Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update kicking off today for Canadian phablet owners

by: Chris SmithJuly 13, 2012

With Android 4.0.x updates rolling out left and right, we’re not surprised to hear that the Galaxy Note will soon gets its own Ice Cream Sandwich flavor. A new report reveals that Canadian Galaxy Note owners will get their ICS update starting today, but it’s not clear whether all carriers will roll out the Galaxy Note ICS build simultaneously.

Mobile Syrup reports that Rogers Galaxy Note units will be the first ones to receive the OTA update, but it’s not known whether Bell and Telus customers have also been notified that the ICS upgrade is pending.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung Canada officially announced yesterday that the ICS upgrade for the Galaxy Note complete with a “Premium Suite software upgrade” for the phablet will be released on July 13. And the South Korean company didn’t seem to make any differentiation between various Canadian mobile operators carrying the device, although, ultimately it’s up to them to roll out said update:

Samsung Canada today [July 12] announced that the Premium Suite upgrade for GALAXY Note users will be available starting tomorrow [July 13]. It includes extra multimedia features and a range of new S Pen optimized applications in addition to an OS upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We wouldn’t be surprised though to see the all Galaxy Note units get Android 4.0.4 in the following days considering that a different report is saying that international Galaxy Note units are also being upgraded to ICS.

Since you’re already familiar with the main features of ICS, which will soon be available on the Galaxy Note, let’s take a look at what this complementary Premium Suite software upgrade will have to offer:

  • Shape Match and Formula Match applications – “help correct and digitize geometric shapes and even solve mathematical formulas hand-drawn with S Pen.” Tables and grids are also automatically digitized.
  • Wolfram Alpha search support
  • My Story application– create personalized digital cards for friends and family “using any type of content including notes, video content, photos, text or voice.”

So let’s hear it from Canadian Galaxy Note owners, have you received the ICS update?

  • Adam woolley

    I just got my update this morning when I woke up at 5:30am est.

  • Dean Selinger

    Yes this morning

  • dmanc197

    i upgraded this morning on my unlocked rogers galaxy note, it look great but i can not figure where the premium suite upgrade is

  • Mike Supafly

    Yup, I’m with Bell.

  • willy

    Yea but i dont have any new option on the s note app.. There is nothing new..


      There are 2 really cool upgrades on S-Note , the shape match that makes your squiggly shape drawings into perfect straight lined shapes auto matically & also the formula match that figuers out mathimatical equations that you draw. – KID ANDROID

  • update from Rogers this morning…launched OK -will reserve judgement….some tweaks were far so good. MY apps work!!

  • I’m with Telus. Found the ICS Upgrade waiting for me this morning.
    Getting Premium Suite however did not come with the upgrade. I had to use Samsung Apps application (The Samsung Market) to download S Note and My Story separately.

    • Mika

      I didnt get the Premium Suite either. Do you think the new S Note add ons are useful.

      • Based on what I can see, no one received the S-Note, or My Story additions OTA, and it has to be downloaded through the Samsung Apps (for free)
        I’ve not had a lot of time to play with the new S-Note (as opposed to old S-Memo) however it was one of the new features I was most looking forward to. But you get out of it what you put into it I suppose.

  • ICSMatt

    On Bell … Toronto, 3:30 AM ICS finally here

  • upgraded on Bell this morning after starting the download last night. 2 hours download time! So far I like what I see. I am looking forward to getting into the suite stuff and seeing what the changes can do to make my life even easier.

  • Gawtam

    Upgrade came in this morning. Works good! Thank goodness it’s finally here.

  • Avan

    Upgraded, now my Wifi connection lost and Wifi signal weak. The setting of my keyboard also changed and I cannot get the number keys to appear together with my alphabet keys. Some apps like Static WiFi don’t seems to work anymore… :( I WOULD LIKE MY GINGERBREAD BACK… :(

    • denis

      Static wifi works…long-click your network,>modify>advanced>IP settings>Static. My wifi is the same as before (Rogers)..

    • ICS_Lover

      All you people do is whine about not getting the update, and when there’s a small hint of change, you whine even more. Just stab yourself.

  • Avan

    Also, My device became slow, and I cannot set static IPs for my WiFi. :( I hate ICS… Give me my gingerbread back!! Why don’t they make it that you can test the new OS and only make it permanent when you have accepted it? One wouldn’t know if they would really like it until they try it out… And when they do, it’s too late to turn back… :((

    • dee

      You can fimd the rogers gingerbread stock files online and flash your phone back to it. I know its possible to find because i have the files on my laptop but cannot remember the site i used to get them

  • Bernie Van Tighem

    I got mine – nice

  • I am with Bell in the NWT – mine updated this morning took about 10 minutes if that. Looks sharp – additional setting options but I haven’t had time to figure much else out right now. Everything transferred well except some of my personalized widgets have to be reset. So far so good!

  • jatan

    With Bell. Got it…

  • dee

    Recieved update from telus and rogers today. I have 2 phones

  • brad

    Rogers – got it.

  • Judgedgpainter

    Bell – got ICS, alas no Premium Suite. why?!?!

