After showing you a new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean leak for the Galaxy S3, which happens to bring various Galaxy Note 2 apps to the handset, multi-window view included, it’s now time to look at a similar leak for the older Galaxy S2.

Unlike its successor that has recently started receiving the Jelly Bean update, the Galaxy S2 is still waiting for Samsung to roll out its own Jelly Bean version. Those of you that still rely on the Galaxy S2 for daily smartphone operations and don’t want to wait for the official Jelly Bean upgrade or don’t want to install other Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs can try out test firmware version I9100XXLSJ that has just been leaked.

Sam Mobile reports that the Android 4.1.2 firmware for the Galaxy S2 is “the first ever” such leak for the handset, and comes from xda-developers forum member izap.

Like always, make sure you follow the appropriate steps when installing custom software on your handset and remember that you’re the only person responsible for whatever happens with your device during the process and that we’ll never encourage you to install test firmware versions on your devices.

A release date for the Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is not yet available, although we expect Samsung to roll it out by the end of the year.

  • doog duke

    Mother fuck Canada s3 still don’t have jelly bean and the s2 is getting wtf

    • Android Guru

      if your is international (GT-I9300) you can install the official jelly bean update with odin, and the s3 isn’t getting jelly bean! i tested this firmware and its so buggy, so it would take long time at least at 2013 jb will come to the s3, sorry for my bad grammer

      • DUKEDOG

        your noop its coming next week to my I747M

  • Charlie Klementowich

    haha man that sucks! I’m an American living in Korea, I love that they actually keep supporting their products. I’ll be excited if Jelly Bean actually comes to my S2

    • tmrasdf

      it’s working rename all file’s extension to .tar instead of tar.md5 then flash it using odin i hope you understand i’m not good at my english

      • Charlie Klementowich

        Does this require a root? Does it require a sim card? I’ll admit, I’m not good at doing that stuff, especially since I don’t speak any Korean.

    • tmrasdf

      it’s working man rename the extension of all pda,phone,csc file to .tar instead of .tar.md5 then flash it using odin you don’t need to use pit files i hope you understadn i’m not american or english i’m not good at english ;)

  • Benedict Tan

    one step closer to a real working hwcomposer! :)

  • Guys…I’m just wondering… With this update, what’s the reason people should buy S3 instead of S2 ? :D Both phones are same. Well, excluding the hardware part where is a little difference :D

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Further upgrade possibility? I have a feeling 4.1.2 may be the last Android update (outside of bug fixes) for the S2.

      • Yup…that’s a reason too, but I am sure the xda developers will continue with the good stuff. We’ll see.

    • Ronaldo

      Strange reasoning… So, if a old penium dual core runs Windows 8, Why do you want a quad or eight core processor?? or why do you want a better VGA card???

      You´ve never used a slow smartphone… you´ve never experienced how frustating it is. The hardware difference is the best reason.. not the android update

      • Yes, you are right, but at this moment, between a dual core cpu and a quad-core cpu is no difference with Android. At least in version 4.0+. Windows is other dogs food right now. In Windows even every single mb of ram matter, but in Android (and Linux) is a waste. I have an S3, I had an S2 and head to head both are running smooth. I am waiting for the S4, because the full hd screen and 2 gigs makes my brain saying: “Shut up and take my money” LOL

  • Peter Blanco

    How about Samsung focuses on their flagship phone that you know outsold the iPhone ? I’m still waiting here for JB on the S3….

  • My hubby got the Jelly Bean update on his S3 here in the UK without using KIES or anything, he just went to the upgrade firmware option on his phone and it was there available for download. I’m waiting to get it on my S2 :)

    • Manjit

      must be an OTA

  • avi

    this firmware is good but have some problems in modem (person can’t listen from other side)

  • cdashil

    direct call is not working

    • gauthambla

      it is working for me

  • Thank You Samsung for giving support to S2 still after 1 and half year..

    • lol? dude it is best phone of 2011 and thats when they started dominating smartphones market .. they should give faster support not be damn slow

  • Spanish Guy

    What are the risks of installing a firmware version that this article talks about?

  • Lucas Diniz

    I’ve flashed my SII with this version(4.1.2). It’s amazingly better. The new version of TouchWiz gives a new look to our phones. It was time, I think, everyone has got tired of the ‘old’ interface.

  • malintha

    i have unlocked galaxy s2 GT-I9100 phone..if i it lock again.?

    • David Rowe


      I think you mean SIM UNLOCKED via the Galaxy S Unlock app by Helroz??

  • I installed it on my phone (GS2 GT 1900) I love it :). The issue that I noticed is sometimes the lockscreen doesnt respond when you try to unlock. Some shortcuts are deleted once I restart my phone.

  • eyad jamma


  • amaan

    i have updated my device with I9100XXLSJ firmware now KIES do not recognise this firmware so how i can update to the official I9100XWLS8 firmware?