Galaxy Round, the name of Samsung’s first flexible display smartphone?

October 7, 2013
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Samsung Youm

Galaxy Round may be the name of Samsung’s first flexible display smartphone, recent reports backed up by a filing found with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office suggest.

The trademark documentation, filed on September 30, clearly lists the Samsung Galaxy Round product name. While it’s not clear what the product will have to offer, it certainly must be a mobile device considering the name, but also the product’s description – essentially a collection of keywords that indicate the Galaxy Round will be a mobile device.

The same Galaxy Round name is mentioned by a South Korean publication, which links the product name to Samsung’s plans to launch a smartphone with a flexible display in the following days. Asiae is also reporting that the product will cost around 1 million won in South Korea, or around $930.

In case you missed the announcements from earlier today, both LG and Samsung issued press releases announcing their developments in the flexible display smartphone niche.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung’s flexible display already appears to be superior to LG’s similar product, at least on paper. We’re apparently looking at a 5.7-inch plastic display that’s just 0.12mm thick and which can bend around a circle with a radius of 400mm – maybe that’s where the Galaxy Round name comes from?

We’ll be back with more details about Samsung’s first flexible display smartphone in the coming days. Meanwhile, how does Galaxy Round sound to you?


  • Renz Carl Supnet

    Lol that’s gear 2.0

  • tangcla

    According to your article posted earlier today, Samsung’s panel has a 400mm bend radius, it’s the LG which has 700mm.

    • Chris Smith

      Yes indeed, that’s correct. Fixed.

    • Renz Carl Supnet

      Typo. Probably. XD

  • shahin

    sounds expensive

  • Mark

    What’s the benifit of a curved screen like that?

  • Eugene

    Just a gimmick…no value.