  • Mika

    Woke up to a nice surprise too. From Rogers Vancouver. It smoother and has some small new features. It took about 50 minutes. Best part is that I’m finally surfing on the LTE.

  • wit bell and i got it

  • I got it, but i am not impressed. It reset everything, and duplicated all my contacts.
    I cannot figure out how to change my ringtone option back to what I had it set at cause now the ringtone option is not there. Help!

  • klphoto

    With Telus and installed my update this morning.

    Battery is at 7% now even though it’s been plugged into my desktop’s USB port for most of the day. Also keeps dropping wifi connection even though I’m about a foot away from my router and Wifi Analyser reports almost -20db for signal strength. After disabling wifi, battery seems to be charging. Network signal strength indicator typically showing only 1 bar when previously I was at full strength.
    Kind of wishing I hadn’t updated just yet.

    • ICS_Lover

      Stop Whining

    • koocheese

      Its snappier, my gyro isn’t failing me yet, used to take forever to decide on which pretension I have it on. Wifi is strong. 4g/Hspa/gsm is like yours, used to be 3-4 bars, now 1 or none. (-120DB vs -102DB before update)


      @Klphoto I hope you realize that your suppose to update your phone with at least 60% battery life & its actually best to do it with a full battery & plugged in, & do not disconnect it till your completly done updating you device. It sounds like you didnt do this & hopefully your battery life now doesnt suffer from it. Good Luck. – KID ANDROID.

      • klphoto

        Update was done with phone at 100% battery and plugged in. Wifi connectivity has stabilized after I re-installed Wifi Analyser. Battery life has also improved after I went through and re-installed or removed apps that used to exit cleanly but now seemed to hang around. Navigation really drains the battery though – even when plugged into a 1amp car charger my battery was dropping. Going to have to check the charger.


          I know with me the charger that came with my Note is garbage, when i use it with my HDMI connector it cant keep up with the draw & the battery will die while using it during this connection.(this happened even before the update). I swapped out the AC charging box with the one that came with my NEXUS S & it works much better, & not only does it keep up during HDMI connection but battery life now increases. The pbone also charges much much faster during a regular charge.- KID ANDROID

  • Carole

    I got it today and I LOVE it. I’m with Telus and it all DL flawlessly. Very easy to use. Went on line to find tutorial videos and it’s so easy to use. I especially like the voice option with text messaging.


      @Carloe see you did the right thing, you took it upon yourself to learn about ICS & how it works. You didnt just go online & complain that the update sucks & screwed up you phone. Im glad to see there are sensible ppl like you still in this world ;-) i dont understand why the other guy on here thought his phone would be ok leaving it overnight in the middle of an uodate, user error on that forsure. – KID ANDROID

  • steveo

    I’m with telus and i love the update thank you so much telus, my battery seams to last longer right now?

  • Bobo Claven

    I’m with Telus and so far found that i like the ICS better however have found new glitches never seen before. The email application takes longer to load, the camera froze a few times but even more annoying, my Skype will workonly once. If I close it, it won’t start again unless i reboot the device. Hopefully another Skype update will be available soon. I switched from an Iphone 2 months ago and found that my Note had been working completely flawlessly until now. Lets hope everything will get corrected in short order.

  • Scott

    With Bell. Over an hour to download, then let it install overnight (6 hours). Phone locked up and now won’t move past the startup screen.

  • Kimberlee

    I can’t get my Galaxy Note to be seen by Kies to upgrade. Have been trying all the ‘fixes’ I have found on-line with no success. Anyone here have any ideas that I maybe haven’t tried? ~Kimberlee


      The update will come to your Galaxy Note Over the Air. You cant upgrade the Canadian Note over KIES that is why you cant connect. – KID ANDROID

  • trev

    still nothing for my bell gal note

  • Digitalguy

    Yes got it and all is well!

  • I’m with Telus and upgraded this morming. Haven’t had too much time to play with it, but so far it seems to be working smoothly.


    Im lovin my GALA Y NOTE with ICS, its much faster, smoother & looks crisper. My battery life is much better & will continue to get better for about the next week just like it did when you first got the phone. My Note is even running much cooler than it did before, about 5 degrees cooler just at idle.
    If your having problems with your Note after the update then chances are its user error because everything has gotten much much better. ICS runs different then Gingerbread did with the main thing being going into the recent apps section and closing apps to keep your phone running smooth. Many of the phone settings have changed where they are & how to set them, dont blame the update because you havent taken the time to learn how to use ICS. PPL LOOKING FOR PREMIUM APPS THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM SAMSUNGS APP SUITE.


    • I got my update a few days ago. Other that the fact that the Note is not as “fluid” as it used to be, I now have problem with battery life, GPS, and some other things.

  • Margaret

    My phone upgraded this morning but when I use the bluetooth with my car it doesn’t reconnect when I start the car. I have to delete the phone and repair it and as long as the car is on, it works. When I shut it off and restart it. It doesn’t connect – only the music does. Any suggestions? Appreciate the help! Thanks!