How to Remove Bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

by: Carl ParkerApril 10, 2012
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Don’t you just hate the padding that phone manufacturers and some service providers inject into your phone? We’re talking about the bloatware that you may not ever have use for, taking up space and slowing down performance.

If you’ve ever itched to remove them, either because you simply can’t use them, can’t imagine yourself using them in the future, or find them an eyesore, XDA Developers member goddamnit brings us a way to selectively remove pre-included apps and other bloatware from the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Why keep an app around on your Galaxy Note when you can’t use it, right? Rather than letting that app fester, take the initiative to reclaim it and free up some space.

Lite-ROM Creator, by goddamnit, generates a script that removes built-in apps you don’t need and, on top of that, may save you battery life. What makes this tool even better is that you don’t have to remove each and every app individually. Instead, you can save time by simply selecting the apps you want to delete from a list generated by the tool and you’re set.

Though it’s only been tested on the Samsung Galaxy Note, efforts are still in progress to check if this works across all Android phones. For those of you who are more experienced with Android device customization, the newest version of Lite-ROM Creator allows you to edit the database yourself.

Unfortunately, Lite-ROM Creator Script only works on Windows. For those of you who are not using Windows, you may have to wait until someone ports it for your operating system or you can try using VirtualBox.


Before you can start removing those useless apps, you’ll need a few things:


Once you have everything, you can now proceed to removing unnecessary bloatware from your Galaxy Note:

  1. To play it safe, make a Nandroid backup in Recovery Mode. This allows you to revert to an earlier state in case something does not work out.
  2. Extract the contents of the Lite-ROM Creator ZIP package using 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZIP, or other similar file extraction programs.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the contents of the ZIP file.
  4. Double click on lite-rom_creator.exe to launch it.
  5. Select the apps you’d like to remove. You can double-click to include an app or double-click a selected app to exclude it.
  6. After you’ve finished selecting the apps you’d like to remove, click “Export Lite-ROM Script”. You should get “fish-literom.txt”.
  7. Copy the “fish-literom.txt” into your Galaxy Note’s internal SD card.
  8. Launch the System Tuner app on your Galaxy Note.
  9. Tap on the “Terminal” button.
  10. Tap on the “Script” button.
  11. Locate and select “fish-literom.txt”.
  12. Wait for the script to finish executing.  If you get Force Close errors while the script is running, just ignore the error messages.
  13. Reboot your phone when the script finishes its tasks.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully debloated your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 by using Lite-ROM Creator.

  • davianny

    Looking forward to seeing a AT&T version of this.

  • Kopitalk

    Instead of System Tuner, Script Manager also works well.

  • DJ

    Works great on my Samsung Note.. thank you

  • Starting..
    /mnt/sdcard/fish-literom.TXT[9]: syntax error: élse´

    What does this mean?

    • hb9eol

      Same problem.

  • hb9eol

    Why it is not safe to remove APMobile? what can happen when I remove it?

  • Is this one of those programs, that erases such pathetic bloatware, but then installs an app, that is as worse as the bloatware itself? I hate that – any one?

  • Clive

    Hi..This doesn’t work with N7000 JB 4.1.2…Pl suggest latest soln