South Korea Sells 700K Galaxy Note’s and Counting!

by: Will G.February 3, 2012
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While there is now official word on pre-orders starting at BestBuy on Sunday, South Korea is very much enjoying their taste of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Since Samsung is based out of South Korea, customers were able to purchase the device late last year.

These customers are very lucky indeed, as approximately over 700,000 devices have been sold in South Korea alone. This counts for an outstanding 66% of all LTE devices in the country.

Hopefully the device becomes a big success in the U.S as it it has in S.K. I believe that if the device is released on Verizon’s LTE Network alongside AT&T, the popularity of the phone will skyrocket.

And if you are not familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note it sports an impressive 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a Super AMOLED 5.3” screen. Alongside the processing power and beautiful screen is an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera with the ability to record in 1080p. Of course at this time it will only support AT&T’s network in the U.S.

With the massive screen, hybrid of a tablet and phone, the Galaxy Note will prove it self to be a worthy competitor against upcoming phones. Do you have a Galaxy Note? Do you think that the screen is too big/small? Should it come to Verizon? I would love to hear your comments and remember to check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Brianm3y3r

    i got a note and i love the size..just seems big at first until u get used 2 it, makes all other phones seem bad, awesome for movies surfing and games, u get to use and enjoy the smartphone features better because of the screen, love it! (and it fits in normal jeans pockets and i can use it with 1 hand even while walking etc..)

  • Back in December I was all hyped up to get the iphone 4s,fell for all the BS left right and center,really excited about getting it..Then BANG “None in Stock” I’d be lucky to get one in time for Chrimbo. So…with money burning a hole in my pocket I took a look at Android and was blown away. I had been blinded by Apple,swamped in their marketing wizardry. I was so angry at my stupidity ! How did I miss Android !
    At first SGS2 was my first choice but then I saw the SG Note and I was in love.
    I am not a heavy phone user but I do use the net A LOT so this phablet is ideal for me.

    It can be a little quirky with the s pen,some apps like it more than others. It has at least 100ms lag in its use but you get used to it.All the video comparisons and bench tests I have seen are true to form. Browsing is smooth and loads pictures fast. The camera has a large apperature which makes images taken much sharper and brighter than the other phone Imentioned earlier but will not ever again !
    My one and only criticism of the SGN is the body,its slippy. Very little grip, a nice bumper provided would have been good. I had to get a case for it ASAP as I was terrified of dropping it. I add my name to the list of people who can never go back to regular phones,I shiver at the thought !!!!
    Samsung took a chance with this device and it has paid off.
    BTW I do use it as a phone and no I am not put off by its size against my ear. People see it and know….”Its a Note ! ”
    Now….where is SGN 2 ? :)