Galaxy Round TV ad shows us plenty of… round things

by: Chris SmithOctober 27, 2013

The Galaxy Round is the first flexible display smartphone in the world, and Samsung has released a new TV ad to highlight its main feature, the curved screen.

In the 30-second video above, Samsung insists on plenty of things that have a round shape/surface, and therefore easier or better to handle – or at least that appears to be the message.

However, the Galaxy Round is just a concept phone, and Samsung is yet to prove that we actually need a flexible display smartphone in our life.

As you can see from the TV ad, the Galaxy Round is coming to SK Telecom in South Korea, and it may be quite a while until we see flexible display smartphones in other markets.

In fact, LG has also made its G Flex flexible display handset official, and the phone will only be available in South Korea at first. For what it’s worth, LG is also yet to convince us that flexible displays are a must have technology in today’s phones, but we’re certainly looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

What about you? Are you buying a Galaxy Round or LG G Flex the first chance you get?

  • ios7sucks

    Now if Apple used round shapes, be prepared for lawsuits! A taste of your own medicine!

    • dfq

      i don’t think apple will be as stupid to do something like this. i’m not an apple fan. i’m just appalled by the idea behind this device. that design does not offer any advantage at all.

      • frankie

        thats probably because they dont have or manufacture the actual technology to put this out first in the market? LG and samsung i think are brave to introduce new form factors into smartphones nothing wrong with that if it doesnt harm any consumer

        • Ishaan Malhotra

          Nope, they already have a patent for flexible screens

  • Santeri

    It is a curved screen phone, just as the G Flex. Their screens are not flexible. Flexible technology has been presented at CES 2013 but it is still far from consumer level devices. Yes there is a difference

  • Amine Elouakil

    SamsungAuthority at it again, why we never see other brands ad on this website while many of samsung ads had whole separate articals ( this, Messi one, the ones where they trash talk Apple…), talk about fanboys, heck I even used the tip us function mention one of the funniest and most brilliant ad campagn from a competitor that isn’t known for it brilliant ads but I guess you guys only prove my point

    • Everyone, and I mean everyone, talks about Samsung ads. Why are you being so bitter? Samsung is the leading Android OEM and this being an Android news dedicated site, you can expect everything about them. High time you knew that. By the way which others are you talking about?

      • Amine Elouakil

        Everyone? TheVerge ?, Engadget ?, Anandtech?, Androidcentral? … I’m not even sure that you read my comment, SamsungAuthority, only speaks about Samsung ads not other Android OEM like Sony, HTC, or Motorola look they even have back to back articals about another Samsung ad, now tell me does sound objectif to you?

        • Do the others release ads worth talking about? Save for the recent HTC Robert Downey Jr (or whatever that guy is called) ads (which were well covered by the way) have there been any other high profile ads by the likes of Sony and Moto? Samsung ads get everyone talking and for instance this one, has been covered by pretty much every tech publication worth its name including the ones that you have listed above. The same goes with the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 ads that have been released recently. Every tech site covered them. Now cut AA some slack. I am sure the day Lg makes a killer ad worth talking about, we’ll see it featured across the board not only just on AA but on other tech sites too. Furthermore the Galaxy Round is still something new, its not your ordinary smartphone so you should expect that anything about it and the LG G Flex is bound to get a lot of attention from the tech press since the two devices won’t be available anywhere else save for Korea. Everyone is eager to hear anything about them. Including their commercials.

          • Amine Elouakil

            do the other release ads worth mentioning? yes they do, but because sites like SamsungAuthority doesn’t talk about them you don’t get a chance to see them, But since you asked here one of the most oustanding ad compagns I saw last week when I was in spain from HTC (the company that isn’t known at all for ads) :


            now you tell me if this Samsung ad is worth comparing to the one above

            Just to explain the context behind this real quickly, Yoigo 4th spanish operator, if a customer was in one the Yoigo shops at the moment the One rings, and they answer they win the device if they finish a set of action (show in the video) .there are also ads in the international market presenting the new One accesories but I let you look those up because I’m not here to advocate any brands.

            Sony made some nice ads, LG has, and so on. They do have much brilliant ads than this stupid Samsung ad, yet your never see them mentioned (you think that Samsung is the only company that can make ads around here? that’s only an impression you are getting because of the amount of bullshit and the free exposure they are getting like this, it’s like thinking that Apple invented the smartphone because their product are popular.

  • kchick

    So, for those who is p*ssed by this flexible screen should calm down. It’s only for the Korean market. Your $$$ won’t fall victim to this flexible screen “scam”.
    BTW, flexible not necessary be used only in flexible manner. Flexible also mean this screen can be mounted on non-flat surfaces. It’s a different type of tech & material.

    • dfq

      in that case it’s no longer flexible.

      i don’t really see any real advantage of flexible displays. i think they should be working more on FOLDABLE displays. that’s going to be more useful.

      yes there have been foldable displays before but they still haven’t figured out how to eliminate the gap between the two folds. what we need is to finally get rid of that gap and make two displays work as one seamlessly.

  • Should wait for next round generation.

  • Yaron Rosen

    i don’t like this!

  • a

    Samsung just went full retard. This ad does nothing else than showing that there is no point with the curved display. If there was, they wouldnt do an ad showing that its like touching the hand of a baby or an egg. Or am I the only one who never held a half _avocado_ in my hand thinking “oh my god this is comfortable, i wish my phone was shaped like this”?

  • Andrew Tan

    Both curve design phone is the most failure idea in mobile!

  • RanRu

    I like holding my cat. Requesting Samsung makes a tablet shaped like a cat.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    I would be a fan of curved displays if they were foldable and therefore easy to fit in a pocket. 6.5 inches screens would not be an issue either.

  • Bomj

    I’m curious how the flip-cover works exactly.

  • Guest

    LG has a curve screen and people think it’s marvelous. Samsung does it, everybody starts wigging out. WTF? Lol! The hatred of Samsung is strong indeed.