Galaxy Note 7 (GT-N5100) tablet spotted in GLBenchmark tests

by: Chris SmithDecember 23, 2012


After having been spotted in NenaMark2 in early December, the GT-N5100 has now showed up in GLBenchmark. If that product number doesn’t tell you anything, then you should know the GT-N5100 is what Samsung calls its unannounced 7-inch Galaxy Note.

The benchmarks seem to confirm that the Galaxy Note 7 will sport a 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 processor, a 1280 x 800 display resolution and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right out of the box.

We have no idea when the Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled, but considering that CES 2013 and MWC 2013 are just around the corner, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new Note family member get announced in the coming months, especially considering the increased popularity of competing 7-inch devices such as the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini.

Not to mention that Acer and Asus are already rumored to launch new, affordable 7-inch Android devices in the coming months, while the Nexus 7 is said to get its own price drop in the future. What better time for a Note 7 to also drop by?

  • pissa de cavalo

    first ;) i want one

    • MasterMuffin

      Here’s a warning: Don’t comment “first” comments, I commented “first :D” once in Android Authority and *boom* there comes this rage wave, lots of dislikes and people screaming and calling me idiot and retard and saying that nobody cares o.O Just a good tip, people get easily angry in the web and especially in AA you can easily start a comment war!

    • simonwho?

      Im going to kill our family

      • MasterMuffin

        Our? :D

  • Michael Paul

    This should be set up as a fully functioning phone with all the bells, otherwise meh.

  • n900mixalot

    Where do I sign?!

  • I want one, but it’s hard to stay true to one device. Next month another Note iteration, and I’ll be gunning for it too.

  • Once upon a time we used to have mobile which had 2-3 inch screen

    • Laborin_HK

      and… *gasp* lots of buttons!

  • drakeB

    I want one :)

  • Nathan Hague

    retina display or don’t bother releasing! Meh!

    • Jon

      I doubt an Android device is going to use an Apple Retina display. Don’t you mean “high res display”? Learn your terminology or don’t bother posting. Meh!

      • Osagie Oyegun

        lol I love it. So anal

    • ignorant fuck

  • Nathan Hague

    My Galaxy Note 1 is still the flagship display on all Note devices! They missed a trick with the Note 10.1 – a stylus and a digital A4 for taking notes…and has less resolution than the original Note? Pfft…

    • Ya lower res on the Note 2 but twice the battery life with a bigger processor because of that lower res display.

    • casinrm

      But the Note II is not Pentile, which improves text sharpness and color balance.

  • Sean Quinlan

    I’m going to set this up for voice calls using groove ip and google voice and use it as my everyday tablet/phone.

  • I think that I’ll stick to my N7 and maybe the S4 will be my next Sammy device (S2 Skyrocket at the moment)

  • Seems great for me to change to this device

  • Cycad007

    I’ll stick with the official tablet from Google/Asus…the Nexus 7!

  • mike

    i want two

  • Carl_Barlson

    This is what I wanted. 7 inch tablet portability, Note functionality, and Samsung design. If they price it right it will be my next tablet. The ten inch note was too big and the 5.5 GNote 2 is too big for a phone.