First unboxing video of Galaxy Round shows elongated battery

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 15, 2013

After many rumors, the Galaxy Round launched with great fanfare, but the public’s reaction to the world’s first curved screen phone hasn’t been that enthusiastic. Regardless of how you feel about it though, the Round is just a first step down the road that will eventually take us to the wonderful world of flexible displays.

But to achieve mode radical designs, manufacturers need to rethink other crucial components besides the displays, including batteries. LG already showed us the curved battery that will power the upcoming G Flex curved phone, but how did Samsung fit the battery in the slightly curved Galaxy Round? It turns out Samsung took the easy way out and simply used an elongated battery that fits inside the Galaxy Round without having to be curved, as you can see in this unboxing video from UnderKG.

The Galaxy Round is now available in South Korea from SK Telecom, selling for a pricey 1.09 million won ($1,015), slightly more than the  1 million won ($940) price tag of the Galaxy Note 3. No news yet on when, if ever, the Round will be available outside its home market.

  • Cotomeo

    I thought it was more “round”, lol

  • George

    Well…less round than I though!
    Samsung’s sales might be good it after all!

  • asmz

    Calm down guy. It’s only for the Korean market. Don’t be offended by something that your money can’t buy LOL

  • Mike Newitt

    I wrote somewhere that Galaxy Round looked like it could be my next phone. It won’t be.
    If I had unlimited funds I might buy it as a novelty item.
    What Samsung need to do is make it even more round so it fits snugly into the palm of my hand.
    Then we’ll see.

  • buzz

    Plz do crash test !:)

  • Alex Alexander

    2 batteries?…
    I want to see a drop test.

    • chkenwing

      Yeah, Korean market usually gets supplied with 2 batteries. They did that with the Note 3.

      • Mariabx485

        No . I got the note 3 and it came with ONLY 1 battery..

        • chkenwing

          Yours is the Korean market model? Over here in HK, the Korean imports all come with 2 batteries.

    • carlosfrancoz

      ^^ THIS is what I’m waiting for!! That would be the only reason that could make me buy this device!

  • anonymous

    the american version will be improved so worth the wait.

  • Mayoo

    With a little time, you will have android bracers. Football will never be the same again!

  • Tran Nguyen

    I feel excited about the drop test for Galaxy Round because I believe that the curved will protect screen (but it is not curved enough.)

  • Stan Gorton

    Did this guys just say boring Samsung???

  • Prince Ram

    That’s not exactly Flexible, duh, Flexible is you can Flex it anyway you want. It’s just a Fixed CURVE Screen and nothing special. No Appeal.

  • Jhonybravo

    Well.. a nice strategy is to go with the round boxing too. Wouldn’t that be great if it comes in a Round packaging