Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Premier gets benchmarked, it’s really fast

by: ŠtefanOctober 16, 2012

Samsung is going to announce a phone later this year called the Galaxy Premier. It’s basically a Galaxy Nexus that looks like a Galaxy S III, except that the TI OMAP 4460 has been swapped out for what we think will be the dual core version of the 32 nanometer Exynos 4412. That and the camera has been improved, it’ll be 8 megapixels, just like the Galaxy S III.

Now before you go mad, yes, we completely understand that Samsung has gone insane when it comes to naming their devices, but there’s nothing we can really do to stop them. We know how crazy it sounds to have a 4 inch (GS3 Mini), 4.65 inch (GP), 4.8 inch (GS3), and 5.5 inch (GN2) version of a device that looks the same, but that’s just how this company operates.

Anyway, onto today’s news. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Premier has been benchmarked in China of all places. It scored a little over 7700, which easily makes it an impressive device. To put that number into perspective, we have a Galaxy Nexus kicking around the office that regularly scores in the 6300 range. Samsung’s second generation Note on the other hand, that easily breaks 13000, which is just bananas.

The guys at SamMobile go on to say that the Galaxy Premier will hit store shelves in December, which isn’t too far off. Now we just want to know how much it’s going to cost. The Galaxy S III Mini will retail for about 400 Euros, while the Galaxy S III can be had for around 150 Euros more, depending on where you live. That means the Galaxy Premier is going to have to fit between that tight gap.

  • Disapsam

    To be honest…i have lost faith in Samsung, although i am a dissapointed Galaxy S3 owner. Samsung does not know how to treat the owner of their flagship, instead they are butchering the market with so many phones that the situation is getting ridiculous. In my opinion it is also a mistake to buy any Android Phone which is not a Nexus device. The true Android experience is called Nexus and therefore my Galaxy S3 will make its way to Ebay and the LG Nexus 4 will be ordered. Samsung can gtfo…

    • lol

      lg?good luck with that.i rather wait for samsung’s next nexus…lg have alot of similar devices too last time i checked lol.

    • fwaf

      Stick to one series then. I’ll stick with the Galaxy S series. Hopefully the S4 is good enough for me to upgrade.

  • Zreh Sahukar

    Is it that hard for them to update the CPU and Camera only, leaving it as a Nexus Phone and not touch the design. Price the ‘old’Galaxy Nexus at $299 (USD) and the ‘new’ Galaxy Nexus 2 at $349 (USD). Tho I would be happy if it was 349 and 399 respectivly

  • shaurz

    The Galaxy Nexus design looks a lot better than GSIII…

  • It can be the OMAP4470. Better to remain backwards compatible with the current Galaxy Nexus. I’d think they keep the same design as current Galaxy Nexus instead maybe just slightly upgrading battery life, camera and if possible change from pentile. Keep $349 price.

  • seriously? why so many damn phones? its getting confusing. all manufacturers are guilty except apple, who dont offer enough choice. i say have 4 or 5 different spec sheets and names, budget to flagship, and put them in different sized phones