It seems like almost everyone is using ClockworkMod Recovery to make backups of their currents ROMs and to flash a variety of things that’ll make their Android devices perform better. In fact, when most guides mention “custom recovery,” they almost always mean ClockworkMod Recovery.  What’s someone to do when they want to stand out from the crowd?

Whether it’s to be different from all the other Android users out there or it’s because ClockworkMod Recovery isn’t quite cutting it for you, people can be hard pressed to find a better alternative to the well-known custom recovery. But, that doesn’t mean that ClockworkMod Recovery is the only one out there; in fact, ClockworkMod Recovery has a strong competitor in the custom recovery developed by the Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

TWRP Recovery includes a full graphical user interface, as well as nifty features that you can’t find in ClockworkMod Recovery. Imagine the ability to save custom recovery settings, settings saved to your SD card that persist through reboots, the power to decide which partitions to back up and which to restore, and much more.

What makes this particular custom recovery even better is that you can give your physical buttons a rest from the button combo and you can use the tips of your fingers to flash ROMs to your phone. If those features have your flash trigger fingers twitching, read on to get TWRP Touch Recovery on your AT&T Galaxy Note.


  • The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the AT&T Galaxy Note, model number SGH-I717. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.
  • The information in this guide is provided for instructional and educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that these instructions will work under your specific and unique circumstances.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide.
  • Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions.



  1. Copy the TWRP Touch Recovery ZIP file to the root of your Galaxy Note’s SD card.
  2. Turn off your phone.
  3. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing and holding down the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together. When the screen turns on, let go of the Power button but continue to hold down the Volume Up button until your phone enters ClockworkMod Recovery.
  4. Select Install ZIP from SD Card.  Then, select Choose ZIP from SD Card.
  5. Select the TWRP Touch Recovery ZIP file.  On the next screen, confirm that you want to install the ZIP file.
  6. Once installation is complete, select Go Back.
  7. Select Reboot System Now.

Congratulations! You now have TWRP Touch Recovery on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717. You’ll now be able to make backups and install ROMs, mods and tweaks with the tips of your fingers.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.
  • Vasuns

    3.Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing and holding down the Volume Up and Power buttons together. When the screen turns on, let go of the Power button but continue to hold down the Volume Up button until your phone enters ClockworkMod Recovery.
    —– This does not boot into Clockworkmod Recovery and boots normally on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note…. Can someone help please?

    Primarily, I am trying to install TWARP because I want to enable NFC

    • Scott Odle

      On i717 you need to push BOTH volume up AND volume down, not just Vol Up. Push and Hold Vol. Up and Vol Down and Power together, then release the power button but keep holding Vol UP and Vol Down.

      • oilersman

        Come on guys someone must be able to help me here, tried other forums. My issue-can install cwr by odin, than was able to install twrp. But thats the only way i can get into the cwr, i can only get into android recovery screen.
        the volume updown and power just doesnt work, and i am successfully rooted.

  • Thanks very much for this. I’m going to try it so I can put the new cm10 JellyBean ROM on my Note. Very excited to learn as I go! Worse comes to worse, if I mess it up beyond repair I can always just run over the phone with my truck and cash in on the insurance :-) just kidding! (o-)

  • The link for the TWRP img is broke….ugh.

  • Nadeem

    The file “TWRP Touch Recovery”requested was not found , can any1 help plz!

  • Srini — this is file is not available in the link provided above. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (ATT) SGH-i717 running ICS 4.0.4 and want to upgrade to Jelly Bean. Can someone guide me on where do I find this file please?



  • andy

    H-Data Recovery Master is
    great to recover android lost formatted data with easy.