

    I have a gt i9100 I t is aawesome and do I lo ce it bufnjo I want fo know updaylte wlrelease when. Oh the une lf galaxy s2 my grandma uzes galaxy s3; she got jely bean but I not. :( poor me. Im drunked

  • no1uknowof

    Finally some fresh news about jelly bean for GS2. Haven`t heard anything new since November. Surprised that it took so long for Samsung to release this update, have been eagerly waiting for it since August! Google Now is still included, right? It wasn`t mentioned above. And how close are we to get release dates? It`s gotta be now or never….

  • Tom

    Heh I’m glad I bought an iPhone, now I don’t have such problems. :D

    • Then why are you searching for S2 jellybean update

    • Blackhex

      Now you have a prison like os where excellent apps are replaced with mediocre ones just because they can’t handle the competition (maps). A phone made by a company that sells overpriced & overhyped decives, which are very behind their competitors, whilst making you think you have the best device available.
      Can’t stand smug iPhone sheep trolling through the Android forums just so they can tell us how much better their idevices are, when they clearly aren’t.

      • Randy Sylmar

        Google Maps is available for the iPhone first of all. The iPhone with contract goes for $199, and without is still around the same price for a Galaxy S III. Behind competitors? Daily use tests prove that the iPhone still outlasts and bests any flagship android device in the market. Mediocre apps? All apps are fully optimized for iOS compared to how carelessly developed android apps are. There will never be an android app better than an iPhone app because developers care about money and optimizing for the iPhone is much easier/profitable than 10 flagship devices with 10 different processors and with only 1 out of 10 devices with the actual Jellybean update.

        After testing an iPhone 5 vs my S3 and Note 2, the iPhone 5 takes the cake here. 6.1 update right when I turned it on, all apps work flawlessly and fluid. Any app on the market is available while I used to hope and pray that the app was available for Android. To top it off, Android developers flood way more Ads on lite/free apps versus iPhone free/lite apps. To the point where it’s almost unplayable. Nothing is optimized for any Android device which makes even having a flagship device seem sluggish when a lower spec’d iPhone 5 can run flawlessly.

        Apple is overhyped because people overhype it. However, benchmark tests, real-time benchmark tests, battery tests, and properly optimized apps is all the proof you need.

        • Blackhex

          Yes but they insisted on swapping a perfectly good maps app with their own which was nowhere near as good. Why? Why make their customers have to re download it?
          Even if the iPhone 5 is the same price as S3 it’s still overpriced for what you get compared to the S3! Excellent 4.8″ screen compared with tiny 4″ thin screen which is still smaller than the S2 which came out over a year before! Yet everyone made such a big thing about it like it was a revelation. Expandable storage, removable battery etc.
          Benchmark results are only better because ios is so light compared to JB, I’d rather have all the exciting customisation android offers than shave a few seconds off a browser load time etc. For the record JB is really smooth. And benchmarks are just numbers; the user experience is what indicates a good phone & S3 was a massive hit, even stealing loyal Apple fans, including me.
          Another feature which was supposedly new & exciting was the text back to canceled call feature – this has been available on android for many versions. Same goes for the poor imitation of the notification bar.
          There’s also very limited sharing & app integration options.
          The biggest thing for me is being able to customise my phone. The most you can do on iPhone is change the background & lockscreen pic or reshuffle the boring grid of icons. Has the app store with it’s wide selection of wonderful advert-less apps got SwiftKey (allow usage of fantastic keyboard)? Or widget locker (change lockscreen)? Or nova launcher (change everything about how your phone look or behaves)? To name but a few.
          The apps I use may have adverts in but if the app is good enough I will happily support the Dev. by paying for their product. What’s the big deal? Why shouldn’t we support development? The apps I have work fine with my phone and my version of Android.
          When I go back to my iPhone 4 (ios 6) or my ipad 2 (ios 5) I feel like I’m taking a massive step backwards.
          Are you referring to the lack of accessories that fit android? I will agree, that is a shame, but I think more development is happening so hopefully not too long to wait. I can just use my iPhone 4 as my car/stereo player. Although hasn’t the new, smaller lightning port caused compatibly problems?

          Anyway, this video made me realise how backwards ios is compared to android.

          And this video points out things iPhone 5 can’t do.

          Listen at the end of the day, you like what you like and I have better taste… Kidding, each to their own. :-) iPhone isn’t all bad, but I just couldn’t go back to Apple unless they can best Android, which for me is unlikely.

        • Bangz Crosby

          Thats because thats how android makes its money through advitising were as apple make it through the courts i myself have the iphone 5 and s3 and my personal pref is the s3 is just a killer so what does it come down to. ..and if im honest the apple store is mostly full of kiddy apps but i guess android is open eh…

    • Laughing at Tom

      No, you have a whole set of other problems……….small screen, no customization, chained to ITUNES etc etc etc

  • those changes are in XXLSJ….

  • Mace

    Samsung is full of it they have to many bugs and lie all the time that’s why I’m going with HTC. When they have an upgrade it happens my coworkers and friends that have or had galaxy phones switched to HTC and doesn’t have any problems.

    • Tanya

      That is because you’ve never had a Samsung. HTC/Sony/Nokia and Apple fanboys are all the same and as ignorant and pig headed as each other.

  • Somedude

    As long as I can root it and get rid of all the crap as soon as I upgrade then I will be happy

  • Somedude

    Derp you are not drunk you are retarded. Fact.

  • Rambir

    The only thing I want is for touchwiz to look less ugly. But I guess not most skins look ugly. I didn’t get the s2. I got it’s brother the Galaxy Nexus and now the Nexus 4. I love project butter so I’m sure the s2 users will love it too.

  • I updated my S2 (AT&T) via Kies to 4.0.4, and it locked my cell.
    Now I cant use my sim card!
    Any suggestions??