Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro’s specs further detailed — Snapdragon 800 CPU with 3GB of RAM

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 1, 2014

Galaxy Note Pro

It’s 2014, and if the rumor mill proves correct, this is the year Samsung will introduce a 12.2-inch tablet under the name Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

So what do we actually know about the upcoming slate? Officially we know nothing, though various reports indicate it will be released sometime in the early part of this year. Just last week we also received a little information about the device’s specs, and today we are getting even more details about what to expect from the Note Pro.

According to a new report from SamMobile, the Note Pro features a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, an Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB of RAM. Other specs include an 8MP main camera, 2.1MP front cam, an IR blaster, NFC, Wifi 802.11 ac, a 9500 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0+ LE and a 12.2-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1600.

The tablet will also include Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a new version of TouchWiz. Reportedly the tablet UI will even receive some modifications that make it “more unique” — though it’s unclear what kind of changes are in the works. The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will also ship in two variants: the SM-P900 will be Wi-Fi only, and the SM-P905 will feature LTE capabilities.

As you can tell, the specs in the Note Pro 12.2 are very high-end to say the least. In an Antutu benchmark the Note Pro reportedly scored 34,261 points using experimental test software, though the device is said to be capable of scoring around 40,000 points once its software is better optimized for release. Benchmarks often mean very little when it comes to real world results, but it’s still nice to see how the Note Pro compares when scored against other high-end Android devices.


If the specs listed above are correct, the only major question left is when we’ll see the Note Pro. Although previous rumors pointed towards CES 2014, SamMobile’s sources claim the Pro won’t be unveiled until MWC 2014, held in Barcelona from the 24th to the 27th of February. Then again, Sammy usually announces its big products at special “Unpacked” events, so it’s really hard to say one way or the other.

Just remember that Samsung has yet to confirm the existence of the Note Pro, though it has certainly appeared in an increasing number of leaks. Bottom-line, take these specs and the alleged release time-frame with a grain of salt. What do you think, excited about the idea of a higher-end Samsung tablet? Could 2014 finally be the year that Samsung dethrones Apple in the tablet market?

  • Sasha

    but 2560×1600 vs 320 dpi = 9.4″ screen

  • Jayfeather787

    Nexus 10 2014! This has good specs and all, but more interested in Nexus 10 2014. Happy new year!

    • JP

      I know i cant wait for that

  • Oliver Harris

    I might buy this one depending on the price

    • mustbepbs

      If that’s you in your avatar and not your son, I’d guess your parents are buying this for you and not you.

  • MasterMuffin

    I can’t delete this? :/

  • MasterMuffin

    40 thousand points once the software has been “optimized”, I see what you did there

    • RarestName

      Unless they have a GE variant. Now that’s something!

      • MasterMuffin

        I’d say that’s not possible with a snapdragon 800!

    • Timmy

      Optimized = Enhanced NSA bootloader

  • AndroidBoss

    Who cares?

    • MasterMuffin

      The people who are interested in a 12″ tablet I’d guess :P

  • Jusephe

    That 9500 mAh battery ! Is it a joke or what ?

    • RarestName

      The iPad 3/4 has a 11,560 mAh battery because they rushed the screen resolution and had to add a ridiculously huge battery, and it takes an extremely long time to charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came with a larger battery as well.

  • Apical

    No, 2014 will not be the year that Apple is de-throned. It’s already been done with the G-Note 10.1

    • filaos

      This laggy, pentile-screened, heavy and plastiquy app-less crap ? Wake up man, it’s only 2012 capable gear at best.

      • Andreas Larsson

        Pentile? Haha you really seem to know what you are taking about ^^

        • filaos

          Call it what you want, it’s not a RGB screen (RB-GW). Sub pixel resolution is below true RGB screens.

          550$ for a compromised screen…

          • Andreas Larsson

            It’s not compromised it’s enhanced :-P Samsung knows how to make ordinary LCD:s like the ones in iPad etc. But the called this super LCD because they enhanced it with an extra white sub pixel and achieved truer to life colors than the iPad, Phillips did the same with their premium tv’s but the added a yellow sub pixel instead of a white

          • filaos

            You don’t know what your talking about and that’s quite sad.
            On such a pentile screen, you get less color subpixels, not more ! One is RB, the one next is GW. You need TWO pixels to cover the whole color gamut. This makes for those little dots your can see on even colored surfaces and some bluriness around text letters.
            I don’t say it’s not a good enough screen, but it’s far from the high-end ones (iPad Air and Nexus 7).
            Just follow the link I gave you.
            And please, don’t call this “enhanced”. It’s obviously not.

          • Andreas Larsson

            The link u gave clearly shows it does have truer to life colors than the iPad and better grey scale, but not on pair with the nexus 7. And no it’s not pentile it’s rb gw and that is a totally different thing altogether. And yes they did it to enhance it, not to compromise

          • Andreas Larsson

            The fewer sub pixels would only be a compromise if it would make the pixels visible to the eye in normal usage, but such is not the case att such high pixel density, the result should only be enhancement to grey scale and showing whites, which the link you gave sort of confirms, but the effect it’s negligible there and suggest that maybe some calibration needs to be done to the screen to show it true potential

          • filaos

            Choosing a pentile screen was the only way for Samsung to craft a 10″ bright screen in a relatively light tablet 535g). With a true RGB screen, you get more constraints and cost. This “grayscale” point is ridiculous. Did you search for the only chart giving the Note the advantage ?
            For 500$, you can get a true RGB tablet with huge batterie life from Apple. It only weighs 470g. This Note is a 2012 product.

          • Andreas Larsson

            “Did you search for the only chart giving the Note the advantage ?” What? You provided that link, not me :-P did you even read it? Or did you not understand it? And stop calling it pentile when it’s not :p pentile the pattern in which sub pixels are arranged, not the implementation of a white

          • filaos
          • Andreas Larsson

            Ooh i must apologize.. I did not know it was a trademark, I thought it was the pattern of the sub pixels that was called pentile, but I still withstand that it it’s am improvement when you can have higher brightness with less power consumption than an ordinary rgb, again if the resolution is as high as this when you won’t see it that is :-)

          • filaos
          • filaos
          • filaos
          • edyvick

            What about the storage? Apple sales that at ridiculous prices. With Samsung, you can increase the capacity up to 96 gigs with the SD card reader. With Apple you have to buy by the gigs. Plus, the use of a USB port on the Samsung tablet to access files from external devices. So now you have an enormous storage. Also, so many restrictions with Apple. Androids? Just drag and drop. Care to talk about that filaos?

    • Jusephe

      G-Note 10.1 isn’t already a 2014 edition tablet ?

  • Roberto Tomás

    what I kinda knew was too much to ask for was the new Exynos 6.

    what I hoped for was: 802.11AC (check!), 3GB RAM (check), HDMI 2.0 MHL (not sure?), USB 3 OTG / USB 3.1 OTG (not sure?), and AMOLED (not sure/probably not)

    the 3GB RAM is a real surprise, they are on to 4GB DDR4 now, this is looking like last-year’s model

    • seeingwhite

      Amoled? No thanks.

      • RusticKey

        Hey, don’t be too harsh on AMOLED displays.
        Ever since the Note 3, they’re getting better and better.

  • Wavefunction Collapse

    What was wrong with the Note 10.1 2014 screen? What did I miss?

  • Guest

    12 inches O.o

  • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

    Huge tablet it is O.o